Beyond formality

First Church of Christ, Scientist in Mobile, Alabama has gradually moved away from a more formal church atmosphere.  Two members share how this progress naturally evolved, and how it has blessed their congregation.

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  3. The rustic log-cabin CS Society in rural Nashville, IN, has few members, and no committee assignments. Readers rotate often, and everyone does whatever needs doing. The entire focus of every meeting is listening closely to our Pastor. Visitors (usually tourists) find it very refreshing.

  4. I think it should never matter what people wear to church as long as they come. It's that divine sense of Love that matters. What are we looking at when we see a stranger come in shorts, dirty clothes from street people, sweats, etc. Are we looking at what they wear or are we looking to see the Christ in them? That's what Mrs. Eddy did, she saw the Christ, Truth in everyone and in everything and that is what healed everything, that Christly Love that comes from a pure heart. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. This is great...Our church feels that the dress or appearance of a person is unimportant. We share jobs as you do, even at the last moment, and are happy to do so. Why not? It is love of church that counts!

  6. Thank you, thank you, C.S. Church Members in Mobile, ALabama! What a living example of Love! Getting beyond the outer appearance and the strict structures and just letting Love lead! We're struggling a bit up here in the "Northwoods" with one group so focused on structure, they've forgotten about Love - while the other group is so focused on being casual and hip that there is not a lot of structure! Looking for Balance here! You've got my Support! We need your Love and Support, too! Much Love!

  7. True childlikeness in action. True Christliness in action. True Love in action.

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