Thanksgiving Day service

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Thanksgiving services at The Mother Church

Thanksgiving day service details — music, hymns, readings, etc

In person

On Thursday, November 27 at 10:00 a.m. ET, The Mother Church will host a special Thanksgiving service in the Extension of The Mother Church. 


Judy and Norm, Susie and Holly

In addition, at 12:00 noon ET, there will be a live, online Thanksgiving service. This special online service will have the same music, singing, and readings that are in the in-person meeting, but this service includes testimonies of gratitude and healing submitted by the online congregation.

You can submit a testimony at any time. Just scroll to the testimonies and comments section at the bottom of this web page, and type your testimony in the box titled "submit a comment." Due to time constraints, not all testimonies can be read, but we will try to post as many as possible.

Thanksgiving service highlights

This special service is conducted by the First and Second Reader of The Mother Church. Below are a few highlights of the service. For more detail see our service details page.

Thanksgiving day service details — music, hymns, readings, etc 

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References, music, and replay

Music and hymns for the meeting, citations for the readings, approved testimony submissions, and an audio replay will be posted for three weeks (until 1:00 pm ET on Friday, December 19).

Church lobby

Say hello, meet new people, share short inspirational ideas, chat informally, and mingle for fifteen minutes after the meeting. To sign in, click on the word “Guest,”  type your name over the text that appears, and click “Sign in.” To send a message, type in the horizontal area and press "Return" or "Enter".

Comments and testimonies

You can submit a comment or testimony at any time. We don’t publish all comments, nor do we publish them immediately. Submissions may be lightly edited for length or clarity. Please put "[Name] from [location]" in your submission, so we can embrace our global audience. Please remember that we have listeners from many different backgrounds, with varying degrees of familiarity with Christian Science. For more information, please refer to our testimony guidelines. Comments are limited to 1500 characters. 

Comments do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The First Church of Christ, Scientist.  Please do not print or share copies of these testimonies.

  1. I am very grateful to god for allowing me to know christian science since I was very younger and know every difficult situation or sickness to confront I have god as a maximum aid. No longer fear in my life.

  2. Thank you for having so much available to study on line, and the audio in so much.

    No matter where you are , you can resource now!
    What progress this is!

    Thank you so much!

    Joy Dunn


  4. Thank you for this Beautiful Thanksgiving Bible Lesson! I am so Grateful for a deepening of my understanding of Christian Science over this past year. My committment to study and prayer has been strengthened. Thank You God! And thank you to the Mother Church, Mary Baker Eddy and to Jesus Christ for keeping the Light of Truth alive in our hearts! Much Love to All!

  5. Expressing gratitude this Thanksgiving for all the online tools posted by the Christian Science organizations. What a blessing they are to be able to share with friends around the world. The facebook group "Christian Science Bible Lesson" has been such a blessing to learn more about the weekly bible lesson from other students in discussing citations and growing higher together with questions and sharing links from other study. I have been able to send new people to Christian Science to this group and they can ask questions or just read what others are talking about before jumping in the conversation. We have seen posts of people having healings just from the discussion and inspiration to go further in their study of Christian Science. The facebook group is a safe, neutral place for people to go and "emerge gently" into Spirit. I have connected with students of Christian Science there and have taken the online connection to telephone calls and will be connecting in person soon. So grateful for all the tools Mary Baker Eddy set up for us to share the Christ idea and love of God on a weekly basis with our lesson sermon, the Journal, Sentinel and newspaper.

  6. My heart overflows with gratitude for these online church services. For the past several years, the structure of my human family has gone through much upheaval. As I've prayed to see divine Love's everpresence demonstrated in my experience, God has opened up precious ways for me to see the Biblical promise fulfilled, that the solitary will find family. For me, these online services have become just that. I'm able to tune in nearly every Sunday morning and Wednesday noon and "be with" a worldwide gathering. I can worship and rejoice and give praise along with fellow children of God around the world. This has helped heal my sadness over human family brokenness. I send a special thanks to all who make these online gatherings possible.

  7. I I am grateful for my continuing study of Christian Science to help me trust in God for ideas to help me accomplish what I need to do in the right place at the right time. The Mother Church and the Christian Science Publishing Society provide us with many "tools" to stay focused on what we should be thinking, i including lesson-sermons, lectures periodicals and online church services and features of the website.

