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What about evil? (part 2 of 2)

When Christian Scientists deny the reality of evil, it can sound to their fellow Christians like they're denying their need for the Savior, Christ Jesus. In the second part of this discussion, Shirley and Chet discuss what Mary Baker Eddy actually taught about Christ's power to destroy evil and redeem humanity from sin.

What about evil? (part 1 of 2)

In the first of a two-part conversation, Chet and Shirley discuss how Jesus dealt with the problem of evil, and why Christians are united in their efforts to confront evil honestly and not gloss over human suffering.

How "the kingdom of heaven" heals (part 2 of 2)

In the second part of this discussion, Shirley talks about the root meaning of the "kingdom of heaven" and how it naturally leads to healing just as it did in early Christianity.

"The kingdom of heaven" - now or then? (part 1 of 2)

In the first of a two-part conversation, Shirley talks about the varying views Christians have of one of Jesus' favorite topics: "the kingdom of heaven." Understanding how others are thinking about this core teaching is a great help to sharing one's own views.

"He is risen!"

Jesus' resurrection has always united Christians. Shirley explains why the resurrection can be such a natural place to start a discussion about healing with our Christian neighbors.

What puzzles Christians most about our beliefs?

It’s not what Christian Scientists believe about Jesus but how we view God’s creation that can be the biggest hurdle in communicating with fellow Christians. In this episode, Shirley explains why Genesis 1 is not always the best place to begin the conversation, while talking about God’s kingdom is a real unifier.

Where does Mary Baker Eddy fit in?

Do Christian Scientists sometimes give the impression that they put more emphasis on Mary Baker Eddy than Christ Jesus? Shirley talks about her own awakening to this and how much she’s learned from fellow Christians’ profound reverence for Jesus as Savior.

Why we need a Savior

In this episode, Shirley and Chet discuss the Christian concepts of sin and salvation and why Jesus' role as Savior is so important to the Christian world.

Was Jesus human or divine?

Since early Christianity, there have been widely diverse views of Jesus. Was he human or divine? How does an absolute God embrace us in the here and now? In this episode, Shirley talks with Chet about how Christians have attempted to understand these issues over the centuries and how we build bridges with those who hold views that are different from ours.

Becoming good listeners

Having a hard time talking with others about your faith? In this episode, Shirley talks about a breakthrough she experienced as she learned the importance of listening to others and getting to know their language first.