The King James Bible: Who knew?

Check out my book review in celebration of our Bible event November 14th and 21st!

I don’t take the Bible for granted any more.  Neither will you after reading The Reforming Power of the Scriptures: A Biography of the English Bible by Mary Metzner Trammell and William G. Dawley!

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I liked how this book combines historical facts and interesting anecdotes about the major players who sacrificed and toiled in order to put the Bible into the hands of the people. It begins with the evolution of the Hebrew Scriptures, describes the growth of the Christian Church and Scriptures through the Middle Ages and then moves on to the Protestant Reformation.  The story culminates in the translation and publishing of the King James Bible in 1611.

Here are two of my favorite stories:

Martin Luther, the reformer responsible for the Protestant Reformation, went from studying law to becoming a monk. How did that happen?  Luther, a law student at that time, was out walking when he was almost struck by lightning.  Terrified, he promised God that if he survived he would commit his life to Him.  

My other favorite bit of history:

  William Tyndale, the first one to translate the New Testament from Greek and Hebrew into English in 1526, was later tried for heresy, condemned to death, and burned at the stake.  But that didn’t stop the Bible from going forward!  His close friend, John Rogers, kept Tyndale’s work alive and moving forward.   He compiled a complete Bible based on Tyndale’s manuscript and republished it under a pseudonym, all to trick the King of England. The king never suspected that this was a disguised Tyndale text, and allowed it to be sold throughout England.

Filled with all sorts of helpful historical facts and compelling stories, this book will help you understand and love the Bible even more than you did before!

A note from The Christian Science Publishing Society:

Reforming Power of the Scriptures cover image

Gain a deeper appreciation for the book that continues to reform the world. This unique biography takes the reader from the beginnings of the Bible to the present day, and traces the dedication of courageous individuals who dedicated their lives to writing, translating, and preserving the Holy Scriptures despite ridicule, imprisonment, and even death. Includes a full-color chronological timeline charting the people and events of the Bible.

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