  8. Thanksgiving 2014 Testimony

    That thine eyes may be open upon this house day and night, upon the place whereof thou hast said that thou wouldest put thy name there; to hearken unto the prayer which thy servant prayeth toward this place.
    2nd Chronicles 6:20.

    I and my wife are so grateful and have found that the gratitude attitude has made life so much better, that it might be said that gratitude in all things is one of the ways to “a life more abundant.” (1) A financial opportunity out of nowhere made it itself available that was a great help to us in order to better manage our debt. (2) For ten years we had tried to sell our home in New Mexico. We called a CS practitioner and in four weeks our home was sold. (3) Starting on a Wednesday, for three days our car smelled of raw fuel but there was no leak or indication of raw fuel to be found. We garaged the car for the weekend. Taking our car in to a car care business the following Monday, it was found that a gas line had chaffed causing a pin hole leak that caused misting of the fuel at the hottest part of the engine. The mechanic that replaced the line said that it was a miracle that our car didn’t explode. (4) Very recently, the engine light came on while my wife was driving from a nearby town. We garaged the car through the weekend and took it in early Wednesday morning. It turned out to need only a minor repair. I and my wife are so grateful for all of God’s goodness!

  9. My gratitude abounds for God, Divine Love, and for Christian Science, for Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, for Mary Baker Eddy, and Christ Jesus, and for all the profits and disciples throughout all time. I have had many healings through the application of the spiritual truths that we learn from the Bible and Science and Health and from the Christian Science Sunday school teachers, and the Christian Science Practitioners. I am so thankful for the worldwide Christian Science practitioners, nurses, lecturers, teachers, and for the dedication and love of the Board of Directors of our Mother Church. I am filled with gratitude for the members, regular attendees, and the visitors to the Christian Science Society that I attend. We are growing and the growth is so sweet and joyful, thoughtful and kind. I am so thankful for these on-line testimony meetings and for everyone who is making them happen and for our worldwide congregation. How exciting! I feel so loved, and cared for, and united with the good in the world. Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude in this way. Gratefully, Robin in Maryland, USA.

  10. I want to express my gratitude for having Christian Science back in my life after drifting away from it for many years. The Christ, Truth is absolutely the way to heal ALL problems in my continued spiritual reformation. This includes recent acceptance as a new member of the Mother Church! We are all truly blessed as we continuously reflect God. I am both humbled and grateful.

  11. I am so grateful for Christian Science. The fruit of this wonderful study has been physical and moral healings, harmony in relationships, and needs met to name a few. There is no better joy than the inspiration from spiritual growth. I am so grateful to Christ Jesus, Mrs. Eddy, to all for the online services, the periodicals, and to the Christian Science Practitioners and Teachers. Happy Thanksgiving

  12. Several months ago, I woke up with a condition where periodically I would feel a sudden excruciating pain in my neck. With the prayerful help of a practitioner the condition cleared up and by the end of the day. A few weeks later, one night, I needed to do a few things around the house before going to bed... As the thought came to get up I got a familiar warning, that the sharp pain was about to attack again (it really felt like an attack!) and I froze for a brief moment, not daring to budge. Then I felt a special quiet gentle peace come to me – the threat still seeming imminent- and a voice seemed to tell me to get up, not be afraid. Although it seemed unwise to move, I found myself getting up and moving confidently from room to room and from chore to chore, all the while very conscious of this gentle protective presence. In a way, it was like being at the jaws of a violent beast, who was poised to attack, but stunned in place. After about 15 minutes working under these two opposing conditions, I got into bed without fear or pain. I was only aware of this loving presence that had taken me safely through my chores. That loving presence stayed with me through the night and all the next day. Needless to say, that presence was much more than the healing, and I am so grateful for both, thanks to our most loving Father-Mother God, and Christian Science.
    Deep gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for bringing this Science to the world, to TMC, & all responsible for the online services.

