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Misunderstandings Crumbling

In this concluding podcast for this year's series, Chet and Shirley discuss the "Self-understanding of Christian Science" document that was recently released and how it's been received within the Christian community.

Bible translations, part 2

Chet and Shirley conclude their review of Bible translating over time with a discussion of why there is a such a variety of Bibles read in churches today. And they relate how Mary Baker Eddy's emphasis on the "inspired Word" rings true for all time.

Bible translations, part 1

There are lots of Bible translations being read in Christian churches today. How and why has the Good News of Scripture found its voice through Bible translations over the centuries?

Distinguishing Christian Science and Scientology, part 2

Picking up from last week’s conversation on the distinction between Christian Science and Scientology, Chet asks Shirley for further clarification regarding the meaning of church and the understanding of sin in the two different faith traditions.

Distinguishing Christian Science and Scientology, part 1

Scientology and Christian Science are often confused or conflated in public thought. What approach can we bring to the subject that can better clarify the differences?

More on the resurrection

Why was the resurrection so crucial to St. Paul and other early Christians? Shirley expands on some of Paul's core teachings about resurrection and how profoundly Paul lays the foundation for Christian Science theology.

"He is risen!"

With Easter approaching, Chet and Shirley discuss how Christians have interpreted Jesus' resurrection over the centuries and why this is a natural time of year to experience a greater sense of fellowship with our Christian neighbors.

Fellowship: its divine roots, part 2

"The fruit of the Spirit" described by Paul in Galatians 5:22 - 6:5 find natural expression in love and fellowship among Christ's followers. Easier said than done, but well worth the effort!

Fellowship: its divine roots, part 1

Chet and Shirley explore the deeper dimensions of Christian love and fellowship, including the concepts of "Agape" and "Koinonia" - how divine Love draws us into love for one another.

Healing: highlighting Christian themes

Searching for bridge-building points in discussing Christian Science healing with fellow Christians, Chet and Shirley highlight some basic themes that resonate with others.