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In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy wrote, “Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear” (p. 506).

This passage from Science and Health reminds me of when the idea came to me to establish a second Lecture Fund, a little over a year and a half ago. These funds, when available, would be used to give a special lecture somewhere outside our local community.  

The fund was established and the Lecture committee sent a letter to our church members and friends asking for contributions for a special event. Donations came in, and the fund continued to grow. By summer 2012, there was enough to proceed with making plans for a special event.

Our committee now had to decide how and with whom this lecture would be shared. Through prayerful listening I contacted the Boy Scout Organization. We discovered that a new, permanent Scouting facility was being built, in Mount Hope, West Virginia, and that the National Scout Jamboree would be held there in July 2013.

I was given the name of the person with whom I should contact about our lecture plans.  Weeks passed and I didn’t hear from him.  A gentle message kept coming to me that I should contact him again (mortal mind said that he was a busy man and that I should wait for him to contact me!). 

Listening to that “still small voice” (see Science and Health, p. 559), I e-mailed him again. His response was immediate, and he said that he would follow up to see if there was an interest in giving a Christian Science lecture, as part of their Faith and Beliefs Area. The Boy Scouts Faith and Beliefs Area involves representatives from all religious groups. I was later contacted by a Christian Science chaplain who agreed that our church should proceed with plans to host a lecture at the Jamboree.

Our committee contacted a Christian Science lecturer to speak at the National Scout Jamboree, and also to speak for us at a local lecture in Charleston. Several beautiful demonstrations were made during the preparation of these two lectures. The location we had chosen for the lecture in Charleston had another event scheduled the same afternoon, but they rearranged their schedule and made room for us. Advertising for this lecture was also handled differently than any lecture we had organized in the past.  Instead of newspaper advertising, we placed our ads on city buses. These bus ads appeared in public more quickly than they normal.

We combined both lectures in our preparatory meeting. Invitations were mailed to Christian Science churches and societies in our state and adjoining ones, and to others who would be interested in prayerfully supporting this event. We also invited them to join our meeting via telephone conferencing. Several individuals throughout the state, and one from another state, joined our inspiring meeting.

For the Jamboree, invitations and flyers were mailed to Boy Scout Councils and leaders through our state. We also sent invitations to veteran military groups in our state and adjoining ones. In addition, we contacted Christian Science churches and societies throughout our state for copies of the Bible and Science and Health to be given out at the Jamboree. Contributions were generous.

The idea of the Jamboree lecture gradually unfolded and took shape. A member of our church and her husband helped set up the Christian Science exhibit and two members of our church helped staff the exhibit during the Jamboree. This was the first Christian Science Lecture ever  given at a National Scout Jamboree and it was the first given at the new permanent Scouting Facility, located in our beautiful state.

Our lecturer and his message, “Spiritual Training: Learning to Listen,” was the perfect match for our Boy Scout lecture. Over 100 people attended the lecture at the Jamboree on a Sunday morning. The same lecture, given in Charleston Saturday afternoon, was also well attended and much appreciated.

Mrs. Eddy tells us in Science and Health, “The devotion of thought to an honest achievement makes the achievement possible” (p. 199). Our church proved this statement to be true, by giving two lectures--one in our community and another beyond our local community.

  1. Surely the Boy Scouts were blessed by this lecture. As a former Boy Scout who attained the rank of Eagle, I've been saddened by some issues with which the organization has had to deal the past few years. Meanwhile, Christian Science lecture brings nothing less than 100% Love. Sounds like a healing message to me.

  2. What a perfect fit! True inspiration to realize this would fit with the Boy Scout, I'm thinking you may have not even realized there was already a place for the lecture provided in their Faith and Beliefs area. Love hearing about this and knowing how many people got a great intro to Christian Science. Thank you for your good work.

  3. I'm curious as to who the attendees were primarily. I would hope the local scout community was represented more than the surrounding churches. Do you have any way of knowing? Sounds like a wonderful outreach.

  4. The idea of expanding a C/S Church Lecture is a fine idea, for it really demonstrates Love for the entire community and not within the confines of a Church Building. Terrific thinking.

  5. congratulations to you all. What a great blessing!

  6. One of my grandsons attended the Jamboree this year. I don't know if he attended the lecture or not, but I am so, so happy if he just saw the words "Christian Science" at the Jamboree. Many, many thanks.

  7. Most Christian Science Lectures are given in various C/S Churches.
    It's a unique idea to have a second fund to hold at special times, a Lecture given at designated organizations such as in this case, the Boy Scouts. It's a fine example of putting out the understanding of what it means to be God's image and likeness.

  8. You did well to listen and then follow through on the direction you were led. Congratulations. It sounds like a great success.

  9. I am so grateful to hear about your successful lectures. The thoughts, although seemingly new to your situation, were provided by God. The state, the churches, and the Boy Scout organization
    were all benefited by this wonderful idea. Your committee surely did a good job of listening!!!

  10. wonderful idea--thanks for your open hearts and imaginative outreach

  11. Lynn,
    Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring report. I'm going to make sure that our lecture committee reads this. I know we will act on the ideas you and your church had.

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