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A blogger challenges church members to consider the vital need for a public practice of Christian Science and encourages aspiring practitioners in their God-inspired endeavor be more committed to healing work.

Gently encouraging healing

A practitioner's gentle nudge gave this blogger an early appreciation for the importance of practitioners in branch churches: to cherish the healing power of the Christ in the lives of members, as well as those in the community.

What is the role of a practitioner in a branch church? How does the public practice of Christian Science support church progress? A blogger considers these questions and more. This is the second blog in a series exploring the significance of practitioners in branch churches. 

Pursuing change with grace

When a branch church sells its building, members explore options and end up with an unexpected solution and many benefits on the journey to their current home.

A blogger explores how one of Jesus' parables offers helpful insights for branch churches looking to include a Journal-listed practitioner in their membership.  


What is really at the heart of the requirement for a branch church to follow the guidance of the Church Manual? This member, who has visited many branches and Societies throughout the world, gains new insight into this question.

A member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Jakarta shares how Christian Science turned his life around when he got mixed up with drinking alcohol and using drugs, and joined a gang.

Back to church

A member of First Church of Christ, Scientist Baguio City, Philippines shares how he has been healed of relying on alcohol since he has returned to church, and joined The Mother Church and his local branch church.

"Just doing church"

The members of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Nashville don't feel that they're doing anything unusual or special, so-to-speak. As one member says, they're "just doing church." Watch as two members share how they are cherishing the simplicity of the model of Church that Mary Baker Eddy envisioned.

When a small Society found their by-laws were hindering them rather than supporting progress, they took the radical step to write new by-laws. This step has given them the freedom to grow.

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