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Join our global online congregation live every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. You'll hear hymns and readings specially compiled for the day, as well as testimonies submitted by listeners. Readings are from the Christian Science pastor—the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. There's an organ prelude and postlude, plus an online church lobby, open for 15 minutes after the meeting.

The meeting is conducted by the First Reader, who selects the readings and hymns. Some testimonies of healing and other comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners are read live by testimony readers. Bios are available.

Testimonies, music, and replays

Please feel free to submit testimonies (at the bottom of this page) before, during, or after the meeting, and all throughout the week. Read our testimony guidelines

Music and hymns for the meeting are posted Wednesday morning,

The audio replay and the written testimonies are available within thirty minutes after the meeting ends. They will remain posted until Friday at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time.

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Say hello, meet new people, share short inspirational ideas, chat informally, and mingle for fifteen minutes after the meeting.

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Testimonies and comments

You can submit a comment or testimony at any time before, during, or after the meeting, and all throughout the week. We don’t publish all comments, nor do we publish them immediately. Submissions may be lightly edited for clarity. Please put "Name from [location]" in your submission, so we can embrace our global audience, and remember that we have listeners from many different backgrounds, with varying degrees of familiarity with Christian Science. For more information, please refer to our guidelines.

Comments do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The First Church of Christ, Scientist.  Please do not print or share copies of these testimonies.

  1. While making a rushed dinner for my sister I put some Brie in the microwave to melt. I left it in a little to long, and it was bubbling as I pulled it out. Not expecting the dish to be so hot, I accidentally dropped the cheese all over my arm as I was pulling it out. As I looked for something to wipe it off with, I immediately worked to calm my thought. I recognized that to move forward I would have to turn my whole thought to God, and not look to the material picture for any indication of what was happening. Though I was in a rush, I stopped everything and turned to God, searching for some spiritual inspiration. Slowly but surely my thought filled completely with messages of love, with the knowledge that I could not be punished for good work. I slowly started cooking and getting ready again, but any time my thought started to stray to feeling frantic, or to the pain in my arm, I would stop and pull it back to the truth. Later that night I looked down and realized that there was no indication of a burn in any way, my arm was completely clear. I am so grateful for the practical help that is Christian Science!

  2. After a past break up about 9 months ago, I struggled off and on with feelings of sadness and lack from not having a boyfriend. Each time these feeling came I called a Christian Science Practitioner for support. Most recently, I felt sad and disappointed again. I sat quietly communing with God. I studied the inspiration the CSP had shared with me a couple months ago. She had shared that 'it is only my false concept of good I needed to change.'

    The idea came to write down everything I missed about having a boyfriend and to see how good was present now meeting each need. Then I went through each thing I missed (companionship, someone who cares about and listens to me, partner in adventures) and I saw how God was already fulfilling all of these needs in my life, and I made lists proving this. I affirmed that this good was present now and was not something I needed to wait to unfold. Yes, God is unfolding good, but it is also always present.

    I don't have to wait to meet someone and then all these desires will be met; God supplies the good now to meet my needs. I established this as Truth governed by law that could not be reversed. A wonderful liberating feeling of peace came, and I was able to let go of the feeling of dissatisfaction and lack. I was filled with gratitude and love for all the evidence present in my life of good, established by God.

  3. This past Sunday I was overcome with illness on a long car ride home from a vacation week. It came out of the blue and prayed silently for healing. After a rest stop I asked one of the other passengers to contact a Christian Scientist in the healing practice for treatment, which was given. Within the hour I felt normal again--no discomfort, nausea or fever. The turnaround was dramatic. I am grateful.

  4. I so enjoyed and appreciated the readings today Judy and Susie's testimony was so moving of our Father/Mother God's loving care for all our needs. The testimonies are supportive of the prayerful work Christian Scientist do each day for all mankind. This morning as I arose I was not feeling the usual energy and enthusiasm I normally am grateful for as I awake. I of course recognized error trying to make itself a reality of some sort. As I prepared for the day, my study group reading of our Bible Lesson along with my regular quiet time acknowledging God's goodness and perfection, one thing after another tried to present itself. A little ache here, a slight headache, stressing over some outside yard work needing done,etc. I decided I would not have it: I went straight to God asking him to give me an understanding heart, that I loved Him so much and wanted to please him. An angel thought came informing me I could no other. As his reflection I could only express his perfection health and harmony so I relaxed and sat and enjoyed that fact. That I was already doing what he wanted me to do. Within minutes my yardman happened to stop by without me calling him and we discussed the needs of the yard and scheduled a time for him to do them.I then went back to praise God and listen: I found it then time to join in to today's service. Need I say after the beautiful readings and testimonies I was completely healed. As I write this I am eager to get a move on, the aches and pains wanting to slow me down are gone, but we know they never were. I am so grateful to God for Christian Science, for Mrs. Eddy's persistence to learn about her healing and share it with the world and our wonderful Bible Lesson's which enable us each day to gain a clearer understanding of God and his creation. Thank you to those at The Mother Church for praying and meeting the needs of the world.

