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The meeting is conducted by the First Reader, who selects the readings and hymns. Some testimonies of healing and other comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners are read live by testimony readers. Bios are available.

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  1. As I am sitting here listening to the wonderful testimonies of healing and protection which is covered in this weeks Bible lesson and also in readings today Judy, I was reminded of an incident of protection demonstrated while our daughter was in college in Fort Lauderdale, FL some years ago when there was appeared to be going through some turbulent times. Many people asked how we could send our daughter to a school in such a location going through such carious. I thought at the time, having prayed about this belief of unrest, that she would be and always is in the arms of Love. One night I was awakened in the night with the sense that prayer was needed for her protection. I arose, went to the Bible and Proverbs where in Prov 3 we learn we can rest assured as we acknowledge God as All. This I did and within an hour felt peaceful knowing God was caring for all His creation and all was well, I returned to bed and peaceful sleep.
    II later shared this experience with my daughter at which time she shared that at that very time she was sitting on the floor of her apartment doing a project needing to be turned in the next day, and the room being stuffy she opened her front door for some air. It wasn't long before a large, strange man stepped into her living room, she immediately knew there might be trouble as there was no place for her to go. And just as quickly, a neighbor man stepped in behind the strange man and told him to leave which he did. This experience demonstrated to me how important it is for us to pray when these temptations enter thought and how our powerful and trusting acknowledgment of God and his protecting love for all his creation protects all. I am so grateful for these weekly online lessons and the dedicated service you each provide the world. Thank you so much and Mary Christmas to each of you and Love to the world.

  2. Thank you, Judy, and All, for such a Beautiful Meeting on the topic of JOY!! I was so inspired by the references iin the Readings to the idea of how the toiling and even pain of giving birth is always overcome by the Joy of bringing new life into being! Good is Always the matter WHAT we go through or grow through! As it says in this week's Bible Lesson: "Trials are proofs of God's care." Joy to the World!!

  3. Last Wednesday, Dec. 10, my husband and I were preparing to attend the online meeting at The Mother Church when our phone rang. We learned that our nephew in another state had just committed suicide in a particularly horrible and public manner. For a time neither of us could grasp this or react, or even talk and, as church time arrived, my husband managed to say "I guess we can listen to the meeting later." I mustered enough inspiration to tell him "No, let's listen now."

    When I learned the topic was "Joy" I thought at first that it was almost cruel irony, but then I began to listen, really listen, and let the words wrap me in comfort. A few examples? "God shall wipe all tears away." "Earth has little light or joy for mortals until life is spiritually learned," and, "Joy is spiritual." My thoughts began to lift and I could pray again--and face thoughts of the coming family Christmas.

    The first testimony, from Theresa in Wilmington, Delaware, was given for listeners around the world, but also landed like an angel here in my home. Theresa was going to skip Christmas this year since her mom had passed on Christmas Day, 2013, but inspiration came to her (she tells how) and she was healed of the grief and gloom. She helped me to see--as did the readings you selected, Judy--that we are celebrating the coming of Jesus to earth when we celebrate Christmas. That is enough. I subsequently shared this idea via email with our niece and her children, (that part of the family is active in a Protestant church) and she said she had printed it out for all to read and re-read.

    Joy? YES! So an enormous thank you to Judy and Theresa, who, without knowing it humanly, lifted up two stunned, grieving people in Arkansas, and helped a whole family in three states begin to heal.

    (I did listen to the entire meeting two more times before it left the internet, and shared the link with one niece who is a Christian Scientist. She found it as helpful as I did. She commented especially on the blessing of Theresa's testimony, so I hope Theresa is listening today.)

  4. There were 9 pans in the oven drawer and I could see that all nine handles were aimed in my direction and under the drawer ledge, so what was keeping the drawer from opening? I jiggled the drawer, I shook the drawer, I glared at the drawer but the drawer remained jammed. I even squeezed a rubber spatula inside to push the pans around but still nothing, just a lot of noise. Finally I just sat on the floor and this time prayed for real. The thought that came was that a spiritual idea cannot be blinded. I grabbed a pot out of a different cupboard and continued making dinner. As I sat back on the floor I took stock of my thinking. There was lots of poor me thoughts and lots of feeling helpless and stuck until someone stronger or smarter came along to help me open the drawer. The thought was saying, this feeling will go away when the drawer is opened. Then I knew what needed correcting, it wasn't the drawer, it was these helpless thoughts. I was reminded that a spiritual idea does not have a single element of error, including feelings of being stuck or helpless. My thoughts and feelings were of peace, joy, happiness and confidence because my thoughts and feelings come from God. With that the sad feelings left. Suddenly in my thought came a picture of what I needed to do with the spatula. Even though I couldn't see through the metal sides I was able to reach in and push one of the pans down and then slide only that handle to the right. (Previously none of the pans would slide.) The front frame of the oven drawer pulled inward and the drawer popped open. I loved the reminder that circumstances cannot cause us to be sad or happy, but that God is the only cause and only causes good.

