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Join our global online congregation live every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time. You'll hear hymns and readings specially compiled for the day, as well as testimonies submitted by listeners. Readings are from the Christian Science pastor—the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. There's an organ prelude and postlude, plus an online church lobby, open for 15 minutes after the meeting.

The meeting is conducted by the First Reader, who selects the readings and hymns. Some testimonies of healing and other comments about Christian Science submitted by listeners are read live by testimony readers. Bios are available.

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  1. I often had trouble driving long distances-- even a two-hour drive was a challenge as I would have difficulty not falling asleep. I had tried listening to the radio or books on tape, singing out loud, even pinching myself. None of these attempts were successful. After a time, the mental dimness would overcome me and I would have to stop to sleep.
    Recently though, in October, I drove from Louisiana to Wisconsin (some 1100 miles) and prayed along the way, happy to take the opportunity to pray about problems in the world, about some of my own relationships-- there were plenty of things to address. Over two full days of driving, I wasn't sleepy at all and the problem was replaced by joy, a spiritual joy that I am grateful for. Christian Science has solved many issues for me, and I'm glad to have this one resolved.

  2. Of late, I've been richly blessed and able to make rapid progress, just by reading the textbook of Christian Science, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. For a week or so I've had a sever pain in my lower back. And I've sort of put up with it. BUT, early this week, I refused to believe I could be burdened in any way -- by work, or a sense of obligation, or worry, or false responsibility -- you know, feeling we have to "take on" other people's jobs or situations that come to thought that really don't belong to us. And you know, that was the end of the back pain. Kaput! Over and out! And I'm so grateful for this very quick healing. And for you all. This is a lovely way to share God's word, made practical!!!

  3. Susie's testimmony about the healing of her toe after she'd "thwacked" it upon rising that day reminded me of a healing experience that I had and now remember it with much gratitude. As I had a full day coming up next day, I'd decided to place my alarm clock across the room so that I'd need to get up to turn it off (generally I didn't need to use an alarm but this was out of an abundance of caution). Upon wakening to th shrill call of the clock, I hurried across the room to silence it but en route I "thwacked" one of my toes and the pain was great. Praying non-stop as I dressed (and was grateful to find that notwithstanding I could put on the smart leather shoes I'd planned to wear that day), and that I was able to drive to my first appointmentment. The venue was a public school in NYC where I was to speak to a group of parents for an hour. There was a parking space on the street right near the front gate, and I was able to stand for the talk. I was most grateful. The afternoon was filled with normal activities which were all acomplished, and then after work I was able to spend a planned evening with a friend from Boston who was on a tight schedule. She was staying with our mutual friends in NJ, and I was able to drive there in the rush-hour traffic and spend a happy evening with my CS friends. Nothing was said about the tender toe -- and the pain had ceased several hours earlier. This CS healing was greatly appreciated... and even the tenderness left within a few days.

  4. Last evening after going to a family gathering in the mountains, I came home where I sat for a little bit to reflect on the day's events. When I started to get up from my chair, I felt just a hint of a sore throat. I rejected the belief that any kind of false influence could come between my Father-Mother God and me. As I was getting into bed, all of a sudden a NUMBER of symptoms that are usually identified with colds and flu started to attack. There was nothing subtle about this! Because of the sudden and very aggressive onslaught of all these symptoms, I started to laugh. Then I got into my nice, warm bed and got to work to reject these claims. In looking back over the day's events, to say the very least, the day had been more than challenging. Inharmony, retrograde steps, distress seemed to be quite prevalent with several people around me. These claims had been quite aggressive as well. Then I started thinking about the aggressive claims of all kinds of contagion in the world--the Ebola outbreak, wars and conflicts all over the place, brutal sexual and racial or ethnic attacks, climate change, etc., etc. I then began thinking about Mary Baker Eddy's wonderful little article in Miscellaneous Writings, p. 228, where she says, "Common consent is contagious, and it makes disease catching." And I realized I didn't have to consent to any of this. Was I expecting that God would not lead us to intelligent, healing solutions for all of these aggressive issues? Was I expecting that omnipotent God would not be able to take care of me and heal me of what the medical profession would call some kind of virus or germ? What garbage! Within 15-20 minutes the aggressive symptoms had vanished, but there was still a feeling of more subtle claims. At this point I just reached out to God and knew that our tender, but firm, Mother-Father God was embracing all of humanity. Whenever I would wake up during the night, I just turned to God, know that She was loving each and every one of us. When I woke up this morning, there was no trace of any cold or flu symptoms, and I felt such a tender love for God and for ALL of Her children. A huge thanks to all of you for the inspiration, comfort, and healing that are coming through these very relevant online services.