  5. I would like to express my gratitude of a physical healing I had of a drooping eye and eyelid. I was told this physical ailment was genetic and could not be overcome but something I would face for many years. Co-workers seemed quite concerned and I was told many things that seemed to only instill fear and concern with this condition. After praying some on my own I called a Christian Science practitioner for help. We worked to see the true idea of what constituted man. This included a line that came straight from God, Spiritual strength and an identity that reflected the one Cause and Creator. There were several other ideas we worked on for about three months. However, the false belief was so lifted from consciousness that I do not recall which which eye had the problem or what the medical term was given by co-workers. I am so thankful for Mary Baker Eddy and her devoted work to Christian Science and the healings that take place today.

  6. One evening recently I very suddenly began experiencing symptoms of a cold or flu coming on. This came as quite a surprise, but as I turned to God to listen for ideas as to what was needing to be handled by prayer, it occurred to me that there were constant warnings on the news about the dangers of the haze that was in our area due to the fires in the more western and northwestern states. Although I had tried to deny these suggestions that we could be in danger, apparently some of the fear had crept in. Instantly the words from the first verse of Hymn 144 in the Christian Science Hymnal came to mind: "In atmosphere of Love divine/ We live, and move, and breathe." Then a favorite sentence from Miscellaneous Writing by Mary Baker Eddy came to thought: "Pure Mind gives out an atmosphere that heals and saves." It was so refreshing to know that I lived in this pure atmosphere, where God reigns, and nothing could creep in to pollute this healing, saving atmosphere of divine Love. The immediate results of this prayer were felt, with the symptoms felt just minutes before no longer declaring their presence and power. I was of course grateful for this immediate healing, which left no vestige of feelings of harm in this "atmosphere of Love divine." More importantly, it awakened me to pray more diligently about areas that appear to be threatened by all sorts of dangers presented by environmental
    hazards--whether of fires, floods, extremes in weather, etc. Although I had been praying about the fires before the symptoms tried to attach themselves to me, I realized that there was still kind of a feeling of this being quite distant and not posing any danger to me and others in my own "personal space." The experience helped me to get out of this very self-centered view and widen my perception of this atmosphere completely permeated only with the qualities of Love's presence and power--no matter where we are geographically. And that this "Pure Mind" is currently giving "out an atmosphere that heals and saves" in the places that seem to be most threatened--for those living in those areas, their homes, and of course the firefighters and pilots that are being directly called upon to put out the fires. Our prayers DO make a difference in supporting their efforts. Thank you, God, for these eye-opening experiences that alert us to broaden our efforts to bless others through our prayers, and to get away from thinking that "it's not my problem." In thinking of our global congregation that comes together each week to share testimonies of healing and gratitude, I am humbled to think of the "prayer power" we have, together. Thank you all for bringing us together and sharing your inspiration with us.

  7. Thank you for this powerful and beautiful Wednesday service. It was so eloquent in Truth. I cannot express how perfect it was for me to hear this today.


    Last week, I had a healing that I would call life changing and of such a freeing magnitude that I want to share it with the world. It is a healing of a False Belief—frustration. I was talking to a person in a call center to correct a banking error. My tension was building and I was feeling a great deal of frustration. I asked the person to wait a moment as I lowered my tension and felt a total change in my demeanor from one of tension to one of wrapping the solution with the divine Principle of Love and a visual demeanor of what I call “laughing eyes. I also would attribute this to the “still small voice” of divine consciousness, Love.

    Subsequently, I have successfully solved a number of difficulties with Love, not a sense of frustration.
    I am so grateful for the realization that anger, frustration, angst, or such have no part of me or anyone. They do not exist and are not of God. As we all know, Love is all there is!

    What joy and freedom! What I feel now is “laughing eyes” of freedom, and the absolute expression of Life, Truth and Love.

