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Première Église de la Science Chrétienne à Paris, France
Primeira Igreja em Lisboa, Portugal
1st Church Nürnberg, Germany
Segunda Iglesia, Buenos Aires


You are welcome at any of the branch Churches of Christ, Scientist, as well as smaller organizations called Christian Science societies.

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Getting started

Interested in starting up a branch church, society, or informal group? more


Looking for permission to use the Cross and Crown emblem? Need tax and copyright guidelines? Celebrating milestones? Consolidating? more

Brochure: 'What is Christian Science'?

This brochure provides basic information about Christian Science. It can be printed and shared with others. more

Frequently asked questions

What is a branch or society? What is an informal group? What are the requirements for membership? more

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Let's talk about church!

A community of church members from around the world are talking about what they're doing—their challenges, questions, inspiration, ideas, suggestions, and successes. Share your perspective—someone will be very grateful!

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We've tried to provide all the inspiration, information, and support you need through this website and contacts with fellow members dedicated to branch church activities, but you're also welcome to contact staff at The Mother Church.

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Praying about your branch?


Hundreds of articles about branch work have been published in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel over the years, and are now available online at JSH-Online.

Branch church membership: What's the point?

Branch church membership now

I argued it out with myself

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Church Alive content

Church Alive

Connect with others thinking about branch church experiences. Below are some ongoing conversations.

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Events for branches

Meetings with the Christian Science Board of Directors

These meetings provide a forum for church members and the Board to exchange questions, concerns, and ideas about the future and progress of the Movement. more

TMC Youth Spiritual Activist Summits

Youth Summits provide an opportunity for young people to gather together and discuss issues—personal, global, and church-related—from a spiritual perspective. more

Talking with others about health

These workshops provide an opportunity to practice communication skills among friends and be better prepared to share Christian Science with others. more

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