NorCal Church Alive Summit

"Community connections" for the N. California (NorCal) region

The NorCal Church Alive Summit, held in Sacramento, California, May 3-5, 2013, was a feast of ideas and fellowship!  It was a wonderful focus on Individual Sowing, Blossoming Churches, Community Embrace, and Continual Harvest.  

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  1. This is all and God-inspired! Thanks, folks!

    (Love the Sunset Photo, too! Wow...What symbolism!!!

    :<)) Sue K.

  2. Why would you have Sunday when small Society can barely manage to read-usher and be open???????????????????

  3. The purpose of Church Alive summits is to come together, member to member, to expand our love for and practice of Church. The summit planning committee has embraced the idea of a complete weekend time together, including the one time opportunity to offer an inspired church service and Sunday school during the time we're all in one place. This idea is meant to open thought and unlimit the church experience, not limit or harm branch churches. We realize some will stay in their home churches that day while others will continue the fellowship and inspiration of the summit service. All are welcome to join all or part of these summit days and can come in and out, so we encourage those who feel called to attend local church to do so then join us afterwards. Church Alive is fed by unlimited thinking and expectation...both for the summit AND our branch churches.
    Northern California Summit planning team

  4. Very helpful clarification, Jen, of what our upcoming Northern California Church Alive Summit is
    hoped to be. Thank you! I believe these worldwide Summits are God's doing...His impelling us
    to "think outside the box," about Church, to learn and grow together. Of course we will respond to and take part in this feast of Love! (If you can't get there in person, I'm sure there will be videos, photos, print-outs, etc.

    I have been considering Mrs. Eddy's definition of Church* as divine Love's Structure....with structure being a verb! Webster's gives us: "To construct or arrange according to a plan; give a pattern or organization to." No brick or mortar there, huh! Yes, we need our lovely church buildings and grounds as wonderful places to gather, to worship God, to share and encourage and love! each other...perhaps for a long time yet. But all the while, let's look at the activity (Alive-ness!) of the idea, Church, it's structuring in our lives, its divine purpose
    to uplift all mankind. I just came across this statement: "God is grooming us for His glory!" Wow!

    See you in Sacramento May 3-5 folks!

    Sue Krevitt

  5. FYI: I just found out from the photographer of the "sunset" photo on the banner above
    that this is actually a sunRISE! I love knowing that each day, each moment, Life's goodness rises to meet all our human needs! :<)))

  6. Hi, I understand what you are saying @3 Jen, but I don't think its really answering @2 "name's" question. That person deeply see's the value in the church alive summit, but they also see the deep deep purpose of serving the community where the church or society is located (Thank you, Thank You Thank you for that commitment. We need more of that in our movement). Branch churches have a purpose to serve the community. Not just the "club" of Christian Scientists. It wouldn't be right to close down the church or society for the week. That would be abandoning our posts. If this is a God-ordained activity, then the two activities must not conflict with each other. Otherwise Love's activities are not "all-inclusive."

    Please explain how an event held on a Sunday is "all-inclusive" of the whole Church family and supportive of local communities. To me it is the exact opposite. By holding it on Sunday there is an implication that the Summit is more important that engaging in our local branch churches and serving our communities. You can count me out.

  7. Am looking forward to being there ! Thank you for welcoming those who do not have a branch church near them. Some will travel a great distance to be present at this event.

  8. To 2, and Another person, this is a very good question, and one probably many are wondering: Why would the Summit CS Sunday Service be planned around the same time people are needed in their own churches? I think the short answer might be, because it should bless, not deplete. As I understand it, this Summit and each CS church and Society share a common purpose: to be in a place "where two or three are gathered together in my name", to glorify God, love each other, and follow God's direction to the best of our ability. That this is happening in many different places concurrently (as it does every Sunday morning) does not necessarily make one more important than another. We each get to listen to hear what our Father, Mind, is giving us, and where He is directing us, for that day (and every day.)

    The opportunity being presented by the Summit church service and Sunday School, as I see it, is to step out of our usual pattern for a day to see what there might be that could enliven, enrich and bless our churches and SSs. I see it as an investment in all of our progress. This Summit is not designed to be a group of people telling others what they should be thinking and doing. Rather, it is designed to be a coming together of all of us to share with each other what is working, what is not, so that all are helped, and feel "a brother's love."