  5. Thank you all for this Christian Science Testimony meeting online and for the inspiring thoughts that the readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal and especially the testimonies submitted. My mind has been uplifted and my faith renewed by the generous and gracious sharing by one and all. "What blesses one, blesses all." MBE.

  6. Thank you, Nirm, for those inspiring readings, assuring us all that nothing is impossible to God. I listened w/a friend. She listened intently, as did I. When the meeting was over, my friend said, "I couldn't have gotten a better message for today than that." I so agree.
    And thank you at at The Mother for reaching and hugging us all

  7. Whatever is impossible, God does not know it. Thank you so much, Norm, for the readings this past week that illustrated this truth. Your readings reminded me of a healing which I had many years ago when I was very new in Christian Science. Having completed all requirements for an advanced degree except the dissertation, I was working full time and did not visit the university campus very often. Because of my absence from the campus, I missed the announcement on my department's bulletin board making students aware of a dissertation fellowship. This fellowship would cover all expenses for one year. I would be able to quit my job and devote full time for research and writing. There was one problem. The deadline had passed. I decided to talk to my adviser anyway. He was not hopeful that anything could be done. However, by the end of our conversation, he advised me to go talk to the dean of our college. So, I made an appointment to see the dean. But, before going to my appointment, I called the Christian Science practitioner who had been helping me to understand the laws of God and the science of the Christ explained in Mary Baker Eddy's book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures". The practitioner agreed to pray with me. I no longer remember our conversation. But, for me she certainly affirmed that God is no respecter of time because we live in eternity. During my meeting with the dean, he was very cordial but confirmed that the deadline had passed, and he could not allow me to apply. We shook hands, and I thanked him for his time. As I readied to go, he said, wait a minute. The money is still available. If you get the application in immediately, a committee will review it and inform you of its decision. I am not certain now how long it took the committee to make a decision. I did, however, receive a letter awarding me the fellowship. This healing was proof to me that God's goodness is for all time. Within one year I completed all work and received the degree. I thanked God and am still thanking him for this proof and others that I have experienced in decades afterwards. Indeed, nothing is impossible to God.

  8. Daily I and my wife pray together, read the daily lesson sermon together, and pray that our life is the result of ongoing prayer. This last Wednesday, gasoline fumes were smelled inside and outside of the car when the car was started and run around town. I could not detect this smell although my wife mentioned this condition. I had purchased gasoline Thursday for the snowblower in preparation for the coming predicted snow storms. My wife used the car Thursday after I did and reported that she was smelling stronger fumes. I thought that perhaps the gas can had leaked or had spilled. By Friday I could smell the raw gasoline smell but there was no leakage on the garage floor nor any indication of gasoline anywhere other than it’s smell. By Friday an appointment was made with a car care business to look for the source of the leak. In the meantime I and my wife prayed to have revealed to us what to pray for and what to look for. We prayed for protection, patience and that God is ever-present with us. It occurred to both of us at the same time not to use the car at all through out the weekend. Monday, first thing in the morning the car went to the car care business. It took them only a short time to find that two lines had chafed and a little pinhole had developed in one of the gas lines wherein there was a fine mist created when the engine was started. The mechanic, who found the leak, reported that it was a miracle that there had been no explosion as the leak was next to the hottest part of the engine. I and my wife are still so grateful for the fact that God is our life and the only protector of His creation.

