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Join our global online congregation live every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. You'll hear hymns and readings specially compiled for the day, as well as testimonies submitted by listeners. Readings are from the Christian Science pastor—the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. There's an organ prelude and postlude, plus an online church lobby, open for 15 minutes after the meeting.

The meeting is conducted by the First Reader, who selects the readings and hymns. Some testimonies of healing and other comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners are read live by testimony readers. Bios are available.

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  1. Gee the topic met my need. Trust in God. It doesn't get any better than this -- except that our trust in infinite, all-loving Soul reaches deep into our hearts to heal us. And today this service has done just that. Healed me of sorrow and second-guessing former actions where I thought I should have been a more faithful follower of Christ Jesus in loving others. Yes, "we are all capable if more than we do." And at the same time I am "grateful for the good already received" and given; with the expectation of more to discern and do! Love you all.

  2. Thank you the extended hours for the Wednesday testimony meeting.
    Cheers of joy,

  3. Thank you all for expanding the hours the Wednesday service is available online. I really enjoy the readings, the informal atmosphere of the Readers, and all the wonderful testimonies each week.

  4. Many years ago I volunteered to help make refreshments at an outdoor show for a large number of people. My part was to cook a big pan of sausages in an oven, the door of which opened downwards.

    Someone had placed a large open pan of water to heat on the top of the stove, but I didn't notice that each time I opened and shut the oven door it jolted the pan of boiling water a little closer to the edge of the stove. Then without warning, the last jolt upset the pan of boiling water. I couldn't move away because I was holding the pan of sizzling sausages. I just had to let the boiling water pour over my arm - it was either the boiling water or the boiling fat! I figured the boiling water was better!

    I immediately covered the arm with a cloth and phoned a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. She handled the sense of pain I was feeling very quickly. The next morning a blister reached from elbow to wrist, but when it was punctured the skin went back into place in the normal way. The healing was straightforward from then on. For a while I did lightly cover the arm with a scarf when going out in public, but there was no scarring and I have always had full use of that arm.

    I am very grateful for this healing which occurred when I was a very new student of Christian Science.

  5. My precious daughter is about to have a baby, any day now. I have been reminded lately of the beautiful experiences I had giving birth, twice in a hospital and once in a birthing center. The doctors and nurses respected my wish to give birth naturally. Healthy babies came quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Those nine months of waiting for them to appear were filled with deep study of the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, especially the section on scientific obstetrics found in Science and Health page 463. I memorized the entire paragraph and thought through the lines many times a day.The beliefs of being a personal creator, of heredity, of impurity or disease in either mother or child were erased with these strong declarations of truth understood: "Teacher and student should also be familiar with the obstetrics taught by this Science. To attend properly the birth of the new child, or divine idea, you should so detach mortal thought from its material conceptions, that the birth will be natural and safe. Though gathering new energy, this idea cannot injure its useful surroundings in the travail of spiritual birth. A spiritual idea has not a single element of error and this truth removes property whatever is offense. The new idea, conceived and born of Truth and Love, is clad in white garments. Its beginning will be meek, its growth sturdy and its maturity undecaying." Even now, as a grandmother, these words take me right out of the material conception, birth, and growth routine and remind me that each baby (and every one of us for that matter) is a complete divine idea, created to uniquely express God. The line about a spiritual idea not having a single element of error healed me of a dangerous infection during one of my pregnancies. I knew that a Christian Science healing would be the safest course of action for the baby and me. And so it proved. What freedom these lines has brought me over the years! I am feeling such gratitude for spiritual lessons accepted and learned!



  6. Testimony

    The local newspaper covered an activity I was involved with and used my picture. They headlined the article with a statement that I felt would have been offensive to a religious group. Sunday morning I woke and found my hip in distress - and felt it was a result of malicious thought. I could put little weight on my leg. I had a half hour before I would need to dress so I spent it with my favorite physician - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. Mary Baker Eddy says of it - in a partial sentence on 422 “Continue to read, and the book will become the physician…” To me it surely is an unfailingly truth teller – it tells and retells the truth about body, and incorporeal man. It tells of mans’ health governed by divine law.

    I then got out of bed and hopped around dressing, putting as little weight on the leg as possible. I went to my car desiring to be at church. I thought even if I have to take baby steps I’ll go. I parked on a side street, as our church had no parking lot – and started walking toward church with my prayers and baby steps. I thought of Jesus on the cross forgiving those that persecuted him – and said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” And I said it again, - “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” On the fourth “Father forgive them”… the hip and muscles went back into place - there was no pain and I could walk normally.

    This healing answer is explained by Mrs. Eddy’s definition of the Christ – on page 583. She defines the Christ – “The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.”

