Sunday School: A loving community

A Sunday School teacher shares how the Sunday School at First Church of Christ, Scientist embraces the individuality of its students to ensure that classes are useful and relevant, and how their Sunday School has grown recently.

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  1. Sunday School is a precious part of church and how wonderful that you always just picked up where you left off the last time they were there. That is what Sunday School is all about. It's about Love, loving the children, loving their true identity as a child of God. This is what fills our Sunday Schools, the Love of the Christ, Truth and how we share that love. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. I really like what your church has done in thought to welcome these children

  3. "It's fun to go to church." I love that line. Meaning, to me: "It's fun to love God and see God's love expressed freely in all, by all, for all -- as All." :-)

  4. Love it! Especially having Hay in the Sunday School!! You guys have definitely embraced the Spirit of Love in your Sunday School and Church and look at how you've grown! Many C.S. churches could take a hint......!

  5. The most important thing of a Sunday School class is to make it fun to be there. There's the building of training kids to be receptive to Truth and that's where it's at.

  6. Mrs. Eddy's admonition that her periodicals should "keep abreast of the times" isn't missed in this SS! Kids are different now with all the multimedia and interplay of XBox and social media. Whether we think this stimuous is all that great for them or not, it is their environment and to stay loose and non-judgemental of their attendance (or lack thereof at times!) is the only way to go, because you are relaying the love of God (which we are told is the heart and sould of C.S. by MBE!) and that is what we want them to feel in our churches. Love, love, love...and healing as their right and goal for them to share with mankind. Thanks, for this inspiring discussion and best wishes in Mobile from the northern tundra!

  7. Wonderful! What fun to be in church! B & P

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