In-Context Edition

Studying the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson directly from the Bible and Science and Health can be extremely valuable. It allows you to investigate ideas more fully by reading the text that surrounds the passages that comprise the lesson itself.

The In-Context Edition of the Bible Lesson makes it possible to read the lesson and surrounding text on your computer or tablet. When you’re logged in (an Internet connection is necessary) at, click the eBibleLesson In-Context button. You can then click on the various lesson citations to read them in context from electronic editions of the Bible and Science and Health. Each passage is marked with brackets showing what verses or lines are in the lesson, but the entire Bible chapter is in the window as well, as are about 40 lines of text surrounding each passage from Science and Health. And because you’re using your computer, you can make notes in a word-processing program, send favorite passages to friends via email, and so on.

Subscribe to the In-Context Edition of the Bible Lesson for just US$12.95 every four weeks, charged to your credit card. It’s part of eBibleLesson bundle, so you’ll also have access to the ePub, PDF, HTML, and MP3/m4a (for iPods) editions of the Bible Lesson at no additional cost, giving you even more ways to engage with the spiritual ideas in each Bible Lesson. As long as you subscribe, you’ll have access to five lessons: the current week’s, the previous week’s, and the three coming weeks’.