Citizens Advisory Committee supports Church’s Plaza Revitalization Plan


After 20 public meetings, the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), appointed by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, has stated that it supports the Church’s Plaza Revitalization Plan, including environmental and streetscape improvements, and the addition of 950,000 square feet of new buildings on three locations on selected edges of the Plaza.  Their letter of support concludes, “All in all, the development should be a significant improvement for the area, and provide additional generations of Bostonians a wonderful public amenity supported by private funds.” Click here for the CAC’s endorsement letter.

Although supportive of aspects of the Plan, three of the 18 CAC members would prefer to cap new development at 650,000 square feet. Also, they prefer to keep development on two of the three proposed Plaza sites. Click here for the CAC’s minority opinion letter.

The CAC process has been productive, providing valuable neighborhood input that has helped shape the plans. Click here for the Church’s response to the CAC endorsement letter.

The Plaza Revitalization Plan document has been reissued since its initial release in July 2010, to include three additional CAC meetings and a few administrative updates. Check out the latest version here.

  1. THANKYOU sincerely for sharing this comprehensive information via email!
    It all sounds really good and exceptionally carefully thought through, in great detail, and well presented.
    The walk-way across the reflecting pool, providing easy access to the Original Mother Church, is really appealing.
    We look forward to seeing this progressive inovation unfolding.
    Gratefully with love & deep apppreciation,
    Jan Brown

  2. Thank you for the Christian Science Plaza updates. I am grateful to hear about all the good contributions and ideas and decisions towards the Project to it's best out come.

    We are together, lifting all in prayer, All the Best.


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