About Church Alive Summits

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Summits are locally organized, run, and funded regional gatherings of anyone interested in exploring a deeper spiritual understanding and practice of Church. The major emphasis is on supporting member to member sharing about the inspiration, renewing experiences, and challenges related to church activity. View videos from sessions of past Church Alive Summits by Event or by Topic.

Frequently asked questions

Getting started

General questions 

Getting started

What are the basic steps involved in hosting a Summit and how do we get started?

You'll find many ideas and steps on this site. After reading everything if you have questions or are interested in planning a Summit for your region please contact us at churchaliveteam@gmail.com.

Are there any guiding principles for planning a Church Alive Summit?

You will find information about this and more by reading through the form below (click the button). Individuals who are considering planning a Church Alive Summit review the simple guiding principles listed in this form to make sure they understand and agree with the concept before moving ahead.

Click here for guiding principles

What are the twelve major steps of the Church Alive Summit process?

Based on field-tested experiences of other Summit planning teams, we’ve put together a helpful overview of the Summit process. Click to view or right click to download:

General questions

What's the difference between a Church Alive Summit and a Church Alive Workshop?

Typically, a Church Alive Summit reaches a larger regional gathering of 75 or more people. A Church Alive Workshop is usually a smaller local gathering planned by members from one or more neighboring branches, or three to eight members come together from a larger region to plan a Workshop for a projected gathering of fewer than 75. Program content for both is developed based on survey responses from those within the event region or community. For more information about workshops, go to the About workshops page

How many Summits does The Mother Church support each year?

Generally, we are able to fully support four Summits per year, two in the Fall and two in the Spring. Depending on our schedule, we may be able to provide partial or full support. We will clearly explain what level of support we can offer based on the timing of your requests and our current capacity.

What role does the Church Alive Team play in supporting a Church Alive Summit?

The Church Alive Team plays a supporting role in sharing information, resources and experiences from this work each step of the Summit process. You’re not alone!

Where are the next Church Alive Summits being held?

Great question, just click here for a listing of the current and recent Church Alive Summits.