Church-related healings

Someone walking by trees with the sun pouring through

Mary Baker Eddy founded a church committed to bringing Christ-healing into every aspect of individual and community life. Healing becomes more and more natural as we grow in our understanding of Spirit's Church and commit to seeing proof of its utility in our lives and for our community. Have you experienced a healing that brought home the meaning and significance of Church in your life? 

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A congregation joins in a moment of prayer, resulting in quick and complete healing.

When this writer encounters a physical challenge, she finds comfort in the ideas presented at a lecture sponsored by her church. 

A solo’s spiritual message inspires and heals. 

The testimonies that were shared by others showed that healing was possible, at hand, and easy to understand. 

Every part of a church service is an opportunity for healing.

The definition of ‘Christ’ in Science and Health reveals new inspiration and healing ideas.

A community service project leads to a healing of blisters.

A Christian Scientist finds forgiveness after a car accident.

A Sunday School student shares how she was healed of eye pain after listening to her sister play hymns on the piano in Sunday School.

The realization that a church service is dedicated to healing, results in a quick healing.

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