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Première Église de la Science Chrétienne à Paris, France
Primeira Igreja em Lisboa, Portugal
1st Church Nürnberg, Germany
Segunda Iglesia, Buenos Aires

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Hundreds of articles about branch work have been published in The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel over the years, and are now available online at JSH-Online.

Branch church membership: What's the point?

Branch church membership now

I argued it out with myself

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Branch Activities—healing mission of church

The Branch and Reading Room Activities department supports the healing mission of Church—the foundation for branch growth and prosperity. go


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Christian Science practitioner roundtables

Christian Science practitioner roundtables are small, intimate gatherings in the round of members interested in the practice of Christian Science, with a facilitator provided by the Christian Science Practitioner Activities department of The Mother Church.

For more information email or call 617-450-2685.

Conversations about the healing mission of the branch

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TMC Youth Spiritual Activist Summits

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