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Join our global online congregation live every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. You'll hear hymns and readings specially compiled for the day, as well as testimonies submitted by listeners. Readings are from the Christian Science pastor—the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. There's an organ prelude and postlude, plus an online church lobby, open for 15 minutes after the meeting.

The meeting is conducted by the First Reader, who selects the readings and hymns. Some testimonies of healing and other comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners are read live by testimony readers. Bios are available.

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  1. What a heavenly blessing to have services from the "Mother" Church in Boston every week! MUCH Gratitude goes to each of the individuals who make these inspiring, up lifting programs possible. Mere words seem so inadequate

  2. When I entered service in World War II I was very new in Christian Science relying heavily on what little I knew. Six weeks training, joined a Division and off to the front lines in France. Making attacks I saw them fall to t he right and left of me. While attacking to take the French town of Senoes we had to cross much open ground while being heavily shelled. We went running one at a time. I started and mid way I could hear a shell it happened very fast I: left the ground, something told me to pull myself into a ball. I knew metal was hitting my helmet. I jumped up running to the group next to a high wall for safe ty. The boys said I went l2 ft in the air we thought you were a goner. I said I am O.K. They said no you are not you are bleeding get the medic. The left side of my face had been cut open all the way with metal that was lodged in my face. The medic said you need stitches but that can't be done here. Hold perfectly still while I tape you back together, don't you dare touch your face. We were living in ice and snow continually making attacks. The tape in that weather did not hold and fell off leaving a hug scar. The boys told me not to worry about it back in the States it could be fixed. I did my work the best I knew how in Christian Science. One day the huge scar fell off of my face leaving smooth baby skin with absolutely no scar. To this day you can not tell how my face was cut. I had many occasions for help in Christian Science while fighting and being cut off for a long period of time during the bulge. They finally moved in at just dark with two rows of tanks to get us out. Out of about 275 there were just six of us left from the original group the rest were replacements. I really put Christian Science to work during this difficult experience

  3. My husband and I had tried a new pizza for dinner last night and a few minutes after finishing he began to complain of heartburn, and just a few moments later I too had symptoms of indigestion, I dismissed it and turned thought to know that there is not pain nor pleasure in matter, that I am spiritual not material and the symptoms disappeared, but before bed as I lay down the symptoms returned and stood firm in thought saying NO I won't go along with this, God is this isn't then began to mentally sing hymn 350 knowing that all must be well, nearly immediately I fell fast asleep and slept soundly without any more suggestion of it at all during the night or the morning. Sincerely, Chelle

  4. need to add to the testimony I sent you that I received a purple heart

  5. In Christian Science testimonies I’ve often heard how people praying about problems forget about them and then realize a while afterwards that they’ve been healed. While I believe them, I’ve often been skeptical about whether that would ever happen for me.

    But, recently I’ve had two small experiences where this has happened to me. Several months ago I was in my room and tripped on a cord. I fell down pretty hard. My knee and leg hurt quite a bit. I really didn’t think or pray much about it. But I continued my daily prayers for the day and with my work and activities, where I usually try to pray and keep my thought uplifted. I remember it being a Wednesday and so I went to the testimony meeting at the local Christian Science church.

    I’m not sure when I realized it— but I did realize that I hadn’t thought about my leg or my knee all day, also that there was no pain whatsoever left from the fall, and no evidence of injury. It’s a 25 minute walk to church and then 25 back, and so I’d managed it without any problem.

    Just recently I was drinking some hot chocolate and I managed to spill the cup on myself—on my arm and on my shoulder. It scalded me, and there were red marks on my arm-- my arm and shoulder also hurt a bit from the burn. I was thinking “I wish I could be like all those Christian Scientists who heal themselves instantaneously of burns” but that never happened to me before, so I didn’t expect it to this time. But, since the burn didn’t seem so bad, I figured it would just be red or swollen for a few days, but would be ok.

