Christian Science Organizations

Young adults graphic in front of The Mother Church

Christian Science Organizations (CSOs) are designed to provide a spiritual approach to addressing campus issues. Their members include students, faculty, and alums. Mary Baker Eddy created a special provision for CSOs in the Manual of The Mother Church, and TMC Youth provides support to their activities. There are numerous resources on the CSO section of TMC Youth's website, including:

  • CSO Resource Guide. This provides an overview of what CSOs around the world are doing. It also includes practical information like how to start a CSO and organize successful activities and events such as lectures.
  • Regional reps.  If you're in the USA and want more information on CSOs, feel free to contact the regional rep in your area.
  • CSO map. Are you considering which university to attend? Check out our map to find which campuses already have active CSOs.
  • time4thinkers live chat. Join other college students in this monthly online live chat series that explores both campus and global issues. 
  • Campus contact campaign. Get on our radar. If you are attending a university, fill out this survey so we can get in touch with you!
  • Have more questions? Contact us directly at  or 617-450-3700. also provides students with resources that help them navigate university life, addressing issues such as relationships, academics, career, and identity.