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There are welcoming communities at Sunday church services and Wednesday testimony meetings. You can attend in person or online. Learn more

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Christian Science Reading Rooms are bookstores open to anyone exploring spiritual answers to life’s many questions and problems. Learn more

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These talks show how the teachings of Christian Science bring healing and regeneration to you, your friends and community.  Learn more

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Christian Science practitioners are available full time to help anyone, anywhere, through prayer. They answer questions, too. Feel free to call or email a practitioner. Learn more

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On college campuses

Christian Science Organizations (CSOs) are designed to provide a spiritual approach to addressing campus issues. Lear more

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Ecumenical and interfaith

Circle of Faith is an ecumenical and interfaith online community. People of all backgrounds, faiths, and perspectives are welcome to read and comment on our blogs and podcasts.

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Recent Blog posts

#222. Religion in the 21st century

It was a pleasure to attend and present a paper on Christian Science at the CESNUR conference in Tallinn, Estonia, a couple of weeks ago.  This group has inspired rigorous academic study in the face of the sensationalist headlines often associated with New Religious Movements (NRMs).

#221. The Healing of Hearts

Seeing through the false boundaries of skin color, economic status and religious preference — at our very core — we are all brothers and sisters, children of God. I believe it is that truth that heals hatred and prejudice...We all felt the presence of God fill each of our hearts with love and forgiveness.

#220. “Love [Know] Your Neighbor as Yourself” —Matthew 19:19, NEB

It is easy to think of evil as despicable acts, hateful speech, systematic racism, genocide, war, etc... Have you ever thought about the root cause of this "manifest evil" as possibly how I know and think of myself and thereby how I know my neighbor?  Consider with me for a moment...