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First Church of Christ, Scientist in Mobile, Alabama is located down the street from a homeless shelter.  A member shares how individuals staying in the shelter have been welcomed and supported by the church.

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  1. And it should be wonderful for every church to be able to express such love that individuals walking by just are drawn to your service. If you are loving your community, they will know it and they will come and stay because they know they are loved. Mrs. Eddy said everything she did was through Love. As a follower of our dear Leader we need to do all things through Love also or we are not her disciples. Thanks for sharing these stories with us, they are heart warming and inspiring.

  2. Thank you for sharing this pure, selfless love with us all -- both of you. It's a beautiful balance of God's masculine Fatherhood and feminine Motherhood that you express. I teared up at the end of your four-part series, feeling the warmth and strength of your love pouring forth. God's blessings from Mobile, Alabama, are helping meet the needs of the world.

  3. So Wonderful what you are doing, First Church, Mobile, Alabama!! Maybe some of you could spread yourselves around the country and give workshops to other C.S. Churches re. how to radiate Love to their Communities! We Love You!

  4. Your unconditional love is so evident in the way you share your story. It cheers my heart. Thanks!

  5. Great work going on!! May we all embrace our communities!

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