    I am so thankful for the dedicated life of loyalty and self-sacrifice of our Leader Mary Baker Eddy – and her generous – clarifying work of more than 40 years, on our textbook.


  7. Christians are Under Orders to Heal
    This week’s Lesson, Christ Jesus, emphasizes the healing work of Jesus. Matthew 4:23, “Jesus went about…healing all manner sickness and all manner disease among the people.”

    And from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Page 135 line 26 “Christianity as Jesus taught it was not a creed, nor a system of ceremonies, nor a special gift from a ritualistic Jehovah; but it was the demonstration of divine Love casting out error and healing the sick,…”

    My landlady many years ago understood that “Christians are under direct order…to heal the sick…” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 138 line 18-21) She introduced me to Christian Science by leaving periodicals each evening and inviting me to her Church.

    I had a serious eye injury that caused periodic pain. This persisted for weeks and required periodic treatment. I went to the Doctor on a Friday. Now there was further complication because of infection. He advised after the infection healed that he would schedule surgery to remove the scar tissue. That prognosis was alarming. Arrangements were made for me to meet him at the hospital for further treatment of the infection and pain on Sunday.

    My landlady offered to call a Christian Science Practitioner for treatment. I didn’t think it could be effective for me. She arranged for a neighbor to take me to the hospital on Sunday morning for medical treatment since I refused Christian Science treatment.

    By late Sunday afternoon, the medical treatment no longer provided relief and I was out of pain pills. My landlady was confident if I consented to a Christian Science treatment I would have relief from the pain. I didn’t want to offend her beliefs and advised it would be ok if she called her friend the practitioner.

    Almost immediately the pain was gone. I slept through the night and awoke the next morning feeling fine. On Monday morning the Doctor removed the bandage covering my eye. He examined, re-examined and administered no medication. The Doctor advised my eye was completely healed and there was no scar tissue. I had no further problem with the eye and that was the last time I saw the Doctor.

    When studying the Lesson this week, I was reminded of my landlady who understood that God’s laws are applicable to even someone like me who didn’t understand those laws. She expected healing. This was the beginning my study of Christian Science and laws of God which protect and heal. I am grateful for her encouragement and guidance. Additionally I want to express my appreciation for those who have devoted so much time and treasure to providing the resources for our continued study and application of God’s laws.

  8. My hobby, extreme gardening, sometimes gives me challenges. After a few weeks of diligently watering some transplanted cuttings and weeding around them my fingers got sore and my thumb ached from holding it over the hose to control the water flow. One afternoon my thumb started twitching uncontrollably. This brought with it all sorts of not very fun fears. I turned immediately to Christian Science for help. Most specifically - it was an opportunity to practice what my branch church has been practicing lately - pushing back against any beliefs of life not being all good as God created it - to the point where error - those false beliefs about life - are obliterated from the scene entirely and will never rise up again. This, as explained in our metaphysical meetings, gives strength to our healing work and testimonies, giving error no chance of survival in thought. Armed with this assignment, I countered the thumb twitching with a vigorous denial of matter's supposed substance as I have learned in Science and Health: NO! Muscles have no power! God is the ONLY source of power, of movement, of Soul! NO! Medical Belief, I am not a product of your shenanigans. NO! Physiology, your fears and false trusts and false knowledge have nothing to do with man made in God's image and likeness! .... The thumb tried to continue its shenanigans, trying to tell me I was getting old, and that a popular age disease was taking hold. But I persisted with my rant, inculcating Truth in my thought. And of course, complete and quick healing. This was a few weeks ago and no pain or limitation since. Yay God!

  9. The other day I was praying for someone and it occurred to me that purity protects man (men, women, and children). It’s like armor. The spiritual quality of purity that we all include automatically rejects anything unlike God that would try to invade being, or even claim existence. I felt the power behind this truth.

    Later, I was in a shoe store trying on a pair of shoes. My ankle felt itchy, then almost immediately, I felt itching and stinging on the other ankle. It was a huge mosquito! Right away I could see red welts on both ankles. The bites were so uncomfortable! But then I heard an angel message—an uplifting thought from God. “But what about that inspiration you had about purity?” Oh yes! No evil can invade me, because my purity is like an armor that protects me from even the suggestion that there can be anything beside God. I stood still and let that truth sink in as it had earlier. Immediately the itching stopped. As I was thinking about this, the idea of mosquitoes came to thought. The day before I had been thinking about the family of man. It dawned on me, that God delighted in mosquitoes. Even though I didn’t understand it completely, I knew that they have a spiritual identity, held in divine Mind, and were just as loved as I was. A spiritual idea could never hurt another spiritual idea. That made me smile. I don’t know that I had ever specifically loved mosquitoes before. Then I continued shopping w/out giving the bites another thought.

