Ecumenical workshops

The Ecumenical Team, working under the auspices of the Committee on Publication, has been offering workshops entitled "Yes, we're Christian. No, we're not a cult!" These workshops are on pause at this time, while we focus on what the Board of Directors feels is the primary need at this time. 

The Board explains: 

The Annual meeting message of strengthening the spiritual foundation of Christ healing certainly includes healing relationships with our fellow Christians.  But during the next year we are calling on branches to give their attention to strengthening the practice of Christian Science healing for themselves and others who seek healing.

To support this effort, we are pausing ecumenical workshops while we invite branches to call for workshops on the healing practice.  We're aware that many members feel less conviction that they can heal and be healed by spiritual means alone.  We see the need our Leader saw "to strengthen your citadel by every means in your power" by demonstrating the healing that makes the Comforter real to humanity more than anything else can (Pul. 2:16).

Please check back with us after the Annual Meeting of 2015 for further information related to the workshops.