  9. Very loving and helpful reply to this topic, ALK; thank you. I understand the concerns about having a
    branch church "closed for business" on Sunday, May 5....not loving, not Principle, etc. But, I really agree with ALK that the Summit CAN only bless, not deplete. God will provide an answer of peace," as the Bible says. I just happened to think: Those who prefer not to attend the Summit on Sunday, could go to the "closed" church and share a Service! (Any)"where two or three are gathered..." A local park would be wonderful, no? Or a restaurant, even...many have private rooms... Ideas are infinite, huh! As our upcoming Lecture's title: "God is Speaking. Are We Listening?"

    Warmly, Sue

  10. I'll be coming many miles to attend the Summit and there's no church or society where I live, so I'm looking forward to being able to experience church with the gathering. I love attending The Mother Church each week via the Internet, but I also appreciate being able to experience church "live and in person" whenever the opportunity allows. Thanks for inviting all of us who don't belong to a branch church or society to join together for this weekend of exploring the idea of church. It's already been a great blessing for me!

  11. As we go forward praying, organizing and preparing for the NorCal Church Alive Summit, we should not be surprised that various forms of animal magnetism are uncovered, brought to the light of Christ and thereby healed. We want that. Healing is what is going on. With reference to the above, the following well known poem, "Outwitted" by Edwin Markham comes to thought:

    He drew a circle that shut me out --
    Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
    But Love and I had the wit to win:
    We drew a circle that took him in!

    When Mrs. Eddy moved into her new home (I believe it was her Concord home), some of the household members were quite upset because a neighbor was eyeing them with a spyglass. What was our Leader's response? She sent an arrangement of beautiful flowers to the neighbor's home. The intrusions stopped. Love always wins!

  12. Wonderful Bob! I love the wake up call this poem offers. Let's draw W-I-D-E Circles of Love!
    (Divine Love's "circles" are, after all, INFINITE!!)

    I know you will keep up the good work you are doing for
    the greatest of all Causes, Christian Science!

    See you at the Summit in May!

    ~Sue Krevitt :<)))

  13. Following the threads of "name" and "Another person", please recognize that an activity, regardless of how beneficial it may be, should not interfere with or entice Christian Science branch members away from following their Leader's admonition of "Services Uninterupted" (in our Manual, under Art.XVII). To say it's okay for this purpose or just this once, opens the door to other temptations. And not just to those with duties that day, but every church member, because we each have a duty to perform at our services. One example of temptation: we've watched the departure of many students from attending Sunday School over the years as they are lured away due to other (seemingly beneficial) Sunday events. How blessed our Movement is for the Nehemiahs who know the value and joyous reward (yes!) of remaining steadfast to their God-appointed service/place.

  14. For the little healers in the area, will there be meaningful activities, discussions, lessons, etc for kids under 12? My littles are actively practicing Christian Science, too. My 7 year old especially is very interested in using the Bible and Science and Health as a roadmap for daily living. Children soak up these truths and live them so naturally and hunger for more as surely as we do. Their little bodies and lips move with the excitement of what they are learning and are often seen as a distraction in the longer lectures/discussions with adults, so I appreciate the age limit correlating to membership minimum age. I hope the committee will consider child "care" to be more than babysitting. Nevertheless, having any child care will permit my participation as well as that of many others in the area, I am sure. Thank you for hosting this summit! I hope to be able to participate!

  15. Regarding the different positions being taken in reference to the Sunday church service at the summit, I'm reminded of an excellent C.S. Sentinel article titled "Position" (by Luke O. Taylor, July 28, 1928--yep that recent!). Go to to read or print a copy -- it will lift everyone's thought about this!

  16. When the UK Summit was announced, and included a Sunday, it was tempting to see this as a problem. Of course, to get a good number of people from a large area together for more than one day really needs a weekend, as so many are at work on weekdays. I wasn't sure how to balance the two, but I was sure that being at the whole meeting would be fruitful, and would give me ideas and inspiration I could probably bring back to our small branch. I had church duties to fulfill, so I asked if a substitute could be found. A very willing volunteer who could not go to the Summit was happy to take my place.

    We found, in the end, that despite having a small membership, we were able to have all those who could, and who wanted to, go to the whole meeting. Others, with family or other local commitments, chose to go only for the Saturday or not to go at all. We trusted that harmony would prevail and that nothing could stop our church being open for business. Naturally, that was just how it worked out - the service and Sunday School were both open for business, and those who felt it right to be at the Summit for both days were able to be there, knowing that the church was in good hands.

