Church-related healings, experiences, and field videos

On-the-ground experiences

Connect with others to learn where their inspiration and exploration of Church is leading them. Enjoy their stories and join the discussion to share what you’ve seen and learned with others. Share your own experiences by adding a comment or jumping into the community discussion!

Church field videos

A man filming with a camcorder

We visited a few branch churches and societies to see how they’ve been putting Mary Baker Eddy’s inspired ideas about Church into practice in fresh ways. Check them out.

Church-related healings

Someone walking by trees with the sun pouring through

Have you experienced healing as a result of being within the structure of Church? Has your church experience supported your ability to help others? Join in sharing the many ways Church blesses our lives. Tell us.

Your church experiences

A girl and a guy high-fiving each other

Have an experience with Church that really felt alive to you (maybe not even in a building!)? Has your active love brought new insights that might help lift another? This is the place to share about these experiences, large and small. Tell us.