  9. I attended The Mother Church service last Sunday in person and was especially moved by the solo,"God so loved the world," sung by Gregory Rahming expressing the power of Love, which embraced the whole congregation. It drew me into a deep meditation on these familiar verses (John 3: 16, 17), which now mean more to me than they ever did before. The Messiah, or Christ, is here and is uniquely at work saving the world through those who follow him, purifying themselves even as he is pure. It was a wonderful lead in to the lesson on Christ Jesus. With much gratitude to The Mother Church for our Bible Lessons and the online services, which generously share the inspiration of the Readers and musicians in Boston with listeners around the world...

  10. Judy ,thank you for youralways beautiful ,helpful , and inspiring readings.

    Last weeks Bible Lesson on "Christ Jesus" included these verses in the responsive reading, Isaiah 7:11 and 14 " ask thee a sign of the Lord thy God; ask it either in the depth, or in the height above. Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign;" as I read that I smiled for just the week before I had asked for a sign and a very sweet remarkable event happened. We were at the Jersey shore on vacation and I love to get up before dawn and be out on the beach when the sun rises and pray and read our Bible lesson.

    This one morning I was praying about many things and I asked God for a sign that He heard my prayers. Just then a big wave came rolling in and with it right at my feet were a half a dozen long stem beautiful red roses with babies breath. I reached down and picked them up I could hardly believe it. No one else was around . When I took them back to our room and showed my little granddaughter she exclaimed "YaYa they don't even have any thorns " It seemed like such a hug from God and a assurance that He did indeed hear my prayers. I remembered how when Mrs. Eddy was going through a difficult time she had thrown down a rubber band and it went in the shape of a heart and it symbolized for her God's great heart of ministering Love. That story can be found in the "We knew Mary Baker Eddy "expanded edition volume one page 332.

    I was so grateful for this sweet assurance that God does ,indeed,hear our prayers and the Bible verses that assure has that it is ok to ask for a sign.

    Thank you for letting me share this precious moment with you and know God hears your prayers too .

  11. After listening too the sunday service:
    Welcome back Norm! I am so happy to hear your voice again!
    Thank you Gregory for the beautiful solo. I would be glad to hear you more often!
    Margaretha in Sweden

  12. A dear friend is going through a difficult divorce, and she has broken her foot. I am so glad to have the first sentences in the Preface and in the chapter on Prayer in Science and Health to share with her. I sent her the book, and last night she promised to read them.

    I also shared with her one of my two healings -- solely through prayer -- of multiple broken bones, saying that God loves us all equally.

    Truly what more could one need than to firmly trust the Truth stated in: "To those leaning on the sustaining Infinite, to-day is big with blessings." For any and every troubling situation, it brings wonderful comfort and promise.

    And then to trust that: "The prayer that reforms the sinner and heals the sick is an absolute faith that all things are possible to God, -- a spiritual understanding of Him, an unselfed Love."

    I am so grateful to have the simplicity and clarity of these wonderful words to share with her. The Truth on which they are based has healed me so many times. What gratitude I have for the Love of God, for Christ Jesus, for the Bible, and Mary Baker Eddy for her Bible study, which resulted in Science and Health.

    I had not realized just how many healings my family and I have had over the years until beginning to share them. My gratitude is very great.

  13. Cramp healed

    Some time ago over a period of several months I experienced painful cramps in my feet at night. My husband – anxious to help, but not a Christian Scientist – would wrap a cold, wet flannel round the foot, and this brought some relief, but not healing. One night I was alone and in some agony with this problem, and hobbled to the bathroom to bathe my foot. It seems ridiculous now, but at the same time I was declaring that I was a perfect idea of God! Suddenly I thought to myself: ‘What are you doing?’ And I saw the absurdity of trying to use material and spiritual means at the same time.

    Removing the cold compress, I turned wholeheartedly to listening to Truth. The thought came that to be cramped means to be in a space that limits movement – to be restricted, confined. And in a flash I realised, “but Truth is INFINITE!” And said out loud, addressing the error – “you are nothing but a lie against the infinity of good. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation, and so cramp is also a lie against God’s allness! I don’t have to be fooled by this lie – I refuse to be taken-in by it for one more moment!” Before I had finished this prayer, the pain stopped. I was free.

    From time to time the suggestion of cramp returns, but always I am ready with the truths I learned that night, and don’t put up with it. I have realised that divine Mind is the source of movement – not of restriction, and that there is no involuntary action – the body cannot dictate terms. In the days of slavery, restriction of movement was often enforced by shackles. Mrs Eddy writes: (Science and Health 256:1) “Progress takes off human shackles. The finite must yield to the infinite.” And that is what happened in my thinking.

