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This blog is about Christian Science in Christian dialogue and community.

The technical term is ‘ecumenical dialogue.’ The Mother Church as well as local communities are in various stages of formal dialogue with Christian councils and organizations around the world. This blog is an open, transparent discussion about these relationships.We encourage you to enter the conversation by contributing your own comments after the blog postings. The Ecumenical Team of bloggers include Shirley Paulson (Committee for Ecumenical Affairs), David Corbitt, Madelon Maupin, Deanna Mummert, and Maryl Walters.

Inundated with fear-based headlines, medical statistics and inflated stories, we search and find solutions in our own and other’s religious truths. 

251. ECUMENICAL - Why learn their language?

For many months, I had attended meetings of my local clergy association, as a representative of my Christian Science church. But the conversation went nowhere, even when I offered something uplifting or complimentary. One night, everything changed.

250. ECUMENICAL— A bedrock experience

Have you ever felt like you were not getting your point across clearly? While engaged in a conversation with someone from another Christian denomination, have you ever had thoughts that you were either “watering down” your explanation or rambling on?

 How shall we pray during the international Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which starts next week, January 18? Is this something that needs our urgent attention?

What if we considered making New Year's resolutions about increasing friendships and thoughtful communication with other Christians, rather than just personal goals?

247. ECUMENICAL - The uniting power of sacred song

Sacred songs lift us out of our everyday concerns and draw us into our natural spiritual state, and in doing so, they unite us with God and others as one being, one idea of peace.

Christmas Day 2015! We all have a tremendous amount to be grateful for this season. We also have much to be alert to around the world.

A snapshot of the rich and varied ecumenical and interfaith activities available at the local level.

I would like to take each one of you by the hand and bring you with me to all three of the ecumenical meetings I attended these past few weeks. It’s hard to believe how far we have come since I began attending them in 2008.

243. ECUMENICAL - Finding Koinonia in The Holy Land

A group of modern Christian pilgrims find communion and fellowship in Jerusalem, the City of David.