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Continuing the work begun

We will be in touch very soon with ideas about how the work begun can continue to enrich, encourage and enlighten us all.  You are invited to share your thoughts on this web page (scroll down to the bottom).

CHALLENGES from our Summit presenters:

Dorothy Estes

Give yourself a deadline to submit a testimony to the periodicals.

Madelon Maupin

Read the book of Romans.  Find two or three others and read a chapter at a time. You may like to precede this with reading Galatians. 

Bosede Bakarey

Is your church dead or alive? Heal!

Notes from the Summit

Brother birds gathered together at the Northern Australia Church Alive Summit.  Over two hundred people sang together, prayed together, listened and participated.  Our theme, " brother birds..." was the uniting factor.  Youth was alive as young people flew in from all around Australia. The idea of "diversities of gifts" showed that everyone's talents are valued and needed! 

What you brought was --

  1. Fruit for the Church Alive tree
  2. Love for Church
  3. Expectation of good results and the willingness to put ideas into action (Listen, Obey, Rejoice)
  4. Attention
  5. Fine singing - by special request, click on the hyperlink here for the power-point of the words to the first, second, and final verses, as sung at the Summit.
  6. The hand of friendship
  7. This event was fully funded by local donations.  You gave "of your heart's rich overflow..."  Thank you for your generosity.


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  • Mary Baker Eddy's poem LOVE (selected verses) set to the Australian folk tune "Moreton Bay" as arranged by Mark O'Leary - words only, as sung at the Summit.   


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Latest news

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What’s moving and shaking across the Australia region in our churches, societies, and groups? Here is some of the latest inspiration and activity from our community.

Next community conference call

The expectation is that there will be a call in June for the members in Australia to share helpful church experiences. Agenda: inspiration, announcements, fresh ideas in action, challenges and fruitage.

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Share: Your ideas and your needs

Have an inspiring church experience to share? Have a challenge in your church that could use a little inspiration? Share it with our community here and we'll discuss a few each month on our conference call.

Starting the discussion in your branch
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Workshop suggestions: Show Australia Summit videos. Many churches are viewing the videos as a membership and then discussing the ideas to help them move forward.

Select any Church Alive content by Topic or Event. Search JSH Online or Church Alive Blogs or Audio Chats.

Community discussions

Is your church discussing any of these topics below (or would you like to introduce a new discussion)? If so, you'll probably enjoy reading what others in our community are praying about, exploring, and learning in each of these areas.

Music in Australia
Membership in Australia
Fellowship in Australia
Readership and Services in the Australia region
Practice and CS nursing in the Australia region
Sunday Schools in the Australia region
  1. A happy and holy Christmas to all brother birds!

  2. Interest is gathering...

  3. Lots of Registrations now ... get in before January 31st for Early Bird rate of $65.... and remember ... Concession card holders fee is $50 ... and School Students under 18 attend the Youth Program for FREE.
    See you in Brissie .. March 15 & 16.

  4. As I was driving to work yesterday morning, as the sun was rising. At first glance, half the sky was filled with a sheet of soft pink and amber, that was quite transparent. On second glance I noticed the misty sheet had a pathway of clear sky that cleaved from over head in a straight line toward the horizon. At first I thought it was a cloud beyond the earth's rim casting a shadow. This was not the case, where the sky met the ground the path way swerved at the end like a creek descending from a range of mountains, On closer examination I could see the knife sharp cut-edge of cloud ending on ether side and the deep blue behind. I thought how true it was to the path of God, where there is clear passage and brilliant transparent views to hedge the way. And that road found its source in Truth and so avoids the perils of sin sickness and death.

  5. Isn't it interesting how the early disciples of Jesus got together. I love to read John chapter one where the disciples of John the Baptist overheard Jesus talking with John, and Jesus tells them to "come and see". And they did.
    First there was Andrew. Then he told his brother Simon. Then there was Philip who came from the same town as the brothers Andrew and Simon. Then Philip finds Nathanael. And so on. What a great way to spread good news.

  6. The banners are up. The gorgeous artwork is in place. The speakers are flying in and the audio visual team have had their final run through. Rehearsals are set for Friday and our volunteers are looking forward to being of service.
    Now we pause and cherish all the wonderful work done to date and its fulfilment.

  7. Fantastic - loving, busy, harmonious, full of divine activity and deeply inspiring! Thank you all so much.

  8. Thank you to all the hard work of the planning team!! I came away wanting to do better. It was busy, well organized, well supplied by food, great music. Again thanks.

  9. I was happy to be a small part of your CHURCH ALIVE SUMMIT...with my ideas on a fresh approach to church music. Look forward to hearing some more feedback.

  10. My husband, George Birdsong, and I feel very privileged to have been part of the Summit. We found so much love, hospitality, graciousness and warmth during our time with you. Thank you especially for your love of the Bible and the many comments that indicate your desire to go deeper. Our mutual prayers for 'boldness', as in the early Church in Acts, can only bless each individually and our branch churches as well. We better put on our seat belts--the Holy Spirit is moving in Australia!
    With love to all, Madelon

  11. What a super weekend, with First Church of Christ, Scientist, crowded to the footpath as it always was when it was first built. What a joy to hear the singing - surely it must have been heard across the bridge and all along the Quay. Staying at the Park Regis was the ultimate with a corner window and views to the east, south and west to Mt Cootha. Highest accolades to the Park Regis for great rooms, service and parking - to allow us to stay there until we departed in the late afternoon! Mega appreciation for all the workshops starting and finishing on time; for the young woman handling the distribution of tucker boxes, and keeping the hot pots full. And most of all for the planning committee who handled, with grace, compassion and quiet calm, every situation and concern thrown at them during the period of preparation and the weekend of the Summit. And still remaining at the post. . .!

  12. "Love is like a bird, there is no branch it does not perch upon" - from a book called "A Little Book of Aloha": Hawaiian Proverbs and Inspirational Wisdom by Renata Provenzano

  13. Can anyone tell me the Bible translation book Madelon Maupin suggested. One was The Message which I have but what was the other one? It had I think 3 different translations on each page? Anyone write it down?

  14. Hi Simon,
    The other Bible translation I mentioned was the New Living Translation -- Study edition.
    Here's a link to the one I have. The other is quite small.

    My husband, George, and I continue to have the happiest memories of our time in Australia and the amazing Christian Science workers we met. Thank you so much for inviting us!

  15. Thanks Madelon, I downloaded the iPad Kindle version. Madelon, as a result of your workshop in brisbane, my church here in Melbourne is looking to start one of your Bible study groups. Should be fascinating.