    Lies and subtle trickery are the tools of the carnal mind, beginning with the serpent, which lied to Eve. It promises freedom and power (as in the temptations of Jesus), but it brings only limitations.

    Christian Science enables man to find liberty – freedom from the slavery of false beliefs. It deepens our understanding that God, supreme and infinite good, is already – and always – present, “with thee withersoever thou goest” (see Josh 1:9). This is FACT, as proved by many of our loved Bible heroes – David, Daniel, and the boys in the fiery furnace, for example. A lie is an attempt to reverse what is already true. But each child of God has the freedom that Christ Jesus promised, which comes of knowing Truth – freedom to know him/herself as the spiritual idea that God created.

    What a great blessing it is to have some understanding of Christian Science. I am so grateful for the opportunity to listen to and share thoughts at these global services.

  14. I have experienced joy, peace and physical healings from my study of the christian science textbook, science and health with key to the scriptures by mary baker eddy. Last year I was in the kitchen helping with the christmas dinner. As I opened the oven door to retrieve a dish, my hand came too close to the oven coils, and I burned my hand. My immediate response was to look away from my hand and declare silently that nothing had happened. The truths that I have learned in my study of christian science and the bible supported this declaration and dismissal of any inharmony -- as the image and likeness of god, I could reject a personal sense of pain; as a spiritual being, my substance was not material-- which means that I did not have to accept the lie of a burned hand. I continued to hold these ideas in thought, and after a few minutes, the pain subsided. After a few more minutes, all discomfort ceased. I looked at my hand and all traces of the burn had disappeared. Although surrounded by others in the kitchen, no one knew of my discomfort. This healing was my christmas gift. Unwrapping it I felt the joy of being in the presence of the christ, joy that had seemed to escape me for some time which is the main reason this healing was especially significant to me. Furthemore, the healing strengthened my understanding of my relationship with god. As mrs. Eddy writes in the textbook :” the relations of god and man, divine principle and idea are indestructible in science; and science knows no lapse from nor return to harmony, but holds the divine order of spiritual law, in which god and all that he creates are perfect and eternal, to have remained unchanged in its eternal history.” reading this statement in science and health for the first time many years ago was one of the great aha moments in my study of christian science. Proving this statement at christmastime was the source of much joy.

  15. I'd like to express my deep gratitude for these on-line services - both Wednesday testimony meetings and the Sunday services. Thanks so much to everyone responsible for bringing them to us.

  16. This week’s Bible Lesson includes Paul’s shipwreck experience. My research showed that under Roman law Paul could not stand trial until all the records for the case against him could be presented. These records were lost in the shipwreck so they had to be retrieved. This took two years. During this time his colleague Luke went back to Jerusalem and wrote his legal defense brief which is now the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. It was also during this time that Paul wrote all his letters that makeup his contribution to the New Testament. For seventeen years I had a successful publishing career. In one day that career suddenly ended in what seemed like to my family a “shipwreck” experience. With God’s guidance within two years my wife and I founded what proved to eventually be two successful retail businesses. The required move also resulted in a number of opportunities for our daughter to obtain graduate degrees that have led her to a very successful career in college teaching at a major university. None of this would not have been possible had not been for the “shipwreck” experience. For us it has always been a testament to what Mary Baker Eddy meant when she wrote in Unity of Good (Page 3) God “guides every event of our careers.” Thank you again for these Wednesday on-line services.

  17. Thank so much for the "enlightenment" from Christ Jesus' life and from the wonderful readings today. This most inspired service today was the light I needed to dispel the darkness. And it did! Thank you Judy, thank you testifiers and readers- and a warm welcome back Norm!

  18. The first hymn, #189, is especially dear to me as I look towards the mountains from my deck, and I claim that God "Fufilleth all my need; His love doth e'er uphold me In faithful word and deed." And, Judy, thanks for including in your readings, "TO those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." This is from the Preface in Science and Health and the first thought I claim each morning before getting out of bed. The entire readings were deeply inspiring - thanks so much!

  19. I’ve just realized that “healings” are only seen by our mortal point of view and that in God’s sight we have never needed a healing since He has made us perfect and free in the first place. If we look out from the spiritual point of view, man in His image and likeness has always been His infinite, ever-present idea, His contemplation of His own perfect being. We are the expressing forth of what He is knowing, right now.

    How would we ever know these beautiful truths without Christ Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy and all the persons who walk in the light of the Truth showing us the way?

    I’m eternally grateful for Christian Science.

  20. : ) Also, <3

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