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The Midwest Church Alive Summit videos are ready for  you to view!

Click here to watch (and download) the videos.  

The DVDs that were duplicated have all been spoken for and have arrived at their door or are in the mail. 

If you don't receive yours, please email midwestchurchalive@gmail.com. If you wanted to order one but didn't get your order in on time, please use the above email. We are considering making more if there is a need.


As we go forward together we can use this website to share our progress and examples. Feel free to comment below.

Latest news

Check out this site in the weeks to come to be updated on the next steps for Midwest Church Alive. If you have ideas that you would like to share please email midwestchurchalive@gmail.com.

Next community conference call

The expectation is that there will be a call in June for the members of the Midwest to share helpful church experiences. Agenda: inspiration, announcements, fresh ideas in action, challenges and fruitage.
Listen to the May call | Volunteer


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Share: Your ideas and your needs

Have an inspiring church experience to share? Have a challenge in your church that could use a little inspiration? Share it here and we'll discuss a few each month on our conference call.

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Starting the discussion in your branch

Many branch memberships are watching the various videos together followed by discussions as to how their membership can go forward. Show a Midwest 2014 Summit video | Show a Midwest 2011 Summit video

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Community discussions

Is your church discussing any of these topics below (or would you like to introduce a new discussion)? If so, you'll probably enjoy reading what others in our community are praying about, exploring, and learning in each of these areas.

Community in the Midwest region
Lectures in the Midwest region
The Manual – supporting each other as Christians and healers
  1. I was our church's liaison for the last Midwest Summit - and still receive emails...do I need to sign up
    again for the 2014 Summit - or will I just continue to receive emails to share with our members?

  2. Great question Carole. You should receive another Save the Date email within the next week. However to be on the Midwest Church Alive 2014 Church Liaison list please go to the link above and sign up. (Under "Join the Midwest Summit Community") Church Liaisons were a vital part of the last Midwest Summit. Thank you.

  3. Are we able to attend one day only of conference? (Saturday)

  4. Yes you can. The Summit has Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning service components. Hotel reservations, separate from the registration itself, can be made for a single night only if your travel schedule dictates.

  5. Bill, you may be asking if the price is different for those attending just one or two days of the Summit. That answer is no, there is a flat rate which has made it much easier for planning and registering, and that flat rate is set much lower than the actual cost of two or three days. Look forward to seeing you there!

  6. Wow, what a program, wished I could attend, ...

    we will certainly feel the inspiration of these sharings, this church alive without walls !

    Thank you, for your work and will certainly be a blessing for you and many others ...

  7. Can we register and pay on the day we attend?

  8. Rich, I hope you made it. We had a wonderful weekend of sharing inspiring ideas and fruitage from church activity. I came home full of hope and trust in God.

  9. I attended the Summit in Schaumburg last weekend and would like to snail mail in a contribution. Can you give me a mailing address, please.


  10. I attended the Midwest Summit last week end and greatly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to be able to order the videos.

  11. Hi Mary,

    Thanks so much for your interest. I checked in about this, and it sounds like all the needs for this Summit have been met already-- hooray! However, you certainly could consider making a contribution to The Mother Church more generally if you'd still like to express your gratitude in that way.

    Many thanks again for your interest!

    iInge, Church Alive Team

  12. Someone in our church found an order form for the dvd of the Summit -- and I need the mailing address for sending the check!

  13. Hi Jacqui!

    Thank you very much for your interest in the Summit DVD.

    There are two ways to order a Midwest Summit DVD. The first is to use the link above titled "this form" in the paragraph which talks about the Summit videos. Herein you can choose to pay using Paypal or sending a check.

    The second option is to simply mail me a letter indicating you want to order a Summit DVD with your name, shipping address, email address, and how many you wish to order. The cost is $25.00 each which includes shipping and handling. I will take care of entering your information into the data base and notify the manufacturer of your order.

    Midwest Church Alive Summit
    c/o Allan Rowe
    4423 St. Andrews Dr.
    Grand Rapids, MI 49546

  14. CAN I still order dvds of the summit? can i order any of them? which are in english? i live in chicago so i missed the midwest confernce. thank you. is there a list of talks to see if i want to order it?

  15. Hi Wendy. I am told all the DVDs are gone. A staff member will ask around to see if there is a spare copy. She has your phone and email so she will contact you if she finds one. Also you can download the videos onto your computer and make your own DVDs. Please go to the link near the top of this page.

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