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Honest questions. Genuine experiences. Fresh insights. Stirring thought.

A blogger challenges church members to consider the vital need for a public practice of Christian Science and encourages aspiring practitioners in their God-inspired endeavor be more committed to healing work.

When a church forms a care committee comprised of all members, this member discovers how practical compassion coupled with prayer can be transformative and healing on both the giving and receiving end.

A branch church member joins a group  in Christian Science at the Burning Man festival. She finds herself literally and figuratively washing feet, as well as discovering a whole new concept of how church can look and feel.

A practitioner's gentle nudge gave this blogger an early appreciation for the importance of practitioners in branch churches: to cherish the healing power of the Christ in the lives of members, as well as those in the community.

What is the role of a practitioner in a branch church? How does the public practice of Christian Science support church progress? A blogger considers these questions and more. This is the second blog in a series exploring the significance of practitioners in branch churches. 

A blogger explores how one of Jesus' parables offers helpful insights for branch churches looking to include a Journal-listed practitioner in their membership.  

A church member shares how new perspectives and helpful resources have broadened his experience of church and expanded the activities of his branch church in unexpected ways.

Having discovered a “reading room” of the past while on vacation, a church member values his branch church’s current Reading Room, and imagines the possibilities of what Reading Rooms could become.

Setting aside familiar habits and organizational tools in church can be messy—but it also can be freeing.

When this blogger heard the spiritual interpretation for the Lord’s Prayer for the first time, the familiar words took on a new meaning.

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