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A global family

Members of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA, USA, come from more than 130 countries and all walks of life. People may also join one of the "branch" churches, societies, or informal groups in over 70 countries in the world (search for a church using the directory in the right column of this page). You don't have to be a member or attend church to practice Christian Science and be benefited by it, but here are some of the reasons why people have chosen to become members.

 Membership application information

Kate Hattley
Kate Hattley—United Kingdom

"I'm very proud to support and actively be part of a growing worldwide movement of Christian Science healers, plus I love my church.”

Sheila Cook
Sheila Cook—England

"Taking a more active role in church helped strengthen my relationship to God.”

Landry Atangana
Landry Atangana—Yaoundé, Cameroon

"Je suis devenu membre de l'Eglise Mère pour répondre à cette demande de notre Maître Christ Jésus de guérir l'humanité et de partager le message de guérison autour de moi dans chaque aspect de ma vie!"

"I became a member of The Mother Church to fulfill the demand of our Master, Christ Jesus, to heal all mankind and to share the healing message around me in every situation!"   

Jyoti Bajaj
Jyoti Bajaj—India

"I am member of The Mother Church because I want to be the tenth leper. Christian Science healed me, transformed me; now its my time  to learn and spread the Christ's healing message.”

Adela Vickers-Hughes
Adela Vickers-Hughes—Elwood, Australia

"I am a member of The Mother Church because it unites me with people from all over the world in the healing ministry.”

Ruth Adjaye
Ruth Adjaye—Ghana

"I became a member of The Mother Church because I want to be part of
 the family tree of healers."

Roger Gordon
Roger Gordon—United States

"For me, it has given a firmer rock to stand on in my life outside of church as well.”

Mayal Tshiabuila
Mayal Tshiabuila—Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

"Être membre de L'Eglise Mère est pour moi un engagement fort à promouvoir la Science du Christ laquelle vise la spiritualisation /christianisation de la pensée humaine et ainsi sauver le monde de tous les 'maux auxquels la chair est sujette.'"

"Membership in The Mother Church means for me a strong engagement to promote the Christ Science, which aims at spiritualizing / Christianizing human thought, thus saving the world from all 'ills flesh is heir to.'"

Alicia Cardoso
Alicia Cardoso—Montevideo, Uruguay

"Me ayuda a sentir que pertenezco a un movimiento que no tiene límites, que no sólo incluye a mis compañeros Científicos Cristianos en todo el mundo, sino a toda la humanidad. Me alienta a ensanchar mis pensamientos y metas más allá de mi propia vida; y me siento protegida bajo la sombra del Omnipotente." 

"It helps me feel I belong to a boundless movement, that not only includes my fellow Christian Scientists all over the globe, but all humanity as well. It encourages me to broaden my thoughts and purpose, going beyond the limits of my own life. I feel protected, too, under the shadow of the Almighty."

Daniel Otieno Okello
Daniel Otieno Okello—Kenya

“I’m grateful to be united with a worldwide Church of healers.”

Magda Volker
Magda Volker—São Paulo, Brazil 

"Sou membro de A Igreja Mãe porque quero contribuir pela continuidade da Ciência Cristã, e em gratidão pelo exemplo dos primeiros trabalhadores que estabeleceram a Ciência Cristã no Brasil."

"I am a member of The Mother Church because I want to contribute to the continuity of Christian Science, and out of gratitude for the example of the early workers who established Christian Science in Brazil."

Ame Schneider
Ame Schneider—United States 

"I feel like Christian Science is not just something for Sundays and Wednesdays.”

Daniela Harder
Daniela Harder—Italy and United States

"Sono diventata membro della Chiesa Madre perché desidero aderire a ciò che ritengo giusto. Riscontrando che la Scienza Cristiana è la religione che mi ha dato le risposte più attendibili, sarebbe sbagliato non riconoscerlo in modo ufficiale. Unendomi a questa chiesa, faccio esperienza del sostegno di tutti i suoi membri, ma soprattutto riconosco il potere guaritore della Verità che trascende l'apparenza materiale."

"I became member of The Mother Church, because I wanted to support what I consider right. Finding that Christian Science is the religion that gave me the most reliable answers, it would be wrong not to recognize this in an official way. Joining this church, I experience the support from all its members, but most of all I recognize the healing power of Truth that transcends material appearance."