  13. It seems this Thanksgiving Day comes with many trials and hardships. But I give pause to remembering that " God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." Mrs. Eddy writes in Unity of Good pg. 57, " Man's refuge is in spirituality, "under the shadow of the Almighty." and, " Sorrow is the harbinger of joy. Mortal throes of anguish forward the birth of immortal being; but divine Science wipes away all tears." I am grateful for these teachings of Christian Science that are a "covert from the tempest" and a place to go home to, especially when everything around and material is coming apart at the seams. I am grateful for divine Love's provision of both the lives of our Exemplar, Christ Jesus and our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, whose demonstrations over mortality give me (us) a pattern to follow. Without Christian Science, I would not know any of this. I would also like to give thanks for the Offices of Christian Science practitioner, teacher, and reader and those who loyally serve in those capacities.

  14. On this Thanksgiving Day I too want to express my gratitude for the spiritual growth I have gained this year from my study of the Bible and the works of Mary Baker Eddy, and being able to put what I have learned into practice. While searching for articles on Thanksgiving on JSH-online I found this poem by Kate Holland Patton that expresses my feelings too (Christian Science Sentinel July 8, 1939) .

    For what shall I give thanks?
    For Christian Science.
    Opening the Scripture treasure to my eyes;
    Illuming the Word of God, which daily shows me
    That right at hand the needed answer lies.

    For what shall I give thanks?
    For constant guidance,
    For reason linked with revelation's light;
    For grace to carry on an unselfed purpose
    That seeks to follow only what is right.

    For what shall I give thanks?
    For feet firm planted,
    Like those at Plymouth Rock on freedom's shore,
    And for our Leader, who revealed to us
    The Rock of Truth, on which we stand secure.

  15. I am grateful for the array of resources that the Mother Church provides us in our quest to know the work of Mary Baker Eddy. Thank you for the good already received and that which is coming. May it continue to bless us all.

  16. I'm so grateful to learn through Christian Science how close God is to me in whatever I have to do and that He loves me and wants me and my friends to experience good and discover that we all are His beloved children. A few days ago I felt afraid of a math test. Our teacher had told us how very important the result would be for our further life. This made me so afraid and I started crying the night before the test. I told my family that I 'm afraid not to pass that test and what that would mean for me. I loved the answers that came, that it is not me who has to do the test, but that it will be a wonderful time to watch God manifesting intelligence and love in me and all my friends. Yes, we all have a place in life and God leads us there and supplies us with all we need. We all are unique, and have a unique place, my place fits only to me and nobody else needs it. They all have their unique place. We don't need to be the best, we just need to be what God has made us to able to be, his perfect, intelligent child. I felt calm and grateful now, because I felt God, Love with me. The test went well and today we got it back and what I'm so grateful for is not just my good result, but a dear friend who never was good at math did the test really good. I love God, He is my Father and Mother, OUR Father, Mother and loves us all so much!

    Amidst civil unrest and global strife, I am thankful for many blessings.
    I am thankful to have reached the level of human existence when one is increasingly happy to be among the vertical.
    I am thankful that my mental curiosity, growth and appreciation increases daily. Value results have generated harvest potential.
    I am thankful this has greatly improved my developing ability to cast aside hatred of that which battles against peace and joy in favor of the thoughts of freedom that completely replace those of carnage and limitation and resentment.
    I am thankful for the spiritual creativity that is resident everywhere, available to all.
    I am thankful for human membership and its opportunities.
    I am thankful for family, friends and Christian Science.
    I wish you well.

  18. I am so grateful for the love I have known my whole life, and the strong foundation I received being raised in Christian Science.

  19. I was raised a Christian Scientist,but got away from the church when I was a teenager. By many material standards, most would say I was very successful. I married my highschool sweetheart, we raised a beautiful daughter, had a very successful career, lived in a large house of our dreams, and had close friends and family. Throughout the years I was often very nervous about my career and feared that someday everything would come crashing down. Eighteen months ago, my biggest fear came true. I was told there was going to be a management change and my position along with my superior's was going to be replaced. At the same time my partner, decided to take advantage of the situation and split up our clients taking most of them with him. I felt devastates and betrayed. I knew something to change on the inside for me. I reached out to my brother who was a Christian Scientist and he started giving me CS articles and CDs. As I reacquainted my self with CS, I started to surrender everything to God. I put everything in his hands and because of that I no longer suffer from the fear I alwys lived with. At the same time, my manager salary continued to be paid while I was able to rebuild my business-something the company had never done before. I even received a profitability bonus! I now know who my provider really is and listen for his direction. What was missing was spiritual understanding. I am so grateful to CS, my brother, and all the online resources available by the CS church.

