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Music and hymns are played live in Boston during the in-person noon and 7:30pm EST (17 and 24:30 UTC) Wednesday testimony meetings.  A recording of the noon meeting music is replayed during the 2pm (19 UTC) online testimony meeting.

Hymn numbers and words which are available to The Mother Church according to copyright law will be posted on Wednesday morning.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Guest Organist: Natsumi Malloy

Intermezzo from 'Cavalleria Rusticana' by Pietro Mascagni
Soul, Adorn Thyself with Gladness by Johannes Brahms
Pie Jesu by Andrew Lloyd


Hymn 73

Based on the Dutch of
Abraham Rutgers

Glory, honor, praise and pure oblations
Unto God the Lord belong;
Come into His presence with thanksgiving,
Come before Him with a song.
In His hand is all the power of nations,
Sing to Him, ye joyous congregations,
Psalms of gratitude and praise
Unto God the Father raise.

God is Mind and holy thought is sending;
Man, His image, hears His voice.
Every heart may understand His message,
In His kindness may rejoice.
Lo, He speaks, all condemnation ending,
Every true desire with Love’s will blending;
Losing self, in Him we find
Joy, health, hope, for all mankind.

Hymn 20

Kate L. Colby

Be true and list the voice within,
Be true unto thy high ideal,
Thy perfect self, that knows no sin,
That self that is the only real.

God is the only perfect One:
My perfect self is one with Him;
So man is seen as God’s own son,
When Truth dispels the shadows dim.

True to our God whose name is Love,
We shall fulfill our Father’s plan;
For true means true to God above,
To self, and to our fellow-man.

Hymn 74

Edmund Beale Sargant

Go forth and stand upon the mount,
For Truth is at thy side;
The very rocks may seem to break,
And earth to open wide;
Yet error’s tempest and its fire
Before that still small voice retire.

Go, take the little open book
From out the angel’s hand;
The word of Truth is there for all
To read and understand.
What though the seven thunders roll?
That still small voice shall make thee whole.


How Brightly Shines the Morning Star by Dietrich Buxtehude
Hymn arrangement

“Due to third party copyright ownership, not all hymn words from the Christian Science Hymnal and the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement Hymns 430-462 are posted. Copyright to many hymns is owned by The Christian Science Board of Directors. Hymn words may not be used or reprinted without permission. For more information email

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