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Music and hymns are played live in Boston during the in-person noon and 7:30pm EST (17 and 24:30 UTC) Wednesday testimony meetings.  A recording of the noon meeting music is replayed during the 2pm (19 UTC) online testimony meeting.

Hymn numbers and words which are available to The Mother Church according to copyright law will be posted on Wednesday morning.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Adagio by Johann Sebastian Bach
   (from Sonata No. 1 in E-flat Major), BWV 525/2
Prelude by Théodore Dubois


Hymn 332

Based on the Danish of
Nikolaj F. S. Grundtvig

The Lord is in His holy place,
Let all the earth be still,
Be still and know that He is God,
And wait to do His will.
We need a sacred watchfulness,
An earnest deep desire for grace,
Our lives with true content to fill.

So hear and heed His faithful Word,
And trust His promise long,
For they who seek Him Life shall find,
And shall in Him be strong;
We need a perfect faith in Him,
With understanding never dim,
To fill our daily lives with song.

Hymn 119

Paul Gerhardt

Holy Spirit, source of gladness,
Come with all Thy radiance bright;
Lift all burdens and all sadness;
O’er Thy children shed Thy light.

Let the Love that knows no measure,
Now in quickening showers descend;
Bring to us the richest treasure
Man can wish or God can send.

Send us Thine illumination;
Banish all our fears at length;
Rest upon this congregation,
Spirit of unfailing strength.

Hymn 215

Michael Bruce

O happy is the man who hears
Instruction’s warning voice;
And who celestial wisdom makes
His early, only choice.

For she has treasures greater far
Than east or west unfold;
And her rewards more precious are
Than all their stores of gold.

According as her labors rise,
So her rewards increase;
Her ways are ways of pleasantness,
And all her paths are peace.


From Heaven on High I Come, BWV 606 by Johann Sebastian Bach
March by Flor Peeters

“Due to third party copyright ownership, not all hymn words from the Christian Science Hymnal and the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement Hymns 430-462 are posted. Copyright to many hymns is owned by The Christian Science Board of Directors. Hymn words may not be used or reprinted without permission. For more information email

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