Church overall

The Mother Church

Visit, participate in its various activities, or become a member of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA, USA. more

Branch churches, societies, and informal groups

Looking for details related to your branch church? Want to be listed in The Christian Science Journal? Celebrating milestones? Looking for legal guidelines, Cross & Crown information, brochures, etc.? more

Youth activities

Get involved!

TMC Youth seeks to engage a new generation of spiritual thinkers in activities specifically established for them, including active church membership and Sunday School (for more information, see the middle column of this page).

TMC Youth's website,


Students and faculty at colleges and universities worldwide are responding to the desire for spiritual answers on their campuses through the activities of Christian Science Organizations. more

Church services

Services, Readership, and music

Every Sunday church service and Wednesday testimony meeting is a healing service. How can we make the most of them? How can we pray about and optimize readings, Readers, music, musicians, ushers, the environment, etc., to meet the needs of individual congregations and visitors? more

Sunday Schools

How can we reach and engage young people under twenty, every week of the year? How can we provide the best Bible-based education possible? How can we make spirituality relevant in students' lives? more

Other church activities

Reading Rooms

How can we serve the community and respond effectively to any visitor's needs and questions? How can we pray about, staff, stock, and promote authorized Reading Room products and services? more


How can these public events help people around the world find comfort, healing, clarity, and an accurate understanding of Christian Science? What are some effective ways to organize, support, publicize, and invite people to these events? more

Committees on Publication

The press is constantly influencing thought about a wide range of topics. Is Christian Science being accurately presented? Or, is it missing from the conversation? Is it being understood? You can help! more


Church membership is a gateway to deeper support for all the church activities above, as well as individual spiritual growth. You can join a local branch church or society near you or become a member of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Also, note that you can update your membership information by email. more