  9. So gratefull for these inspiring testimony meetings and readings. Where do I begin to express my gratitude for the many healings I have had over many years. So I will begin with my very first spiritual healing. For qute some time I had a growth in my mouth that I was told, by my dentist, must be removed. I kept putting this surgery off.
    On my recent visit to the dentist he insisited this be done as it was growing and could cause complications. When I came home I was disturbed. But, I had recently embraced Christian Science and loved what I was learning, so the thought came to me "Why not use what you are learning and give yourself a Christian Science treatment." I began to pray to know that there are no disease conditions and apply the wonderful Truths I was learning. A quote from Science and Health came so strongly to me "a spiritual idea has not an element of error and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive." Well,this is offensive and will be removed. As I went to bed that night all fear left me and I was filled with confidence. When I awoke in the morning there on my tongue was a hard substance and a very delicate slit in my gum. Why I had just witnessed mental surgery. I was awed and uplifted beyond words. So began my wonderful journey in Christian Science. The following years I am so grateful to raising my children in these truths we relied only on spiritual healings. Thank you, thank you for all you dedication.

  10. In sorting some metaphysics articles, I ran across a quote on aging that I would like to share from the March 1, 1950 The Christian Science Journal titled THE FALLACY OF AGING
    By Hendrik J. De Lange

    "Aging is death in slow motion. The human sense of existence accepts it without questioning, even as this sense believes death to be unavoidable and final. As long as one submits to age—youth, middle age, or old age—one subjects oneself to aging. Christian Science comes with the heaven born assurance that this is wrong."

    I would also like to share an angel thought that came to me last month. We use a portable vacuum cleaner for much of our cleaning. It operates in both a standard and high vacuum mode. In the high vacuum mode it started to cutoff intermittently. Then it stared cutting off in the standard mode. I mentally committed to taking it into repair which would have involved a 30 mile round trip and 3 to 4 hours minimum. On the day before the possibly repair trip I listened to Mind rather than myself and decided to look at the filter which I had only cleaned once before in 8 months of operation. Mud flowed out as I cleaned the washable filter. The angel thought of Mind saved me much time and money.

    Thanks for all of the wisdom and Love which your broadcast team sends forth each Wednesday and Sunday.

  11. I was fortunate to have Sunday school teachers who not only taught me on Sunday in the Christian Science Sunday School, but were real friends whom I could call. The teaching was very pure and straightforward. They shared freely with us how to heal and were real role models for us, with positive achievements in their own lives and careers. In one middle school Sunday school class, the teacher had us write on the flyleaf of our Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, “Only through radical reliance on truth can scientific healing power be realized (167:30)“ This stuck with me as a standard for demonstrating Christian Science.
    A few times these “friends” invited me to share a meal with them, and on one occasion, without question or prompting, the teacher in my college class talked to me about relationships, particularly in regard to dating, and in general, how to detect animal magnetism’s false influence. What I gained from her was that it was a matter of listening to God, and maintaining my relationship to Him first. It was not a matter of conforming or rebelling against what was conventional, but doing what was right.
    Little did she know that I had been in a dating relationship that was just wasn’t right for me and I had little in common with this man, While I had tried to break off the relationship, he was still trying to contact me. Added to this, was a difficult student teaching assignment, finding adequate living quarters, and a physical difficulty. One night, in much discomfort, I called my Sunday school teacher and asked for prayerful help in Christian Science. I felt led to tell her about the dating situation. She appreciated the fact that she had been impelled to discuss false influence in relationships, and animal magnetism.
    There is a definition that includes animal magnetism in Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy on p.593 called Red Dragon. Error; fear; inflammation; sensuality; subtlety; animal magnetism; envy; revenge. Our conversation was to the point and I was healed. The next morning, the physical symptoms were gone, and during the term a lovely room in a home whose owner was receptive to Christian Science opened up, and a whole new student teaching assignment became available. The relationship simply ended.
    I am not the only one who has benefited from dedicated Christian Science Sunday school teachers. It’s a great place to take a child, whether he or she is our own, a neighbor, or friend. Good spiritual teaching is for life; it comes from understanding God and the Christ, and can never be obscured or lost. But however we have learned Christian Science, eventually we must make it our own and this is done by studying and “imbibing” the spiritual truths from the Bible and Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, the first teacher of Christian Science. These truths are accessible to each of us in these two books to heal and bless ourselves and others.

