Church files 'PDA Master Plan' with city


On May 17, the Church filed a Planned Development Area (PDA) Master Plan for the Christian Science Plaza. A PDA Master Plan is a zoning mechanism that must be approved by the City’s Boston Redevelopment Authority Board and the Zoning Commission at pubic hearings. It includes the basic dimensions (heights and density) and uses of proposed new buildings, as well as development concepts, planning objectives, and other background information — all previously addressed in the Plaza Revitalization Project Plan. Approval of the PDA Master Plan is needed before selection of developers takes place.

On June 9, the City convened a public meeting about the PDA Master Plan. Local press coverage of the meeting appeared in the Back Bay Patch (Massachusetts) article titled, “Public airs concerns on Christian Science Plaza revitalization.” Barbara Burley, the senior manager of real estate planning and operations for the Church, was misrepresented in a sentence in the Patch article. The statement about the Church’s goal of having its real estate be self-sustaining should have referred to additional real estate revenue covering real estate expenses, not church expenses in general, as was indicated by the reporter.

The same article also was published in the South End Patch (Massachusetts) on June 13: “Public airs concerns on Christian Science Plaza Revitalization.

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