    A little while later, when I got in my car, I could see that the red welts were completely gone. There was no sign of them. I love how the strength of a spiritual quality like purity, can completely neutralize an attack of any kind. Just imagine all of the spiritual qualities that make up our substance and how powerful acknowledging them is! Thanks as always for your readings, Judy.

  10. Watching and Praying always keeps you safe. One afternoon in this last July I was on my way to pick up our grandson from work, when the cars were braking for a red stop light. I put my foot on the break pedal and pressed down lightly to slow down when my foot slipped off and on to the accelorator where I was speeding into the car in front of me! I yelled "God!!" and then crash. We pulled over to the side of the road out of the way of traffic. I sat quietly and prayed to know that accidents are unknown to God (from the SH) and then if unknown to God then I and the other driver, could not experience an accident. I also prayed to know that God's kingdom is come right where we are and that all of us are included in that kingdom of Love. I had been studying most of the day, with the Bible and Science and Health as well as my CS class instruction notes. and felt comforted. We got out of the cars and exchanged information. i asked if he was hurt and he said no! There was no evidence of a hard hit, no dents no scratches, except a "tag" at the very bottom of his bumper where the extending nuts of my license plate caught his bumper and pushed it down! He was a complete gentleman and we shook hands as we drove off! I have had many healings through the years but this one is one that cannot be refutted that there truly are no accidents in God's kingdom! I am very greatful for Christ Jesus our wayshower, and for Mrs. Eddy for sharing her discovery for the world. I am also greatful for wonderful CS Teachers. Thank you so very much to the online staff for bringing us these great messages.

  11. I feel so very grateful. I wanted to be able to demonstrate self control in my life, something I have struggled with for several decades. Having reached a point where I felt completely out of control, I asked God for help. The words "He is able to keep" came to me. With these words I felt I could begin again on a path that demonstrates self control.

  12. I love how the song of Christian Science is "work-work-work watch and pray" as stated by Mary Baker Eddy. I remember when I was first learned to pray for myself in Christian Science. It took a lot of focus and sometimes I found I really had to work. But as I have continued to learn about praying for myself I have found that learning to pray becomes so natural to give this focus and sometimes it takes less time than others.

    I actually experienced this recently where I saw a good contrast. One was when I was praying for a friend. I really had to buckle down and just focus on prayer. As I focused I thought about how wonderful it was though to be praying for my friend and how helpful it was to apply the same truths about God's divinely created man to myself. It took effort, because I think there were some strong appearances of physical pain. But, in minutes I got a call back and the pain was gone.

    I continued to pray through out the day and the healing came by the end of the day. During that time though I really did very little other than pray. I really needed the consistent focus and really working to clear all distractions away from my thought.

    On the other hand the other day I was out for a run. I felt a sharp pain. However all I needed to do was just say "No!" Literally after saying that single word the pain ended and didn't return and I didn't even need to stop running. Rather I ran one of the fast 3 and half miles I have run in the last 6 months.

    But I credit this to how Christian Science really teaches us to stay focused and to learn how to "pray without ceasing" — which is work. But its a joyous freeing and uplifting work that can become effortless the more we learn how and just rejoice in God's power and recognize the fact that it is God who does all the healing work and we just get to be witnesses to the wonderful things that God does.

  13. I am so very grateful for Christian Science. Last night my son called to say his central air conditioning had stopped working. At this time, we are experiencing extremely hot and humid weather. He had a repair man coming at 8:00am the next morning. After the repair man left, he called me to say the repair man said the unit needed to be replaced and the cost would be $3,200.00 dollars. This was completely out of the question. I suggested that he not be disturbed and instead think of everything in that minute he had to be thankful for. I also gave him two more repair services that I had and ask him to call one of them. He did call and the second repair man came within the hour. He checked all the same things the first repair man did, with no positive results. Then he said "let me check one more thing". With that the unit started working. How happy and grateful was my son when he called back to give me the good news. Now you know I didn't pray for an air conditioner to be fixed, but I did pray to recognize God is always communicating to his child whatever is needed. This is not an earth shattering testimony, however, I am none the less thankful to prove we can turn to our loving Father for ever need, knowing is He is always with us.
    Thank you Judy for the reading concerning how important it is for us to "work, work, work" and not give in or give up. Thank you all who make this meeting possible. I feel it is one of many life lines the Mother Church provides.

  14. I love to attend the Wednesday Meeting testimonies here in the Christian Science Society of Cuernavaca México.
    nevertheless, like today, I ´m not able to attend it. These global Wednesday Testimonies Meetings, has given me the joy and opportunity, not to loose my attendance to Church I love to do.
    Thank you for your faithful continuity and fidelity to these global loving activity.
    clara e. from Cuernavaca, México

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