  20. Not only has God brought me through what appeared to be an abusive childhood and many struggles as an adult, but what astonishes me most this Thanksgiving day is the way God is continuing to draw me closer to divine Love even now in my seventh decade! I am so grateful to acknowledge that we are given eternity for this process of recognizing our oneness with our source and with our fellow creatures! This day-by-day manna is every bit as miraculous as the events revealed in Exodus.

  21. Ever since my parents learned of Christian Science, ,about 1939, I know that our family has been greatly blessed. The seemingly many trials or tribulations were overcome, giving place to much needed harmony. Later, as an adult, going through a divorce with my precious daughter, I realize how many times we had been protected, guided and loved, although I may not have realized it fully, at the time. There are no words to express my deep gratitude for our Loving Father-Mother God, for the Bible, having been written, and for our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy who unlocked the inspired messages within it. What a priceless gift to the World.!

  22. I am thankful that every day is a day to give thanks! I am thankful that I was brought up in C.S. and have applied these beautiful truths my entire life!! Thank You for MBE, practitioners and for the wonderful reading rooms, services and for the Christian Science text book, and hymns!! Thank You! Thank You !Thank You!!

  23. I am truly grateful for all the blessings I have received over the years and this year. For healing of accident, illness, financial loss. More than that, I am grateful for Christian Science and for Christ Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy who brought these healing truths to us.

  24. I love this time of year to review the blessings my family has enjoyed throughout the past year. These stand out: a local church whose members are working to embrace each other and the world in healing love; a growing understanding of the oneness of God's creation - one infinite God means one spiritual creation; more willingness to pray for issues the world is facing, and finding answers for those issues in the weekly Bible Lessons. My thanks to TMC for all the ways it is reaching out to the world.
    Blessings indeed!

  25. I'm grateful that Mary Baker Eddy studied the Bible so thoroughly rgat she was able to write "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures". I have noticed that some doctors refer people to the Bible for healing. I know her book and the Bible have helped me and my family many times.

  26. I'm grateful that God is always speaking to each of us and meeting the needs of those asking for help in our communion with the one, all-powerful God, Love
    I am grateful for articles in The Christian Science Monitor, the magazines and our Daily Bible Lessons that help me to feel God's power in my daily walk with Love. For Mary Baker Eddy’s dedication in studying the Bible and listening for and writing down God’s revelation of these spiritual laws applying to our lives referred to as ‘Christian Science’ written in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
    My blessings are abundant as God is my source of being.

  27. I have so much to be grateful for as I reflect on all the good that has been manifested in my life as a result of all we’re taught in Christian Science, especially the healings experienced as I discover more and more about my real identity as the beloved child of God, as taught in Christian Science. This Thanksgiving Day, I’d like to share a powerful healing from this year that involved a growth on my face. Each time I saw this in the mirror, I wondered how or why this had come about. It seemed to really change my appearance and there was also the suggestion that it could be cancerous.
    Then one day as I again found myself staring into the mirror I suddenly realized that I didn’t need to look into this glass hanging on the wall, but into the “mirror” called divine Science. I really needed to clearly see, or understand myself to be the image and likeness of God -- as revealed in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. I found Mrs. Eddy’s statement: “Call the mirror divine Science, and call man the reflection… As the reflection of yourself appears in the mirror, so you, being spiritual, are the reflection of God.” (see S&H p.515:25-4).I focused on this divine fact until convinced that nothing about me had changed into a material physical being, and that my original, God-given spiritual identity was intact. I took a stand to see myself only as pure reflection.How thankful I was to find that the growth dissolved and disappeared within two weeks!

  28. Since I am bedridden I wish to express thanks for joining in on this service through the miracle of the invention of the I-PAD and the World Wide Web.

  29. I would just like to express my gratitude for Christian Science and for my dear family who is spread out today across the country. I am so grateful to have both in my lives.

