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Our librarians and guest bloggers share ideas, and highlight various products, straight from how we're using them in our everyday lives. We invite you to contribute inspiration you're finding too. Please keep the comments kind-hearted and good-spirited. Thank you!

Grief and the Healing Touch of Poetry

Poetry building

In preparing for our April Saturday afternoon poetry readings, when we will explore the power of poetry to help dispel grief, Cheryl recalled the moment in her life when a hymn—whose words are a poem written by Mary Baker Eddy—provided a healing embrace that lifted her out of grief and marked a turning point in her life.


Join in praying about this subject—for yourself, family members or the world at large. Stop by to read or listen to a sampling of resources gathered on this topic.

The Monitor: Empowering change


Recently, Reading Room staff had eye-opening chats with two Monitor editors and the Monitor's director of content strategy. We share some key take-aways, as well as staff and guest comments on why they love the Monitor.

We run together—we run as one


With the running of the 118th Boston Marathon, Tori finds fresh inspiration from the Sentinel, The Christian Science Monitor and a Wednesday testimony meeting.

Mary Baker Eddy and poetry


Image courtesy of The Mary Baker Eddy Library

Cheryl shares some interesting discoveries she found when preparing for the weekly poetry readings to be held at the Reading Room every Saturday in April (during National Poetry Month) 

Difference makers—then and now

downtown jacksonville

Women’s History Month this March inspired the Reading Room staff to highlight several women—past and present—who have made a difference in the world.

A fresh sense of the Scriptures


Photo by Mike Tupper

Since March is Women’s History Month in the U.S., Reading Room staff thought it would be interesting to encourage all of us to gain a deeper awareness and appreciation for feminine qualities found in the Bible.

Vital aspects of healing

mt lassen

Photo by Mike Tupper

What do the Olympic Games have to do with Christian Science healing? On the surface, nothing! But staff member Tori, a Christian Science nurse, saw a connection when watching the Olympics last month.

Fresh views of God and Her creation

tree branches against the sky

Does a new year renew your desire know God better, to improve your healing practice? We've gathered some ideas for a reading program to support you—take a look!

Windows on the Bible

Enjoy this short video as Joan, our displays manager, shares her love of the Bible via this month's window displays.