Building the church

A member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Pateros shares their journey of building a church in unlikely circumstances.

How to download this video  Feel free to share this video at your own Church Alive Workshop.

  1. That was a lovely demonstration of what listening to the divine Mind, accomplishes. Hurrah and many
    thanks for sharing, for I am sure, it will help others who are getting a message and are unsure, this will
    help them to have courage to follow through sharing their message.

  2. This is so Wonderful! Thank you for listening and following through on the message! Congratulations on your new church building! And so grateful for the Healings, too!

  3. Wow, thank you so much to share this with us. So good to hear this. God is always there to guide us when we listen.

  4. A wonderful demonstration, to follow the leadings of Truth. Thank you for sharing! We are filling the love all the way in Georgia, US.

  5. A lot of the day I kept thinking about what it means to "leave all for Christ". This
    is such an example. How inspiring. Thank you and know dear friend this love
    blesses so many around the globe. Lillian

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