Meet the tour guides

With 6 or more people, you can call or email in advance to Louise S. Mills, tour guiding supervisor: 617-450-3244,

Tour guide--Louise

Louise (supervisor)

I love to share the beauty of the stained-glass windows depicting Bible stories.  The pink and blue shades of color in the window where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead is a favorite for many people.

Tour guide—Barbara


When I share how the artist used a technique called drapery glass in preparing the stained-glass windows, I love to see how the people respond with smiles and awe.

Tour guide--Becca


I love to clarify any misconceptions people have about the church through the sharing of Mary Baker Eddy’s remarkable life story.

Tour guide--Marge


It’s a wonderful feeling to lovingly embrace world-wide visitors and church members who have traveled from far away.  

Tour guide--Sharon


I love sharing Mary Baker Eddy’s life story and am grateful when people appreciate her accomplishments.

Tour guide--Steve


We are fortunate to have one of the great organs in the world!  (8th largest)  Some visitors ask "why so big?" and it's a joy to share how music supports the healing in Christian Science. 

Tour guide--Zinnia


I love to see people’s reaction when they step inside the church from the grandeur of the structure.