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While Christian Science has been in Zimbabwe for many years, there were many prevalent misconceptions about the religion.  The members of First Church, Harare have been taking Christian Science literature and Bibles to different communities to help dispel these misunderstandings. A member shares how this experience has increased unity within their church in addition to blessing the community.

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  1. Thank you for your message.

  2. This is wonderful! ~ thank you so much for sharing this work with Zimbabwe. I would like to organize something like that for the churches in my area, and you are inspiring me to do that! :-)

  3. its so wonderful to hear of your loving progress. I visited Zimbabwe,when it was still Rhodesia,several times as my parenrs friends lived just outside Salisbury,now caled Hirare.We lived in Malawi and drove down by car.It was just so beautiful.I didn,t know anything of the time,but have very fond memories,and am therefore so happy to hear of your progress.Keep it up and you will be in my prayers for your onward progress.United we stand,and united we live,ALL in ONE BEING,through Christ.
    with love and peace to you all,alex from italy,born and brought up in Kenya!

  4. It's a great attitude. I myself used to share these teaching wherever i go and live.

  5. I am so happy to see that education of what C/S is really all about is being explained by this Church. This will so help the world to understand God better. Such mistaken beliefs that C/S is only for White's, that it condemns those who aren't C/S are being corrected. As it is said in the Bible "WELL DONE, FAITHFUL SERVANT."
    I paraphrase the above.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I love the idea that it is the CHALLENGES that are bringing the congregation together, as they rise to meet the practical and spiritual needs of their neighbors.

  7. Very inspiring! Thank you. Love from Sydney, Australia

  8. Your sharing touches me deeply. No matter where we are, even if there seem to be no divisions in our membership, affirming that we are all one is what Jesus taught and we must live in our daily lives. Thank you so much. With love,

  9. Beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you!

  10. Hello Harare! What wonderful, inspiring news. I am reminded of the widow's mite - you prove again how those who seem to have little can be the ones who give the most! And of course, that giving returns 10-fold back to you! I agree with Megan, that it's so instructive that your challenges and your willingness to share the Science (and the clothes) has brought your members such unity. What a selfless gift - to take a day here and there and go to every corner of the country! (Bless the container shipment preparers too!) This is all about giving the Comforter to others, and nothing about growing your own membership! But I must say - you had the same beautiful spirit when a colleague and I visited you in July of 2008. You gave deeply of what you hardly had for yourself - preparing a sumptuous meal for us and the membership, when food was so scarce. And I saw then too, no separation at all between white and black members, less than anywhere I have ever been, US or Africa! You are leading the way! Blessed "...pilgrim[s] and stranger[s], marking out the path [for others]" (SH 174:14)

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