    Afterwards, the members who had been to the Summit were able to share the excellent ideas and inspiration from the weekend, and also returned with a great sense of the liveliness of our movement, its vitality, and its infinite possibilities. It was a joy to share what we had heard and experienced with those who had not been to the Summit, and great to hear that all had worked fine for that Sunday at church. So in the end nobody missed out, and we all benefited from a very helpful and positive meeting. I think we all are still feeling encouraged and inspired by it - and more confident about our church. What had I been worried about...? God is Love, and is very capable... what can he not do?

  17. When do you expect we will be able to register online? Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful event!

  18. Any day now, Hilary - if you send us an email, we will be sure you are notified.... Keep in touch xoxo

  19. Registration is now open for business!!

  20. Excited for this May 3-5 weekend in Sacramento. My childhood was filled with Sunday School every Sunday, including walks in the rain. In contrast now I have lived with a minimum commute of 20 or more miles from a Church, compared to decades when I could either walk or ride a bike to church. So I've been nomadic. Reflecting on the 'CS powwow' in 1978? at the Oakland Morman Temple before it was dedicated there was a session on class instruction which led me to take class from the teacher mentioned after the talk. The following summer visiting Japan on textile arts I had the opportunity during my week in Kyoto to attend the Wednesday evening meeting at the CS Society. I will always remember that evening for only one member was there besides me! She played the piano for opening and hymns, gave the spiritual readings and then we shared testimonies before the traditional closing hymn. The strength in conducting a scheduled church meeting no matter what the odds was so inspiring with her multi-talented role-playing of all the church roles that evening amazed me - yet her grace and love expressed was exquisite and nurtures me continuously.
    Let's look forward to an inspirational weekend however we spend the time, yet full of anticipated inspiration and wisdom to listen deeply for spiritual guidance.

  21. I am looking forward to learning more about the CS movement on Healing. This should be a great time to learn and take home and share the Healing message.

  22. This Northern California "Church alive" summit is a wonderful idea. Our strong commitment to our branch churches and the C.S. and non-C.S. people that benefit from this Christian Science presence is extremely important, but so is the need for "The Field" to come together to pray, listen, participate and take back with us new, fresh ideas to our branch churches to reflect Divine Mind's continuous work for God/good. This meeting will strengthen all of us in solidifying our commitment and continuing growth, while imparting new, constructive ideas for spreading Chrisitan Science further and further and including more, and more non-C.S.ers. This certainly IS a God-inspired activity and we should partake of it lovingly and actively.

  23. "Happy Mama," Thank you for your comments! We're definitely going to work on integrating meaningful activities into the childcare program that are in keeping with the Summit. It's certainly a work in progress at this point, and we would welcome your input! Here's a link to what has been figured out so far:

    I'm glad to hear that having the childcare will enable you to come. A big goal with providing childcare is to remove barriers that would keep parents from attending the Summit. We also want to give parents the chance to meet and get to know other parents. Forming and growing these relationships is so helpful to all of us!

    I look forward to meeting you at the Summit...

  24. Looking forward to being in attendance for all three days. Like attendance in class instruction for Association, I never thought I was deserting my church or church activities but rather was growing in wider ways to cherish, include and participate even more as a result of this one time devotion to class instruction. I am devoting my thought and actions (willing attendance) in all three activites being offered as an investment toward greater involvement in our movement and to experience/demonstrate healing that is ever unfolding my spirituality to a deeper level of instantaneous healing results. Looking forward with gratitude to participating in this church Alive Summit with an open thought that only good and further blessings are going on that we may share with those who remain in their right place at this time. Thank you all for the immense dedication to an honest achievement.

  25. This is a wonderful opportunity and I support it in every way. Thank you for all the insiration and dedication that has already taken place. I want to be a part of the unfoldment that can bless all in and out of church activity. Indeed, all mankind as we proceed in all of our daily activities. I am grateful for the Board of Directors attendance in our Church Alive Summit as they have left their posts in Boston to participate for the greater good that can unfold for all involved here and for those who will be enlightened as a result of those who do attend in their absence. Maybe next time they too will want to attend for new fresh ideas and ways to demonstrate that only good is going on.

  26. Youth is a VERY IMPORTANT focus of the Summit. Special Events are planned to include ages 12 through 25. PLEASE LET YOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT and SS Students know that Youth need to register at the link above on this web site or mail in the printed registration form. Call if you need more information.

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