  30. I am thankful for knowing Christian Science and having it available at all times

  31. I wanted to let you know about my healing experience recently with a Christian Science practitioner. I was having incredible shoulder pain last weekend and could not pick anything up nor bend down without incredible, hot searing pain. I was convinced I had torn something. My son, James, asked his CS Practitioner, Brenda, to give me general support and prayers. On Sunday night, as I slept, I dreamed that there were a host of angels, including some departed loved ones, gather around me with their hands on me. When I woke up on Monday morning, the pain was totally gone and has not come back. I am so very thankful to God and the dear Practitioner and my son who prayed for me. I wanted to pass this onto the CS community and just say Praise God for all blessings.


  32. My Thanksgiving testimony each year is always the same. I suffered for fifteen years from a chronic depression for which there was no cure. I felt like I was drowning in despair and wanted to die. I had everything- a husband and the beautiful children I had always wanted. My mother suggested that I look into Christian Science and I was instantaneously healed. It has been 35 years and this healing has been permanent. My gratitude is unbounded for this wonderful Science and to God who as the Bible teaches us "healeth all of our diseases."

  33. I give thanks to God, to Christ Jesus and to Mary Baker Eddy and to all those who so diligently work and pray for the continued success of the Christian Science Church in restoring the spiritual sense of being established in the Bible.

  34. Thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving day service with the world. We in Canada had our special thanksgiving day last month in October and I am so grateful to be able to celebrate it again, this global Thanksgiving Day with all of you. There is so much for which to be grateful. God is SO good.

  35. My heart is so full of gratitude for these online services. On this very snowy day I am grateful to be able to still hear and share the Truth that sets all mankind free. Every day, while reading the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, I am amazed at Mrs. Eddy's courage and obedience in bringing the promised Comforter to us. What but the power of God could give her the courage to say and demonstrate: 'there is no matter' and that God is "..over all and all." Pretty shocking statements.

    In reading the Bible recently, I was struck by this statement in Acts 17:6 which, to me, sums up Mrs. Eddy's work and the work of all those devoted to this healing Science: "These that have turned the world upside down."

    Thank you to all who make it possible for the world to hear these healing messages.

    With love and gratitude.

  36. I am grateful for the Life that is Truth and Truth that is Life. We are so blessed as children of God and living in this beautiful Creation. Thank you for the readings and inspiration.

  37. II am thankful for being in a new location .I am grateful for my friends, family and my church family. There have been so many silent supporters to help me reach this new level. I give a heavenly thanks!

  38. Nothing appears to be working at the moment. No service online???

  39. Mom and I live in a small town in Tennessee where a Christian Science church is a 3 hour round trip drive for services and reading rooms. Thanks to the glorious ONLINE Christian Science Community provided by The Mother Church, we enjoy the same Christian Science lives we have lived "collectively" well over 100 years. In deepest gratitude, we give thanks !!!

  40. I am grateful for our eternal, ever present, infinite Love our Father Mother God holds each of us completely in.
    I am grateful we each may turn fearlessly to our loving God in seeking solutions for all human needs as God's care and complete LOVE encompasses each of us, our family, our neighbors, our friends and all creation.

  41. How wonderful that Mary Baker Eddy chose to celebrate only one holiday in a special church service: Thanksgiving--a holiday that expresses pure Divine Love. . .and that reminds us the healing power of gratitude.
    I am especially grateful that Christian Science teaches us that God is Love. A few days ago, a friend of mine who is not a Christian Scientist, asked me what I thought of the line in the Lord's Prayer that says, "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." She said, "I don't really think that God leads us into temptation, do you? But that's what it says." I asked her to say the Lord's Prayer line by line, and told her that I would share Mrs Eddy's spiritual interpretation. When we got to Mrs Eddy's statement, "Love is reflected in love," she asked me to say that one more time. She loved it! And then she said, "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil," I responded, "And God leadeth us NOT into temptation, but delivereth us from sin, disease, and death." A huge smile broke out on her face. "Well, that's what I've always thought," she said.
    Christian Science teaches us that God not only does not lead us into temptation, but that God actually does not know anything but Good, and because there is one only One Mind, neither do we!! We can only know what God knows--the omnipresence of Spirit and the omnipotence of Divine Love. Now that is something for which we can all be grateful--and not just on Thanksgiving, but every single day!

