Reading Room

The Reading Room Librarian of First Church, Cape Town shares how their Reading Room is meeting the needs of various individuals in the community. 

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  1. It is so uplifting to hear how Christian Science is shared in various communities around the world. Seeing how various Christian Scientists present Christian Science in different approaches to their communities opens up our vision to the infinite number of ways that Christian Science can be expressed and helps us expand beyond our church's current ways and means. Our goal must be to tailor our presentation of Christian Science to the needs of people in our own communities.

  2. How wonderful to hear what you are doing as librarian in such a loving healing way......How can people refuse such a Christly explanation. Thankyou and keep up the very good work.....our world needs to feel that love.

  3. What a lovely introduction to Christian Science you give to people coming into your reading room. Introducing them to Science and Health and the Bible is what we enjoy doing and you present it so clearly. It's good to remember that these two books are being read around the world daily and hourly and our Reading Rooms are blessing all who use them. Thank you for the glimpse into yours.

  4. This video reminded me of the time that my wife and I first attended a C/S service done in another country other than ours in the USA.
    It was like being back home. Love was expressed in the congregation excepting us just like at home. Homesickness never set in. It was a wonderful experience.

  5. Thank you for explaining how to build a bridge to new customers.

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