  5. I'm so very grateful for a healing I had last month. I was visiting a friend and the room I was staying in had 2 steps down. As I was retiring for the night I quickly decended into the room and landed awkwardly; I heard a sound in my knee and felt extreme pain. I collapsed into a nearby chair--I was not thinking clearly! I knew I needed to quiet my fearful thought so I could pray. I realized my cell phone was in my pocket and I remembered there was an email I had just received from a practitioner I was currently working with. The email stated that every day I had the opportunity to express the normal conditions of health, harmony and freedom. After praying with these ideas I decided to get ready for bed and continue my prayers from there. I was standing next to the bed ready to get into it (and still in a great deal of pain)when I realized I'd have to walk across the room to turn out the overhead light. I did not want to walk anymore!
    So I just stood there and continued to pray. I listened to God with my whole heart. The message that came was clear and concise --"the work has already been done!" And I realized that the practitioner had prayed for me that day and for several days before that. All I had to do was acknowledge my perfection! Immediately I heard another snap in my knee and the pain left. I was free!!! With great gratitude I walked around the room closing the blinds.
    The next day I had positively no pain---with great joy and gratitude I took a short hike--praising God with every step (and being grateful for the dedication of the practitioner) The healing has been permanent!

    Thanks so much for these wonderful Wednesday meetings!

  6. A week from Christmas and I hardly have one material present bought. But, the gratitude for this past year abounds with a wedding and new opportunities to teach at the university level, to attend a new branch church, and to move to a brand new area of the country all because of a willingness to follow God's lead. This year has brought so much spiritual growth from relying on Christian Science in each step, big or small and as much of my daily adventure as possible. I am so grateful for Christian Science and for all of the reminders and ideas in the weekly lessons, periodicals and various activities of our Church. Merry Christmas for Christ leads the way!

  7. “Reverse the belief, and the results would be perceptibly different”. - Science & Health 408: 26. Some time ago, I had an opportunity to prove this.
    A barber was recommended to me by someone who had known him all his life, and had used his services for many years. However I found that the barber was far from inviting, and whenever he did speak it was not friendly, but limited and cold. I don’t know if he ever responded to my greetings. I really did not like returning, even though he did a good job on my head. At some point, I began to put into practice what Genesis 1 teaches: that man is the image and likeness of God. I began to see this barber as God´s image and likeness. To do this, I began applying Mrs. Eddy’s, instructions, reversing what I was seeing: instead of abrupt and unfriendly I saw him as warm and eager to please, I saw him as a perfect reflection of all that is good, and of all that he needed to express for perfect results in his work. I even saw the good and beautiful results on my head reflected the good, and beauty that was in him, and that he could not but express these same qualities in all that he did; that this was his true self, created by God and that I could only see what God has created, what God is seeing.
    Not long after my changed thought the barber’s demeanour did a 360 degree turn. He became very conversational, always smiling and happy. We always have great conversations, and he gets excited when together we work out a new look for me. Recently he has also expanded his business and it continues to grow. I am so grateful for the practical guide that Christian Science is for our daily living.

  8. I'm just so grateful that there really is a Truth that is good and that we can understand it thanks to
    Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy. And for all the unselfish sharing and proofs through the services and publications...

  9. I am so great full , that I am so wonderfully made I Love the way God upholds me and always let me know that I am Loved no matter the material picture is, i'm facing challenges and in last weeks bible lesson responsive reading was Isaiah 43 and it read,
    When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.and this is exactly how I feel I'm so embrace in love. I am so grateful for Christian science and the online service
    thank you all very much.Trudy in Sweden

  10. Thank you for your uplifting readings, Judy. It’s so easy to remember to love those who love us—much more of a challenge to love those who have hurt us in some way. I remember several Christmases ago I had a little tiff with a visiting relative during a card game. The game stopped and he and I stormed off. But being willing to put the anger aside, and choose to love him as God loved him, shut down the incident in a matter of minutes. There were no aftereffects at all. Hate has nothing behind it, so turning to Love to give us our next thought and action, is powerful. I’ve thought of that small incident w/ my family member from time to time. Your good topic reminded me of it again today.

