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This blog is about Christian Science in Christian dialogue and community.

The technical term is ‘ecumenical dialogue.’ The Mother Church as well as local communities are in various stages of formal dialogue with Christian councils and organizations around the world. This blog is an open, transparent discussion about these relationships.We encourage you to enter the conversation by contributing your own comments after the blog postings. The Ecumenical Team of bloggers include Shirley Paulson (Committee for Ecumenical Affairs), Janet Horton, Madelon Maupin, Brian Talcott, and Maryl Walters.

My dinner party neighbor was a humble and loving pastor of over 50 years in a mainstream Protestant communion and we proved how Christian connections can be made anywhere, including over a meal.  

185. Does Christianity matter for the world today?

The more I get into the discussion about the meaning of Christian Science in the Christian context, the more I encounter the larger question – why Christianity at all? Christian Science doesn’t exist without Christianity, so there’s something very foundational about our understanding of Christianity itself.

Prayer isn’t really trying to get God to do stuff.  It’s about turning to God, the one infinite Mind that is the intelligence governing the universe, including every one of us. Then, my prayer becomes one of acknowledging the supremacy of the divine Mind and listening for direction.

Reminder: CROP Hunger Walks in October

This is your reminder that CROP Hunger Walks take place throughout the United States in October. Click on the title of this message to take you to the Circle of Faith page with more information. This ecumenical activity is an opportunity to pray and take action with other Christians in your community.

How prayer is effective in the legislative arena

Reminder: Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2015

Reminder - this is the time to get organized for your involvement with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It takes place January 18-25, 2015.  Here are some helpful links. 

182. A deeper question for ecumenical relationships

Here’s a question I’ve been wrestling with: how do you really live in a committed relationship with Christians who are not of your own theological home? Commitment is a step beyond cooperation that requires enduring bonds, and those don't happen by human will or church policies. It's only Christ's Christianity that can forge such long-lasting bonds.

181. To worship rightly is to love each other

I find that opportunities to unite with others in worship and love strengthens me and shows me how humanity can experience healing. This happened recently at a September 11th interfaith commemoration.

180. You are Invited to a Real Ecumenical Conference!

Have you ever wondered what goes on at an ecumenical meeting with some of the top thinkers on ecumenism in North America?  You’re invited to discover for yourself by attending the North American Academy of Ecumenists (NAAE) annual meeting in Burbank, CA.

As we approach the anniversary of September 11th, etched in my memory is the recognition we three Army Chaplains had when we realized that every person we asked, if they wanted to pray, said,"yes!"  The comfort and calm this brought was moving.