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When they began planning a Christian Science lecture, the members of First Church, Athens began exploring the idea of an online lecture, with an in-person component. Watch and listen as two members share more about this event.

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  1. Wow! I live in a community where there is no church near by. The closest churches are approximately 80 miles north and south. This community at one time had a Christian Science Society. It was perhaps 15 years ago. The community is vibrant with many churches. Church attendance appears to be quite good. The question is how could an area with only several Christian Scientist sponsor and put on a lecture as the one described by the Athens, GA church. I live in southeast Georgia on an island; Saint Simons Island. Is it conceivable to organize, promote and present a Christian Science lecture as described by the Athens church members?

  2. A truly refreshing approach to the concept of CS lectures! Space, location and distance obstacles are so harmoniously overcome.

  3. As board chairman of the Anderson, SC church that co-partnered with the Athens church in presenting Evan Mehlenbacher's online lecture, I absolutely agree with Fawn that it was "kinda neat"! We were approached about doing it just a few weeks before the chosen date and a concern was how to get the word out so quickly. But the Google advertising made that easy and the folks in Athens were wonderful in working with us on that. We did create flyers that could be handed out and e-mailed and ran a press release in our local paper. And it was so easy for our clerk to e-mail reminder notices to people near and far.

    We connected to Evan's lecture in our Reading Room and our traditional publicity had invited people to come there if they wanted. We had a full room of church members and friends.

    Truly, it was fast, fun, and easy. And so rewarding to know that we were spreading Evan's lecture and the teachings of Christian Science so broadly and to people who might not or couldn't travel to a lecture site. I think I can safely say we'll do it again!

  4. The seed for using an online format for the Athens lectures was planted at the Orlando Church Alive Summit! The online lecture with Evan Mehlenbacher mentioned in this video was a huge success. The immediate feedback was positively abundant. So much love and support has gone into taking these steps and the results are unfolding across the country.

  5. How wonderful that you offered this lecture online. "Reaching out from the stars" comes to my thought. I can't wait to share this with our Outreach Committee.
    Thank you for sharing this inspiring idea.

  6. By all that I know the first CS lecturer "in the world" to do this was Robin Hoagland. She was so willing and interested in the whole process and was a joy to work with. It was amazing to see her present her lecture from her own living room in her own house--just one of the perks of this type lecture. She let Fawn take the lead in much of the planning and her contribution was that of a willing and most cooperative lecturer for something this new as well as for the wonderful lecture she provided. She allowed the whole process to happen and to have its beginning. She even gave Athens her lecture after it was all over so it could "keep on giving" to people all over the world via the Athens website.
    Evan brought a new dimension to the "virtual lecture" through his interest in going at it from a lecturer's point of view. His joint lecture with churches in two different states, his experiments with using more advanced visuals and slides and the ability for future lecturers to get involved by providing their unique perspective to the process was invaluable to the Cause. And, he is still working at this. Of course, his lecture, too, was/is wonderful and is being shared widely throughout the world through this new method of delivery. Credit must also go to the Board of Directors and the Board of Lectureship who willingly promoted something very different in an endeavor to make Christian Science more widely available to mankind in a variety of ways. The need for this forward thinking approach to presenting the Christian Science Lecture--such an important dimension of our church activities--was grasped and promoted by many foresighted individuals. My hat is off to each one who stepped forward into a new era of sharing Christian Science.

  7. WOW! I don't know what else to say. Great idea and you shared it so well.

  8. I think this is so exciting.I live in a village with no other Christian Scientists and thirst always for this kind of communication. How could I see Evans lecture too?

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