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This is the place for sharing your own experiences of Church Alive. We’d love to hear how your experience and understanding of Church is blessing you, your fellow members, and the wider community. What has inspired and lifted you, and how has this insight increased your ability to give and love as Jesus taught? Share your experiences here.

A congregation plans a special Wednesday evening meeting to include Sunday School students and friends and finds that church truly feels like a family activity.

After discovering significant damage to the foundation, the building of First Church of Christ, Scientist in Vero Beach, FL was condemned. Facing astronomical costs to repair the building, the members turned to prayer. As a result, they found sufficient supply to meet their financial need, and well as a deeper appreciation for the spiritual nature of Church.

A church family feels led to branch out and discovers generous and practical ways to share their building and their love with both the wider community and their own members.

When a branch church sells its building, members explore options and end up with an unexpected solution and many benefits on the journey to their current home.

What is really at the heart of the requirement for a branch church to follow the guidance of the Church Manual? This member, who has visited many branches and Societies throughout the world, gains new insight into this question.

With a member's inspiration, some guidance from a curriculum and a lot of enthusiasm, this branch church has offered a summer program for children in the community for ten years.

This family of three goes to the same building on Sunday mornings, but each of them has a distinctly different church experience. One of them has discovered unique ways to be a supportive member from over 1000 miles away.

When a local resident and acquaintance of church members is traveling in North Korea is reported to be held captive, this church responds in a caring and inspired way.

A church renovates their Reading Room in an effort to make Christian Science more accessible and to offer a fresh, modern, welcoming space for their community.

The students in this Sunday School used games designed by their teacher to help illustrate the seven synonyms for God and make connections to the story of creation as well as other familiar Bible stories.

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