Misunderstandings Crumbling

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In this concluding podcast for this year's series, Chet and Shirley discuss the "Self-understanding of Christian Science" document that was recently released and how it's been received within the Christian community.

  1. How do I get a copy of the Self-understanding of Christian Science so we can share it with our inter faith group that we have been meeting with for the past few years on the Palos verdes peninsula here in Southern California.

    It sounds fantastic and a great tool to share with all our Christian neighbors.

    thank you for your podcast
    blessings, michelle jaeger jones

  2. Very happy to hear about your interfaith group there in southern California. Thank you for sharing that! And of course, we're happy for you to have easy access to the Self-Understanding of Christian Science document too. On the right side of this web page is a menu of all the items available in the Circle of Faith section. The last item (alphabetically ordered) is the link to the document itself. It goes by the name of the document: 'Self-Understanding of Christian Science.' It will take you to a link where you can download the pdf form of it.

  3. Beyond a static document, the concept of a self understanding dialog across the field and essentially within our branches will be beneficial

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