  12. One evening, after a day of gardening, I noticed a skin condition on my ankle. I ignored it believing that I had come in contact with a disagreeable plant or insect and that it would quickly pass. By morning the condition had spread to the other ankle and was expanding. My thoughts started to analyze what plant or insect could have caused this, or was it something else? But I continued in the belief that I had more important things to give attention to and it would run its course. A few days later the condition appeared on an arm resulting in the end of my indifference. I belatedly started to work on finding the root cause by stopping the human reasoning and instead turning to God for guidance. I was led to recall that I had been annoyed by a TV ad that promoted the belief that a certain virus was already in your body and that it was inevitable that you would contract its disease. A disease with similar symptoms to the those that I was experiencing.

    The cure was to first eliminate the anger toward the ad, and second to nullify the claim that a virus, plant, insect or anything else could disrupt the perfection that we have all inherited from our source of being, God. My focus on material causation and indifferent attitude were the error in thought. The correction of this error resulted in all evidence of the disease disappearing within a few days.

    This past week the ad was again on TV. An initial flash of annoyance was replaced with a rejection of the false claim and a prayer for an awakening of mankind to perfect reality and its perfect source.

  13. I’m just appreciating today the light of God. This week’s Bible Lesson titled “Soul and Body” has really been shedding nice light on my thought and opening me to better concepts about the body and how to see it from a spiritual, holy perspective—everything about the body is really for the uses of God’s glory. I find it interesting to really ponder this as it helps me see that the body is not something that should be damned, shunned, nor condemned. But rather our true body is spiritual —its the embodiment of God’s good qualities.

    This has helped me see that the healing I’ve experienced through Christian Science really are about glorifying God. For instance I recently shared a healing where I fell down stairs. I was quickly healed. It’s tempting to think that my healing was just an improvement of health, or that my body “got better” by thinking good thoughts.

    However, I see that what really happened was that my body, being spiritual and made of spiritual qualities was never hurt, nor was it injured. Rather, I remained safe in God's care. And upon realizing this more, my thought was spiritualized by God’s intelligence and goodness and it transformed my thought by melting away fears about danger, hurt, or being separated from God — all of which are impossible since God is infinite good and there is “none beside Him.”

    I’m so grateful for how Christian Science just naturally uplifts thinking to the truth about our being as spiritual, holy and good. What a true treasure Christian Science is for making this evident. How wonderful it is that Mary Baker Eddy listened to God’s call to write these ideas down so that we could all learn to heal as Jesus did and to realize our eternal goodness, purity, and safety from danger, sin, and illness.

    I’m truly grateful for Christian Science. Thanks for the wonderful readings, Judy!

  14. For years I had very good eyesight. But when I reached what is called "middle age" I found that I needed to have glasses, to read small print and to drive at night. By this time I had begun to rely on prayer in Christian Science to keep me well in every way. But because I knew that I needed to see, I went to an optometrist and glasses were prescribed. But I also began to pray to better understand that my eyesight was a spiritual quality and could not be lost or diminished. For several years I continued to wear the glasses when needed, but grew in my sense of freedom from any such limitation. I don't know when I began to find that glasses were not necessary for reading, but I simply laid them aside, and before long I found I did not need them for night driving. That has been many years ago, and. I drive at night and enjoy reading small print. Thank you for the Wednesday meetings. Since our Society has them only once a month, I'm most grateful to be part of this world wide audience.