    I didn’t pray about this, but went on to some tasks for the day. I was quite happy and excited planning for a conference in the US and writing to friends about visiting. Then I did some chores, had some prayer-time, and went off to my volunteering. I realized later that I’d forgotten about the burns altogether, and then when I checked there were no lingering effects—no pain or soreness, and no redness or evidence of burns.

    I have to admit that I thought that maybe the injuries weren’t really so bad in the first place so went away on their own. But last week Iain’s comment about how sometimes when we’re healed quickly, or sometimes before a problem even manifests itself, we may be tempted to think it was all just our imagination, or would have gone away on its own anyway , makes me rethink that maybe there is indeed more to it.

    Though I didn’t pray about either incident, healing and prevention of injury probably just were the natural result of a more spiritual state of mind coming from daily prayer and study in general, as one of its positive “side-effects.”

    I think also more importantly it shows the universality and impartiality of Christian Science healing. Healing is always impersonal and based on principle, so anyone who yields and comes into harmony with the principle through prayer and turning to God can and will be healed, even if/when they don’t expect it.

  6. Thank you so much for the Wednesday services and for the new extended hours to listen to the replay until Friday.
    I have an inspiration to share that confirmed itself in a healing. I turned on the recording of science and health to listen to it while I was doing some quiet household tasks and the first sentence that I heard was "moral and spiritual might belong to Spirit." I stopped the recording and thought: that's it! I don't acquire moral and spiritual might, I don't control them, I don't ingest mentally a piece of them. Which explains another statement in science and health: "God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows" next: if I don't own good; I don't own evil either. Science and Health also says: "the less mind and matter the better." Then fear and procrastination can't belong to me. OK-- I'm going to go check and email account that I'm supposed to track for a committee that I haven't checked. I've been feeling guilty that I had not dutifully checked it every day. I got out the laptop checked the email and no new emails had come in all was fine. Then I double checked inside the computer bag for some receipts that I thought I had lost while making xerox copies of them. Previously they did not seem to be in the bag. Guess what there they were! Recently a friend had shared the thought that mentally kicking oneself for our shortcomings was not the best approach to Christian science healing. I had excepted the thought but really didn't understand how to apply it. S&H explains: "errors by reversal, serve as waymarks to the divine Mind"

    thank you again for these Wednesday services and everyone who contributes to getting them on the air to us.

  7. It seems that some healings are very protracted compared to others.
    The new beginning started with extremely bad influenza and other trappings with it. I knew that Love of God was not the cause of this. My mortal mind was responsible. I was working with Psalm 67 The first two verse of God's mercy and His saving health among nations are always paramount and my true being is always undisturbed. Well I am grateful for this healing which seemed pretty its results.
    I am truly grateful.

    Soon after I developed an abscess in my mouth . My one side of the face swelled up and and I did go tot he dentist but I could not be helped by her and she promptly sent me to a physician...Needless to say, I was pumped with antibiotics and kit did not good to me... At the back of my thinking I found it difficult to find any comfort . Another dentist was recommended . However, I was wondering if I would be able to feel well as I developed something called "viral" infection and this was extremely uncomfortable - because I used to be inflicted with
    intense sharp pain...My Preactitioner gave me the verse from Ephesians Chapter 6: Put on the whole armour of God and specially the verse wherein verse l6 it says ... "taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench the fiery darts of the wicked." in fact I worked with the whole piece and it brought peace. I began to love my neighbours and also the situations which brought plenty of heartaches! However, Love, Love Love, had to be established in thought.

    Mrs Eddy advises that we must hold perfect models in thought and look at them often so that we can develop a grand and noble lives.
    Practitioner also advised me to :"Let the "male and female" of God
    creating appear. Let us feel the divine energy of Spirit, bringing us into newness of life and recognizing no mortal nor material power as able to destroy. Let us rejoice that we are subject to the divine "power
    that be." Such is the true Science of being. I am working with the foregoing advise diligently.

    Every morning when I wake up " II declare I shall have no other mind before the divine Mind, and become fully conscious of this,and adhere to it throughout the entire day; then evil cannot touch me."

