HTML Edition

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to read the Bible Lesson online or to print it at various type sizes, the HTML Edition is for you. The HTML Edition can be read on any Web-enabled device—a computer, a tablet, or a phone—with an Internet connection. If you’d like larger type for reading, you can enlarge the type onscreen. You also can print the lesson with larger type just by choosing one of the preselected type sizes and printing as you normally would (although you’ll need more paper than if you printed the lesson at a smaller size). You also can copy and paste the lesson text into the word processor of your choice (you may have to do some reformatting); from there you can make the type any size you want for printing, or you can read the lesson in your word processor and make notes right in the lesson.

Subscribe to the HTML Edition of the Bible Lesson for just US$12.95 every four weeks, charged to your credit card. The HTML Edition is part of eBibleLesson bundle, so you’ll also have access to the ePub, PDF, MP3, m4a (for iPods), and In-Context editions of the Bible Lesson at no additional cost, giving you even more ways to engage with the spiritual ideas in each Bible Lesson.