  15. Thank you Judy for your readings today. I am so grateful for the teachings of CS and how it teaches us that we do have sight. When I was in my late twenties when I went to renew my driver's license the attendant told me I'd have to come back with a note from the eye doctor as I didn't pass the eye chart test. I looked a little shocked at her and so she said if I wanted to come back the next day and retake the test I could. When I left I called my CS Teacher. I had taken Class instruction just a few months before. She asked me to work with MBE's definition of eyes from Science and Health that you read today. ""Eyes. Spiritual discernment, --not material but mental". I worked to know that sight was mental and not in the material eyeballs. When I went back the next day the attendant asked me to read the smallest line on the eye chart. At first I couldn't read any letters. But I silently declared that seeing was mental and could not be taken from me. With that the letters came to my thought before I saw them. As I began to speak the letters I was seeing mentally I saw them perfectly on the chart and passed the test. That was over thirty years ago and I've passed every eye test since. Thanks to God for the revelation of CS he gave to MBE and to Christ Jesus for showing us the way.

  16. I thankful for God is Love .
    That love destroys hate , injustice , revenge . And I'm thank ful that mrs Eddy work and practice tested , proved , pray , discover Christian Science . That heals and brings us into oneness with Christ Jesus ,God , the Divine comforter to be love for me and you and everyone ,
    That you and I and everyone can be in a safe kingdom of our father and mrs Eddy said Mother Love , God, ,
    That God doesn't punish or cause anything that not good in life . That we can love ourself and be love to another and give to one another too , that we can be happy and laugh and we don't have to be sick , sinning , fearful , That no matter what seem to happen in my life , I you and everyone have God , Life, truth , love , that comes to us instantly and forever when we look to God . Ask our father and we will get answers that open the way , for us to be seen in a new light . And know we are not guilty .
    II listen to God thoughts this morning and denounce denied and affirm my innocence and every one innocence . And cast out ,off ,saw through the sinning curse of the fruit of the tree of good and evil and the talking serpent . That the Christ destroyed And That I do not have or want other Gods before me , Gods will be ,Done , it's Done always is Done , has beenDone . Forever and than I was thankful that I am that I AM , and I sat down at the table my father mother love prepared for me before my enemies and am resting in expressing thanks and joy in green pastures under the ever unfolding infinite wing of a Divine Love my rock and fortress the truth life and Love that I Am isn't that wonderful , thank you God and Mrs Eddy that Life is eternal Love perfection being express continually multiplying Good Love, Peace , Harmony . Mrs Eddy said a God is Mind Soul Spirit , Love, Truth, Life Principle being express and we are the perfect image and likeness , of God being , That God saw that as Good. I am Thankful too forChristian Science practioners, and all people who pray for everyone and who calls or ask for divine help and want to see healing, Good in life for them self and others . I love you God , thank you for giving us Angels and Christ Jesus And your Love and science and health with key to the scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy and the Bible , thank you I'm so grateful for your love thank you for healing service and readings too .

  17. One time God said to me,"What about the rest of your life? I did not believe at that point that there was much purpose in pursuing it further, and I thought I had thoroughly worked it all out. Those telephone poles looked like they would fix everything.What do I know? That question/promise from God destroyed all the darkness instantly.I was even led to Christian Science fairly quickly afterward, and permanently..This took place in the late 1970s. Divine Love, as I have learned about it in CS. HAS NEVER FAILED ME, and I have positive proof!..It has been a life of joy and well worth living. Somethings which only He could know, but He does know and will take us along with Him.He loves us ALL. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT.

  18. On Saturday afternoon I placed a few small tools on the coffee table in my living room, intending to return soon to put them away. A friend and I had been installing crown molding on my front porch in rather uncomfortable cold weather. The project took five hours and went well, but I neglected to put the tools away. On Sunday morning I discovered a small part of a single-edged razor blade holder and a small part of the razor blade obviously chewed and lying on the living room floor. The remainder had to be in my dear dog. Immediately into my thought came the healing of a Christian Science woman who had swallowed several straight pins with no ill effect. I turned trustfully to God, knowing that She was always protecting this dear pet. On Tuesday morning, the dog spit up the broken pieces in a small ball of metal and plastic surrounded with a jellylike substance that apparently protected my dog's interior. I was so grateful.

  19. Thank you for a beautiful service - as always!

  20. I am so grateful for these online services!! Thank you.

  21. Thank you from Centennial Lake, Ontario, Canada

  22. Thank you for such good readings!

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