    "All my hours are His.".

    by Mary Baker Eddy - from We Knew Mary Baker Eddy,told to Calvin Hill p.173in one volume book p.43 in 3rdof 4th series.

    I am also working on self-renunciation.. This is what my Dad used to tell me while coming from school - renunciation of all that constitutes
    material man. self renounce self completely and this brings its reward of heaven into every avenue of our lives. I try my best to renounce material idea of myself and and man completely. "Here O Israel, for the Lord our God is ONE God."

    My heartfelt gratitude to God and His Christ or His infinite mercy and goodness and love and all the Members of this wonderful Church.

  8. It has long been my inspiration knowing that Christian Science is both a healing Science , and a protecting power, therapeutic and prophylactic. At the time of my first pregnancy, I read from "Science and Health" by Mary Baker Eddy, (page 151), "The divine Mind that made man maintains His image and likeness. "

    This passage was exactly my answer during my first pregnancy, as I made the decision to have a home-birth. At the time it was legally required to have a medical physician in attendance. The quote from "Science and Health" just mentioned supported me first in choosing a physician. I was able to explain to this physician that I am a life-long Christian Scientist. The result of prayer and study was that I never had one minute of what is called "morning sickness," --that has been a trouble to a new mother-to-be. This held true for all three of my children.

    I had an agreement with the physician that if -he saw anything wrong with me, I would follow his medical directions. For all three children he gave us a shining "A+" for pregnancy and all three home-births. His comment: "More people should do this."

    I would say that this is taking place more all the time.

    I am not speaking about a social and psychological process away from hospitalization, but the confidence and joy brought through the study of Christian Science during the pregnancy, human arrival and our family life experience with children.

    Christian Science has been for us, and can be for you, a loving experience knowing God's protection.

  9. With the momentous vote on Scottish Independence occurring tomorrow, the UK is a buzz of election fever and heated debate. In many ways it has got too heated, where YES and NO (for or against independence) campaign signs up have been destroyed by the other side, and accusations have been thrown out, left, right and center. Although not easy, and certainly with my own particular view, I have endeavored to not get caught up in the human circus of emotions that has been the last few weeks. What has given me the greatest sense of peace about the situation is looking at opponents of my side with great love, and separating any disagreement I have, from what I know to be true about them. Just loving and forgiving them, is such a freeing and brilliant thing. Obviously this can apply to more than this political campaign or any other, to see everyone has the loving and pure creation they are, but it most certainly has meant I can feel a greater sense of peace about the outcome of this vote tomorrow!

  10. I would like to express my gratitude for a healing I had last week

    First a little background. When I walk around in my house with socks on, and I decide to turn, I have a habit of spinning on one leg into the direction I want to go, rather than just turning by taking steps, like most people would instinctively do. I suppose because of the wood floors and the fun of spinning I get a kick out of "turning on a dime" if you will.

    And last week when I was headed up the stairs in my house, and when I was three steps up, I noticed I left my water bottle and wanted to return to get it. And I just spun to turn around. It's something I've done a million times in the 7 years I've lived there, but this time I lost my balance and tumbled down the stairs semi-sideways on my back-side.

    Needless to say it wasn't comfortable. My wife was just a few feet away and she ran over to me. I turned to prayer immediately to declare that I was safe in God's care. My wife was able to help me get up quickly and with no pain. But I felt some soreness and knew I needed to pray and keep acknowledging my safety. I addressed some things in my thought about "falling out of God's care" or ever being in danger.

    The next day I felt improved but I noticed, that there was some swelling in the area where I landed and called a practitioner. The practitioner shared some nice ideas, and she addressed the concept of being "thrown down." I gave this some good thought that no there is no power apart from God that could ever throw me or harm me intentionally or secretly. Even that concept of being "thrown" (ie juked, confused, etc), I was really just trusting the fact that because God is divine Mind, I can never be shaken, confuses, mistaken, or even physically thrown from my safety-zone in God's care.

