Get involved

It's rewarding!

People often find that they get more from church when they give more. Get involved. Meet like-minded people. Share. Help others. Help the world.

Pray for the world

The world needs our prayer. One way to stay abreast of world news is through The Christian Science Monitor. To see how others are praying about global issues, refer to that section of this website. For information in multiple languages, visit our international section. To see how people of all faiths and backgrounds are acting on their desire to make the world a better place, visit the "People Making a Difference" series in the Monitor.

Join online conversations

There are several discussion groups on this website — join in any conversation that interests you. We look forward to hearing your thoughts, prayers, experiences, questions, and answers about Christian Science, about Ecumenical and Interfaith activities, and about Church Alive: the spiritual basis and awakening impact of Church.

Write for the periodicals

A more permanent way to share is through writing an article for The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, or The Herald of Christian Sciencemore about the periodicals

Volunteer your time and talent

Volunteer hands

Each branch church or society has a range of church activities focused on helping their individual communities. Please contact a local branch for more information on what they are doing. If you are a church member in Boston, there are several ways you might volunteer at The Mother Church.

Attend church in person or online

Attending church is another opportunity to give as well as receive. You can attend a live service in many locations around the world (find a church or society) or attend the online Sunday church service and Wednesday testimony meeting from The Mother Church. At any testimony meeting, you can share your prayersinspiration, gratitude, and healings as well as hear from others.  more about church services

Visit the member resources area

Collage of church members

You're invited to participate in the conversations and check out the resources in the member resources area.  Even if you aren't a member, a wide variety of materials are available to support your individual experience and participation in church.

Member resources

Become a member

We can accomplish more for the world by joining together in our efforts.  You can become a member of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, which has its headquarters in Boston, or a member of a "branch" church or society in your own community. Many people choose to join both. more about membership