Request a public speaker

Who can request a talk on Christian Science?

Everyone!  Would your organization, class, or group like to hear a lecture about Christian Science?  Email or phone 1-617-450-3669 to learn how to request and book a speaker.



Did you know that many class curricula in universities, colleges, and high schools have included mention of Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy? Teachers are welcome to request a Christian Science lecturer talk to their students about the relevance of this Science to their particular field of study (e.g., theology, medicine, nursing, etc.)


Are you concerned about how younger generations are being prepared to face the challenges of life today? You can help them develop a solid spiritual foundation by sponsoring lectures at camps, correctional facilities, and other youth venues.

Jails and prisons

Want to do something about the high rate of recidivism among inmates in jails and prisons? Christian Science lectures bring hope, reformation, and renewal that destroy the seeds of crime and give new purpose to life.


Do you think the world would be a better place if people of different faiths understood and respected one another more? Interfaith and ecumenical events can help. Christian Science lecturers are available to speak on panels, at conferences and conventions, and to adult and youth Sunday School classes of other denominations.

Other audiences

  • Retirement homes
  • Homeless shelters
  • Police stations
  • Rotary Clubs and other business clubs
  • Health fairs


Again, you can email or phone 1-617-450-3669 to learn how to request and book a speaker.