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Find Christian Science churches and activities near you

In The Christian Science Journal directory, or in the right column of this page, you'll find official listings for the following resources at various locations around the world.   

1st Church Nürnberg, Germany
Churches and societies

Check to see if your community has a Christian Science "branch" church or society. You are welcome at Sunday church services, Wednesday testimony meetings, Sunday Schools, and various other church activities.  more about churches and societies

Reading Rooms

Visit a Reading Room to explore spirituality, prayer, and healing, to peruse or purchase Christian Science publications, to speak with a librarian, and to ask questions. Reading Rooms are open to people of all faiths, backgrounds, and ways of life. You'll find an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere and helpful librarians in any one of them.  more about Reading Rooms

Public talks and speakers

Lecturers from around the world share how anyone can use Christian Science in their lives to find healing solutions. They speak in a variety of venues, from universities, to bookstores and fairs, to correctional facilities, and in churches of other denominations. Search for in-person lectures here, or watch and listen to online lecture videos in multiple formats and languages. Audio versions of the lectures can be downloaded. more about public talks

Sentinel Radio programming

The Christian Science Sentinel—Radio Edition is a weekly radio program broadcast throughout the United States and the world. You can listen to the current broadcast and find strength, comfort, and renewal through uplifting interviews and inspiring testimonies from people who rely on God for healing. View the local broadcast listing (PDF).

Christian Science practitioners, Christian Science nurses, and Christian Science teachers

Two pracitioners in a conversation

Christian Science practitioners and teachers, and Christian Science nurses, are not official representatives, nor are they sponsored by the church. They are warm, supportive, individual church members and professionals who are ready and able to help you. Search for individuals near you by using The Christian Science Journal's directory.

  • Practitioners can be contacted by phone or email or make office visits; they’ll be happy to answer questions and pray with you. 
  • Christian Science nurses provide help for those under the care of a practitioner and would love to answer questions about their services. 
  • Teachers are practitioners who are authorized to teach a two week course on Christian Science healing — Primary class instruction; they are also a great source for answers and prayerful support. 

Press and legislative contacts

The division of the Christian Science church which handles media relations and legislative issues is known as the Committee on Publication. Along with the manager and spokesperson in Boston, there are 135 spokespeople in local regions in the U.S. and in other countries around the world.

Multiple languages

Much of the information and resources above are available in multiple languages. Check our languages section for more.