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This blog is about Christian Science in Christian dialogue and community.

The technical term is ‘ecumenical dialogue.’ The Mother Church as well as local communities are in various stages of formal dialogue with Christian councils and organizations around the world. This blog is an open, transparent discussion about these relationships.We encourage you to enter the conversation by contributing your own comments after the blog postings. The Ecumenical Team of bloggers include Shirley Paulson (Committee for Ecumenical Affairs), David Corbitt, Madelon Maupin, Deanna Mummert, and Maryl Walters.

As leaders of countries around the world are deciding what to do about the ruthless attacks on innocent Parisian citizens, individuals are turning to their faith for answers. Many faith communities are focused on the power of love and have the moral courage to seek nonviolent solutions.

At the Parliament of the World’s Religions recently held in Salt Lake City, Utah there was ecumenical growth within an inter-faith setting and structure. Allow me to explain.

240. ECUMENICAL - Deep in the Christian conversation

Here’s an ecumenical question. How does Christian Science fit in the modern discussion known as ‘Practical Theology’? As a life-long Christian Scientist, I had always thought…

It was my great joy to attend the Parliament of World Religions, a 5-day conference in Salt Lake City, along with nearly 10,000 people from 73 countries around the world.

A Christian Scientist shares her faith journey both in writing and as a guest speaker for a Unitarian Universalist church service, discovering a rich exchange of mutual respect for one's faith journey.

237. INTERFAITH-- What Do I Believe?

Sharing stories of forgiveness, love, healing and grief bind us together whether we are in seminary or watching a documentary. The documentary series, Belief, offers viewers a rare opportunity to hear how individuals of diverse faiths, economic backgrounds and geographic communities live their beliefs.

Have you ever pondered how you could join efforts with others when it comes to legislative change? Through your prayer, with knees bent, have you been asked what could “we” do as Christian Scientists? How best do we blend our voices and give voice to those most in need?

I just attended a fascinating conference of the North American Academy of Ecumenists. Although, as a Christian Scientist, I was a minority voice among mainstream Christians, my participation was welcome. Read more about the things we discussed…

234. ECUMENICAL — Praying Together

We're all growing in how we pray.   A group of Christians recently discovered that gratitude, more than petition, was appropriate for their many blessings in a new Christian endeavor.

233. INTERFAITH — Gratitude in action

An interfaith committee, comprised of individuals from Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Baha’i faiths, worked together to design and develop an intergenerational, spiritual open space devoted to prayer, meditation and healing —Thanksgiving Place. The committee agreed that gratitude would contribute to healing some of the issues related to poverty and drugs.