Tips and clips from workshop hosts

People singing outside church
We’ll be posting helpful ideas from Church Alive Workshop planners right here as more are shared with us.

If you would like to share your tips and suggestions, feel free to write a short comment below, or click here if you’d like to do a skype interview or share a lengthier write up.

Church Alive workshop basic steps—getting started! Tips and ideas submitted by workshop hosts compiled to help with your own workshop planning.

Four societies hold a workshop on church

When four Christian Science societies join together to hold a workshop to explore the vitality of Church, the result is hearts newly inspired about church membership and service and many healings. 

Church Alive: It’s happening here!

Inspired by the energy, enthusiasm, and great ideas from the Boston summit, members of First Church of Auburn-Lewiston embarked on sharing this spirit with fellow church members back in Maine.

Ideas from the Church Alive workshop in Danville, California

Whether yours is a small or medium sized church, here are some ideas to put together a quality program (2:08).

Workshop tips: ideas and fruitage from a Church Alive workshop in Oregon