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As part of creating their new By-Laws, Third Church, Grand Rapids developed a mission statement. Watch and listen as one member shares the inspiration behind their mission statement and how having a mission statement has helped their church activities.

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  2. It was difficult to hear the speaker sharing these expansive ideas because the video was constantly interrupting and restarting itself. But what I heard I was grateful for. Thank you!

  3. Hi Janet,

    Sorry to hear you had difficulty with this video. We weren’t able to replicate this problem on our end, so it may have been that the video was loading slowly due to your internet connection when you were watching. If you pause the video at the start and give it a few moments to load all the way, that might help solve the problem. Hope this helps!

    all the best,
    Church Alive Team

  4. I had the most fortunate experience as a fairly new comer in C/S when I met a Librarian in the C/S Reading Room in the World Trade Center where I worked. Since it was so long ago, but this individual asked me for assistance in helping to become a C/S Practitioner. Now this person is a C.S.P. It made me feel very good.

  5. Thank you for sharing this experience of your church. I like the idea of studying together and arriving at your by-laws and a mission statement in this way. I guess for many branch churches, Eddy's definition of Church in the Glossary of Science & Health, is their mission statement. I appreciate that you made the by-laws extremely simple. I do not know if it might be possible to share those as an example?

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