Who are the teachers?




Mark comes to The Mother Church Sunday School with a wealth of experience as a Christian Scientist and working with youth.  He is a Christian Science practitioner and previously served on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.  He has taught at several Sunday Schools around the United Sates, and has been involved in youth activities for many years.  He's currently participating in Boston youth outreach programs, striving to get to know the community, as well as each student in the Sunday School.  He's extremely grateful for the tremendous team from around the globe and from many walks of life that make up the Sunday School teaching staff at The Mother Church.

Teens  Elementary school  Pre-school and infants

Assistant Superintendent



I love working in the Sunday School because each Sunday is new, exciting, and filled with joy! From the littlest ones to the college kids – they all bring so much insight, love, and knowledge, that we have so much to learn from them. It is also amazing to see these kids grow spiritually each Sunday. Every week, I help get the Sunday School set up and ready for classes. I am constantly in touch with the teachers and students to ensure that they have a smooth Sunday School session. Our Mother Church Sunday School is a big family of teachers, students, and volunteers who are committed and dedicated to teaching and learning more about Christian Science. Welcome! 

Teachers for teens

Susie - post high-school

Sunday School teacher

Hey there! No matter who you are, I'd love to have you in our class. No question or challenge you might bring up is too big or small. I'm sure that together, our class can find some helpful insights. We'll turn to God, pray, search through the Bible, share thoughts, and support everyone's progress. I'll bring to the class my love of people and spirituality, plus my experience in sports, music, academics, family, work, and the healing practice of Christian Science. The Bible will bring us tremendous role models and safeguards to our health and happiness. Science and Health will bring us deeper explanations of the Bible and how to apply it's wisdom to life. And, I look forward to everything that you'll bring to the class, just by being you—you have a lot to share.

Sancy - online


What I love about Sunday School is the proof of God’s
tender care for His children.  After praying in support of
Sunday School I was given the opportunity to become an
online Sunday School teacher. Each week I am ever so humbled by the thoughtfulness and spiritual clarity of these young students of the Christ Science.  The world is blessed, blessed, blessed by the out reach of The Mother Church. We have students in Europe, the Middle East and Asia all contributing prayerfully to world peace and well-being. (Sancy teaches from SE Australia)

And several other teachers...

Teachers for elementary school students

Mark - 3rd graders


I love teaching because, when well done, it is weekly demonstration of one of the most powerful principles Mrs. Eddy gave us: "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." At the Last Supper, Jesus broke bread and gave it to all his disciples. Mrs. Eddy explained this as Jesus feeding his disciples spiritually, embracing them in a boundless Love that would inspire the rest of their lives. We strive to do the same thing every Sunday morning. We remove ourselves from the world and feed on the Word together. We fill up to the brim on the Christ spirit so when we go out into the world, we are perhaps a little more prepared to break that spiritual bread with everyone we know, lifting ourselves – and them – higher. With that divine Love at the center of our lives – as our rock – we can do amazing things, and Sunday School is witness of that. 

Lark - independent class


I grew up in Virginia, Bangladesh, Florida, and Uruguay—probably only my brothers and I can claim that combination! I’m still interested in the whole world, and love getting my news from The Christian Science Monitor.
Why does teaching Sunday School mean so much to me? Probably the most basic reason is that I have loved learning about God, the Scriptures, and Christian Science my whole life, so it’s a joy to share what I have understood and experienced with other people and learn more from them. A friend and teacher once pointed out to me that when we kindle or tend a campfire to help others, the warmth and glow is reflected back to bless us, too.Teaching Sunday School is deeply satisfying.

And several other teachers...

Teachers for pre-school and infants


Camille (Sunday school teacher)

I love spending my Sunday mornings with the infants and toddlers in the Nursery class. In many ways, they teach me. The spiritual qualities we work on nurturing as adults come so naturally to them. In our Bible-based story time, we march to the Promised Land, build a wall like Nehemiah, multiply fishes and loaves, part the Red Sea, build a city on a hill, form a house on a rock, practice the Golden Rule, and so much more. Then in music time, we "make a joyful noise" using instruments and dance to well-loved hymns and Christian songs in upbeat settings. We cap off with arts and crafts (stickers! crayons!) and free play. It's an hour full of love. The Nursery class demonstrates that no one is too young to learn about God, and no adult is too old to be truly childlike. 

And several other teachers...