  42. I'm feeling very conscious of the deep gratitude we are all feeling for this lovingly inclusive Christian Science Thanksgiving Service. Recently, I have become more aware of the effect of our united prayers to bring light to the darkest places.
    In Christian Science, we pray by recognizing the actual presence of God,Good as the only reality. I think the time has come for me to share what this kind of prayer has done for me. It brought me out of an inadequate and limited income to a place where I have now been able to help others in difficulties. I had learned in Christian Science that goodness is spiritual, not material, that we are indeed God's beloved children and I stayed with this through some very difficult times, and looking back, I can say, I never felt poor. We are all indeed always fully blessed, and one of these many blessings is this Online meeting. Thanks so much for this holy service.

  43. Thank you Mother Church for the upbeat Solo today! With great gratitude for these services and the grace that flows out to the world through the Internet.

  44. I am grateful for the good I have received and continue to receive each day I live. Grateful for all we have in our Ministry of healing. Thanks for our Practitioners, Teachers and all the giving of each one. It is a blessing. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  45. Thank you God , thank you Mary baker Eddy I'm thankful we have a way out of any thing that's not Good , that Angels that God gives us
    Help ,direct ,show us the way , Truth Life Love ,. The Christ ,there is only one God who's Love ,Good . And is the way to our eternal infinite Farher Mother Love who is God and comforts feeds clothes and heals us in our reckoniition of our right ,dominion and place in a God as , Gods child sitting on the throne next to him , I'm grateful for my Christian Science practioner and all people who pray for the Truth in Love .that what blesses one blesses all .

  46. I'm so grateful for the sheer joy that the study and practice of Christian Science has brought me. Each day I'm learning more about God's great love and how to apply that in every aspect of life. That has resulted in so much healing and spiritual growth and I feel truly blessed. I'm also especially grateful for all that Mary Baker Eddy did to give this Science to the world. Thank you God.

  47. I am thankful for my wife, for some to hold near and to share time with, and that is enough. And to have food and the table and peace in our land.

  48. I want to say how thankful I am that the Christian Science Informal Group in Whistler, B.C. is growing and meets regularly every Sunday at 4:30 p.m., after guests have finished their skiing for the day and details and contact info for the service are soon to be advertised in the local newspaper. This morning we had an American Thanksgiving Service in the Creekside Starbucks at 6:30 a.m. and read the Thanksgiving Proclamation by Lincoln in 1863. We have Americans frequent Whistler on weekends from all over the U.S. Thank you for this LIVE service from Boston. Laurel Burrowes, Whistler CS INFORMAL GROUP

  49. Aloha from Hawaii! We are so glad to be Christian Science nurses in Hawaii!
    Mahalo for these services!!

  50. Thank you,thank you,thank you I cannot express enough gratitude for the online service.I am so greatfull for this thanksgiving service.christian science have saved my Life.thank you dear God.
    Trudy Moffatt Sweden

  51. One cannot be thankful enough for daily and lifelong blessings received and should always be.
    After having endured the closure of a job, the passing of my dear mother and the passing of my music teacher this past year and having lived in the same house all my life for several decades I now face my first mayor move ever and can´t be grateful enough for the harmony in which things are developing. After all I have been praying for it for " in the house of the Lord we dwell forever " (Psalm 23)
    Harmony has been present among my siblings in the sale process of our house , friends are helping to reduce the household and in getting rid of all the stuff that won´t be needed anymore and help to find a new home is on the way too. Even some greatful buyers have been found for things put for sale online that really neede the appliances we advertised there.

    I am greatful for the practical application of Christian Science and God´s bountifiul help since "his mercy endureth forever." (Psalm 118)

    Thanks for making the Thanksgiving service available to your worldwide audience.

  52. i am greatful for coming back to Christian Science and gaininng more understandng each and every day.

  53. Thanks so much for this beautiful service

  54. Thank You for this Thanksgiving Day Service

  55. Geneva, Switzerland joined you and felt very blessed. Thanks to all.

  56. What a wonderful Christian Science Thanksgiving service, I am fed well from my table and now my soul is singing with the spiritual food from God. Thank you everyone!

  57. Just in case you did not receive my first comment - Thank you for the online Thanksgiving service. This is Laurel in Whistler, British Columbia and I loved listening to the Thanksgiving service following our Christian Science informal group that met this morning at 6:30 AM in the Starbucks in Creekside because a local employee could only meet before work. I am so grateful to be part of this online community and to be able to witness the growth of our Christian science informal group in Whistler

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