  11. How deeply grateful I am for this testimony meeting, for these services that reach across all borders. In this weeks BL in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, one of the citations talks about the Holy Ghost overshadowing the pure sense of the Virgin Mary with the full recognition that Being is Spirit. I looked up the word overshadow which has various meanings. One definition I like is: to cover with a protecting influence. I love to think of each of us having our pure sense being covered with the protecting influence of Love's full recognition that Being is Spirit...and that we reflect that. That protecting influence of Love's law is right there in the middle of war, poverty, there with all of our dear children in every corner of the earth. Christ's comfort and power can't be hidden or darkened. I am deeply grateful for the teachings of Christian Science and the blessins it brings to everyone. Thank you for this lovely service.

  12. Hi Global members! Thank you Judy for your readings...perfect for the world. Several years ago, I was able to demonstrate my own peace on earth in my neighborhood. My next door neighbor had a son the same age as mine. Great! But, not so. They boys did not get along very well. Her son would taunt mine and mine would become so frustrated he would lash out physically. My neighbor would storm over to me and yell at me about my son. This continued until one day she said very hurtful things about my son and about our parenting, all I felt were untrue and out of line. When I closed the door with her still yelling at me, I said out loud, "I want to move!" The thought that came was from God and said "Then move your thought." Oh, well...yes, I needed to do just that. That evening as I lay there mulling it all over, I looked out the window and saw a light in my neighbor's basement. I knew she left it on because she had pets in the basement and she didn't want them in the dark, maybe to make them feel secure. I saw that there was love expressed there. I then realized that she and I were both wanted the same thing, the very best for our sons. It was as if God was saying, "We're all on the same team!" Christian Science teaches that there is but one Mind, God. This little message was in line with that truth. I peacefully fell asleep. The next day, all thoughts of anguish and wanting to move were gone. Over the next weeks, our relationship become more civil and although they moved a few years later, our boys became best friends. We even brought him on vacation with us the boys' senior year. I know this is just a small demonstration of peace on earth, but its truth is universal. Thanks and love, Becky

  13. I am greatfull. My dog Ginger listen to the Bible Lesson.. She has gone to Church with me since 2010

  14. As we were praying silently, I was thinking about spots all around the world where this service is being heard right now -- and how it compares with Mrs. Eddy's statement to one of her classes (PLEASE CORRECT THIS IF I'VE GOT IT WRONG): that if everyone in this room was of one Mind, we could bring in the millennium. I truly feel we are "at one" in this "global room" we're in right now, and each week. The power of divine Love prevails throughout the world, and most especially in the "hot spots" where our sisters and brothers are being severely challenged to believe there is a God at all. Our united prayers today can prove why we can all stand together in knowing God's all-powerful, healing presence is here to comfort and guide us, and affirm why God, divine Life expunges error and permanently heals conflict between Her children.

  15. I remember when I was in college and did an "honesty" project for a full day. I thought it would be a good learning process and I thought it might be fun. But as I went through the day I realized there was a need to be graceful and kind when also being honest.

    I realized honesty doesn't give license to be harsh. As an example I wanted to give a professor a piece of my mind. When it came time to meet I realized what I was thinking about doing wasn't honest at all, it was really hateful and unkind. Which made me realize that honesty has everything to do with being loving and reflecting divine Love.

    It was a good example to me that being kind to others can be a protection to us (to me) when being kind, even if we think we should be blunt.

    I don't know if I would have realized this if I wasn't a Christian Scientist. Mainly because Christian Science taught me to think out from divine Love and the Principle of divine Love — that Love has to be reflected in love and loving actions.

    Thanks for these uplifting readings.

  16. Thank you for your healing readings last week.I felt such a peace and contentment after the service and thanks for the wonderful testimonies .I was off from work and did not feel the mesmerism of the pull to watch one tv program after another instead of doing something more constructive or creative.It lasted a few days and now I have started painting again.Love to all the Christian science workers and students around the world. CJ

  17. It can be tempting these days to feel anger and hatred toward the perpetrators of such merciless acts of terror that we have seen on the news and who are trying to force their idology on the world, so your message of love from the teachings of the Bible, and of Jesus to love our enemies is so appropriate. There are those who must be engaged if the fight to defend against these aggressors and we hold them in our prayers; but the challenge to us at home also is to bless all in the conflict: to love the enemies is the way to for the Christ, "the inaudible voice of Truth" be "to the human mind 'as when a lion roareth' p.559 S&H. Love can and must reverse all the error and hatred of the world. Thanks for the reminder to redouble our efforts to love our enemies.

  18. Dear Judy and all assisting in this online GLOBAL :) service,

    Aloha! Thank you so much for this healing service! Thank you so much for your readings on the universal message of loving your neighbor! I am very grateful for them!

    Later tonight, we will be sharing this service with our local Christian Science Society members at a local Unitarian Universalist church! We are so excited as this will be the first Wednesday service for our Society in several years. Thank you for such wonderful readings and a great service!

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