A hope for collaboration

A member from First Church of Christ, Scientist shares her hopes for future collaboration with other branch churches in the Philippines to sponsor lectures together.

How to download this video  Feel free to share this video with fellow church members or at a Church Alive workshop!

  1. How delightful to know I have friends in the Philippines! I've not thought of this country much, but it is now a real part of "my world" and I am happy to hear of their active sharing of Christian Science.

  2. The enthusiasm, the joy, that is expressed by this fellow Christian Scientist is inspiring.

  3. Thank you, First Church of Baguio, for sharing the message of Christian Science!!

  4. C/S is TO BE SHARED, otherwise it can't bless anyone. What a bubbly enthusiastic individual as seen in this inspiring video.

  5. Bravo! God's blessings are far and wide.

  6. Beautiful vision for us all. Thank you for all you are doing!

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