About workshops

About workshops

Workshops are an opportunity for local branch communities to unite in considering how the Christ is calling them together in their church and community activities. Workshops can be a simple gathering of members and friends for a few hours, or a full day event with multiple sessions. Let your church family’s inspiration guide what will best meet your community’s needs!

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Getting started

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Getting started

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What are the basic steps involved in hosting a Workshop and how do we get started?

Workshop Basic Steps—Getting Started (abbreviated version)


1. Gather information. Explore this page where you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and information about available resources (see more detail in the full version above).

2. Logistical considerations. Decide on the location, estimated size of your Workshop, and your audience. Then gather a representative planning committee together and go from there (see more detail in the full version above).

3. Program ideas. Ask members and friends within your Workshop area what topics they would like to have included and consider the best way(s) to present each topic (see more detail in the full version above).

4. Day of the Workshop. Enjoy all your prayerful preparations and listen for those “ah-ha” moments or themes that emerge, and any take-aways for further actions steps resulting from the workshop (see more detail in the full version above).

Once you’ve decided to move ahead, we invite you to sign up so we can include you on our workshop events page.

Click on the button below for a review of the guiding principles of a Church Alive Workshop and an opportunity to sign up for hosting a workshop if you’re ready to move ahead.

More Info & Sign Up to Host a Workshop Here!


Who can host a Church Alive Workshop?

Christian Science branch churches, societies, and informal groups. Also, individual members can gather with others from their region to plan a Workshop for a broader audience. We’ve also heard of individual members holding informal workshops around their kitchen tables or in their living rooms.


What should we be talking about at these Workshops?

It’s up to the planning committee to identify topics and questions that would be relevant to your church community. This is a time for member to member sharing, so ask your members and friends what topics they would like to include.

Some questions that might help guide you in thinking about workshop content, are these 3 major questions that have guided the Church Alive project more broadly:

What is this spiritual idea of church and how can we understand it more deeply?

How can we better live it?

What are the challenges to living Church more fully and how can we heal them?

In the Church Alive section here on christianscience.com our global community of members has explored a wide range of topics and questions related to the Church Alive theme. The blogs, “This Week’s Questions,” field videos, “Your Church Experiences” and other content may be useful in thinking about what topics you might cover. In addition, videos from Church Alive summit sessions are another rich resource you may wish to use.

You can find more ideas by exploring our content by Topic, or by Event, or by visiting the Workshop resources page.


Once we've identified topics and questions for discussion, how do we move ahead from there?

There are lots of different ways you might go about organizing your discussions. You might have a single speaker give a presentation. Or, you might have a panel of speakers. Or, a facilitated group discussion. Or, small group discussions. Or, it could be as simple as using a past Summit video/audio or other content mentioned above as a springboard to your discussions. It’s up to you to decide what will work best for your group. (Note, from the direction of the Board of Directors, CSBs and lecturers are not available as main speakers.)


What resources are available to use?

You’ll find lots more ideas on the Workshop resources page.


Are there any current or recent Workshops that have shared any tips we could use?

Yes! See “Tips & More From Workshop Hosts” on this page: Church Alive Workshop Interviews


May we join with members and friends from other branch churches/societies in our area to hold a joint Workshop?

Yes. Church Alive events are designed for member to member sharing. So this kind of broader collaborative effort is often very helpful in discussing and sharing what different branches are doing with their Sunday school, Reading Room, lectures, connecting with their communities, and so on. Having a planning committee of 5-8 people representative of the Workshop area can be effective for planning purposes.


If there are expenses involved with holding our meeting, who pays them?

These Workshops are locally organized and funded. If more than one church comes together for a meeting, expenses can be shared or individual members can be invited to contribute.


Who can we invite to speak at our Workshop?

The choice of speakers is left up to the planning committee of the branch church(es)/societies with simple parameters outlined at the bottom of the Host a Church Alive Workshop sign-up form. Consider inviting people who don’t usually speak. You’ll be amazed at the breadth of talent and experience in your own church members, even in so-called “small” churches. This is a workshop for your members and church community to move forward.


What role does the Church Alive Team play in supporting a Church Alive Workshop?

We’ve created this page to answer frequently asked questions and included links to point you to various resources you can consider when hosting a workshop. We’ll also do the following:

  • Put your Workshop on the Church Alive Workshop map
  • Create a Workshop events page for you to share your event more widely
  • And afterwards, we’ll post any write up you’d like to share, or potentially do a skype interview with you about your gathering (like what did you cover? were there any “ah-ha” moments? what were the 2-3 take-aways for further action as a result?). 
  • To submit additional items you wish us to post, click here

We invite you to sign up to Host a Workshop when you’re ready, and we’ll be happy to do the above. Just click on the button below.

More Info & Sign Up to Host a Workshop Here!


What are the tech requirements for listening to Church Alive Video and Audio recordings?

The simplest approach might be to download Church Alive video or audio to your computer or a CD for later viewing/listening. That way you won’t have to rely on your internet connection.

Alternatively, the Webcast Help Guide includes information about the tech requirements for viewing and listening to these resources, as well as sample webcasts for you to test your system. Click here to view this guide. If you are able to listen to The Mother Church online church services or have viewed webcasts of Annual Meeting in the past, you should be able to play this media. You can view any of the Church Alive content either by Event (past summits content) or by Topic (all content organized around 12 topics wherever possible).


Our group would like to use some past Summit and Workshop videos, but some of them are quite long. Could The Mother Church edit these for our group? Or, could we edit them ourselves?

Videos from previous Summits and interviews from previous workshops are a wonderful resource for those planning Church Alive events. However, we are unable to edit any videos specifically for particular Summit or Workshop groups. If you’d like to include only a particular section of the video, perhaps you can queue up the video to this particular spot in advance of your workshop. A “Workshop Opener of Summit Highlights” was compiled for showing at a regional workshop. You will find it on the workshop events and videos page along with “Tips and more from workshop hosts.”

The Mother Church owns the copyrights to these videos, so please just check with us for permission if you’re considering any edits (ChurchAliveTeam@gmail.com).


Already hosting a Church Alive Workshop and have more items for posting to your Workshop page?

Click here to share new resources for posting on your Church Alive Workshop page.


Can we talk with others about their experiences in hosting a Workshop?

On the workshop events and videos page you’ll find a number of workshop host interviews, including a page devoted to “Tips and More from Workshop Hosts” that may be helpful to you.

You can also join the workshop community discussion.

Or feel free to email us at ChurchAliveTeam@gmail.com if the information we’ve provided doesn’t fully answer any questions you may have.


OK, we're ready to go! How do we sign up to host a Church Alive Workshop?

Thanks for asking. Click on the button below for a review of the guiding principles of a Church Alive Workshop and sign up!

More Info & Sign Up to Host a Workshop Here!