    Within a short period I could tell the swelling had completely gone down. And I didn't give it any further thought. And you won't be surprised to hear that I went running the next day.

    However, two days later, I noticed that a bruise was still there. Mind you there wasn't any pain or any discomfort, but it I realized I still needed to address any fear or belief that I could be hurt, damaged, or harmed in some way. One thought that came to me was addressing any hidden sense of being harmed or maligned in some way. Just any concept that there could be hidden evil, or some power that can go undetected was important for me to address. I just turned wholeheartedly to God to acknowledge my unchanged harmony, goodness, and safety. I called the practitioner again. And again she shared some very uplifting ideas from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

    Wonderfully, most of the bruise was gone the next day! I'm so grateful that in each step of this healing there were fast results which to me proved God's care was always there, that I never fell from safety, and that I'm always protected and loved.

  11. The topic, today, You Can Heal with Confidence, made me remember an incident with my husband some years ago. He announced one night, 'I think I'm coming down with something.' Without hesitation I replied, 'Then I'll come up with something.' He knew I meant the Truth--as in Jesus' statement, Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. We both laughed at the spontaneity of the moment, and that was the last of the 'something.'

  12. A recent trip three weeks ago to the North Atlantic in Canada was a lesson in accepting the good that came with this trip and rejecting what was uncomfortable. It was a step by step process in thinking more spiritually, more Godlike.
    It was more than just pushing through, of thinking positively about annoying conditions such as some bad hotel experiences, or physical weariness. It was replacing discord with harmony, enjoying the beautiful people and scenery, mentally and audibly praising good more, being grateful for abundant provisions, and experiencing health.
    For instance, one night after a long day of traveling we finally got to our hotel. Things were good until a soccer team checked into our floor and about 10:30 PM they started kicking a ball around the halls. I had just drifted off to sleep called the front desk for intervention. The young woman who was the desk clerk was really nice, traveling up to our floor, the first, second and third time I, and apparently others, asked for help until about 1:30 AM., when I finally got it! Irritation and impatience were only prolonging the inconsideration. It was up to me to realize not only was I the cherished idea of God, but so were these young men, the clerk, and everyone else on the floor. We all could do right, think right as the reflection of Soul, because Mind, God, was our mind.
    As I prayed, I had such a sense of peace that God was taking care of all of us, including that happy group of young men and I fell into a deep sleep, awaking refreshed the next day.
    This trip was not only a journey by automobile, planes and buses, it was a mental trip which allowed me to rise higher spiritually. I am so grateful for Christian Science. It is so practical and meets our needs wherever we are.

  13. "Confidence in healing" sometimes seems quite a challenge.
    In those more difficult times, I've found that three things in particular have helped to put life back into our study and practice.
    Firstly, there's our own past "successes" - times when we've felt goodness exactly when and where we've most needed it, whether physically, financially, economically or whatever.
    Secondly, of course, there are the testimonies of others, whether in the periodicals or in Wednesday meetings. So - a special thanks to everyone who organizes, attends and speaks at these meetings. Whether providing specific and valuable insights or simply giving us a beautifully warm feeling, these testimonies play a vital part in maintaining (or even restoring) our confidence.
    Thirdly, when taking longer to overcome a difficulty (and attacked by aggressive arguments that Jesus healed instantly, and so why can't we?), there is the knowledge that Jesus spent untold nights and days alone in prayer, sometimes up a mountain. When we see and hear a concert pianist, or watch a top circus acrobat or sports star, we hear and see only the ease and grace of the final result. It's only really if we try to emulate them that we realize the huge amount of time they must have spent in study, practice, training, stretching, rehearsing and so on.
    So - while most of us are still in the early training and mind-stretching stage,we can be confident that IT CAN BE DONE, as has already been demonstrated in our own past blessings, in the shared blessings of others and by the fact that even Jesus had to spent time in preparation…
    Thanks again to everyone who makes theses services possible.

  14. I will also like to give thanks for the unspeakable GIFT from our God

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