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Music and hymns are played live in Boston during the in-person noon and 7:30pm EST (17 and 24:30 UTC) Wednesday testimony meetings.  A recording of the noon meeting music is replayed during the 2pm (19 UTC) online testimony meeting.

Hymn numbers and words which are available to The Mother Church according to copyright law will be posted on Wednesday morning.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Vivace (from Trio Sonata No. 6 in G Major) BWV 530/1 by Johann Sebastian Bach
Communion in D Major by Alexandre Guilmant
Organist: Bryan Ashley


Hymn 58

Elizabeth C. Adams

Father, we Thy loving children
Lift our hearts in joy today,
Knowing well that Thou wilt keep us
Ever in Thy blessed way.
Thou art Love and Thou art wisdom,
Thou art Life and Thou art All;
In Thy Spirit living, moving,
We shall neither faint nor fall.

Come we daily then, dear Father,
Open hearts and willing hands,
Eager ears, expectant, joyful,
Ready for Thy right commands.
We would hear no other voices,
We would heed no other call;
Thou alone art good and gracious,
Thou our Mind and Thou our All.

In Thy house securely dwelling,
Where Thy children live to bless,
Seeing only Thy creation,
We can share Thy happiness,
Share Thy joy and spend it freely.
Loyal hearts can feel no fear;
We Thy children know Thee, Father,
Love and Life forever near.

Hymn 388

James Montgomery

When like a stranger on our sphere
The lowly Jesus sojourned here,
Where’er he went affliction fled,
The sick were healed, the hungry fed.

With bounding steps the halt and lame
To hail their great deliverer came;
For him the grave could hold no dread,
He spoke the word and raised the dead.

Through paths of loving-kindness led,
Where Jesus triumphed we would tread;
To all with willing hands dispense
The gifts of our benevolence.

Hymn 311

Robert Ellis Key

So brightly burns Love’s holy glow,
So constant shines its light,
That none can claim he doth not know
The pathway through the night,
For see, ’tis lit by Love divine
To trace for us His wise design.

The lambs who wander by the way,
He taketh in His arm;
For in the darkness they did stray
Unconscious of their harm:
So cometh He to all who roam,
To lead them safely, surely home.

To God then praises let us sing
With glad and willing mind
For all the gifts His hand doth bring
To us and all mankind:
Forever doth His gift of love
Pour warmth and radiance from above.

Musical interludes between testimonies

From the CD, "Shepherd Hymns" by Bobby Stanton


Double Toccata in F Major by Johann Pachelbel

“Due to third party copyright ownership, not all hymn words from the Christian Science Hymnal and the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement Hymns 430-462 are posted. Copyright to many hymns is owned by The Christian Science Board of Directors. Hymn words may not be used or reprinted without permission.

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