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Welcome to the Christian Science Reading Room in Boston! More than a bookstore, this is your community space to read, study, and pray. Let me introduce you to our knowledgeable, friendly staff below! For those history buffs, you'll be interested to see photos of how the store has changed.

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From our very first location at Hotel Boylston in 1888 to our current location at 194 Massachusetts Avenue in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, our storefront has moved and changed throughout the years.  see how

Meet our staff - we're here for you!



Originally from: Chicago, IL
Current inspiration: I am reading the biography Mary Baker Eddy by Gillian Gill and find it so helpful to delve deeper into Eddy's life. I like how Gill (who isn't a Christian Scientist) presents a number of angles on various issues; then she gives the reader her best sense of what she feels is true. The research is amazingly thorough, and her writing and storytelling is very compelling. This book has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of Eddy's struggles and triumphs.


staff Cheryl

Originally from: Massachusetts 
Current inspiration: I'm currently immersed in Classic Anthology II on CD. As much as I enjoyed reading these gems, I can truly say I've gained even further inspiration listening to them read with the understanding and love evidenced on these recordings. 


Staff member

Originally from: Connecticut 
Current inspiration: I enjoy reading the Christian Science Bible Lesson, where I get fresh inspiration every day. It's like a budding flower that's opening all week long.  My favorite study method is reading the lesson directly from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (by Mary Baker Eddy). I also read the printed eBibleLesson format, or listen to the audio version in the car.  The Bible is a continual fount of inspiration for me, and Science and Health helps me grasp its deeper, spiritual meaning. These inspirations help me to feel "new every morning"!



Originally from: Ohio
Current inspiration: I am currently enjoying reading Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer.  I am inspired by Mary Baker Eddy's dedication and care for others in the midst of her own search for a more predictable method of spiritual healing.  I've found the Parallel Bible to be another great resource lately. Having four different Bible translations side-by-side is really convenient.



Originally from: New York, Illinois, California
Current inspiration: I’m perusing The Christian Science Hymnal. I’ll randomly pick a hymn to keep in thought, or even sing to myself (quietly!)  It’s surprising how often the “ hymn of the day” helps with that day’s challenges.



Originally from: San Francisco Bay Area
Current inspiration:   I have been enjoying A World More Brightthe latest biography of Mary Baker Eddy. It's a great read, full of interesting anecdotes that shed light on her character and achievements. I love how it tells her story in every day language and puts the events of her life into the context of her times. I'm finding this very helpful in responding to questions from visitors in my other job, as a tour guide at The Mother Church.

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