iPod/MP3 Edition

MP3 eBible Lesson

Sometimes it’s more convenient to listen to the Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly than to read it. And sometimes hearing the lesson read opens up new and valuable insights. Download the MP3 Edition of the Bible Lesson onto your MP3 player and listen to the lesson anywhere you can use your MP3 player—while commuting, while walking or running, or even while sitting in your favorite chair. An enhanced m4a version for iPods allows you to immediately access specific sections of the lesson.

Subscribe to the MP3/m4a Edition of the Bible Lesson for just US$12.95 every four weeks, charged to your credit card. It’s part of the eBibleLesson bundle, so you’ll also have access to the ePub, PDF, HTML, and In-Context editions of the Bible Lesson at no additional cost, giving you even more ways to engage with the spiritual ideas in each Bible Lesson. As long as you subscribe, you’ll have access to five lessons: the current week’s, the previous week’s, and the three coming weeks’.

MP3s of individual Bible Lessons also are available for $3.50 USD.

Bible Lessons in the MP3 Edition often are followed by a hymn or other inspirational music. Click here for information about music included with current Bible Lessons. And for some information about the readers of the iPod/MP3 Edition, click here.