Workshops and meetings available in Boston or to branch churches and societies

Below are some workshops, meetings, and video conferences designed to enrich or support activities of individuals and of branches of The Mother Church.

Branch meetings with the Christian Science Board of Directors

  • At the invitation of branch churches and societies around the world, the Board of Directors is available to meet with members and friends who share a mutual love for Christian Science and The Mother Church. These meetings provide a forum for members and the Board to exchange questions, concerns, and ideas about the future and progress of the Movement.
  • Any churches interested in hosting such a meeting with the Board may contact the Clerk at

TMC Youth Spiritual Activist Summits

  • Summits offer an opportunity for young people to gather and discuss issues–both personal and global–from a spiritual perspective. Each Summit is organized and designed by the host community. They include lectures on topics chosen specifically by local young people and sessions designed to deepen understanding about Christian Science and highlight ways to get actively involved in the Christian Science movement, both globally and locally. more
  • For information, contact Ariana Herlinger at or call (USA) 617-450-2553.

Workshops on talking with others about health

  • The Talking With Others About Health Workshop is a great way to practice our communication skills with each other and better prepare ourselves to share our love for Christian Science with the public. All of the resources you’ll need to get started are provided on here.
  • And remember, you can be in touch with your local Committee on Publication and invite him or her host a workshop at your branch church! more

Concord training available (online and in-person)

  • Concord training is available in many forms! Click here to see where in-person workshops are being held across the United States this fall. 
  • You can also watch the Concord online webinar that was given the day before Annual Meeting this year. 
  • More live online webinars are in the works, so watch this page for more information.

Sunday School resources on and (for individuals)

  • Twice a week, Sunday School teachers and supporters gather on a conference call, with an Internet screen share. Each call is a combination of questions and ideas shared by callers, as well as examples of helpful resources on and  The calls are tailored for those who join in and cover website basics as needed. more information

Reading aloud workshops on

  • Reading aloud workshops are available online and provide timeless ideas on reading aloud, especially for Readers in churches. Topics include metaphysical approaches to reading, as well as the fundamentals of emphasis, phrasing, and more! Click here to access the audio links.