ePub Edition

You can read the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson virtually anywhere with the ePub Edition on your smartphone, tablet, or eReader. The ePub Edition contains the entire text of the Bible and Science and Health references which make up each Christian Science Bible Lesson, so you can dig into the Bible Lesson anytime, anywhere—whenever you have a few minutes or want to grab some spiritual insights and fresh inspiration. You’ll need eReader software on your device, but many mobile devices include it; if yours doesn’t, free downloads are readily available. Depending on your software and device, you can highlight passages, make notes, insert bookmarks, search, get dictionary definitions, copy a passage to paste in another document, and so on. (Software with other advanced features is available from some companies, although it generally isn’t free.) You also can read the ePub on your computer; again, free software downloads are available (click here for more information).

The Bible Lesson ePub file must be converted to read on a Kindle because the Kindle uses a proprietary format called mobipocket with a file extension of “.mobi.” Amazon’s Kindle Previewer software allows you to easily convert the ePub. Click here for more information.

You also can download a free sample Bible Lesson ePub (click here for download help or here for help converting the file for a Kindle). You’ll see that it looks a little different from a print publication because ePubs are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of eReader devices and applications. The text in ePubs is “reflowable,” meaning that the number of words per line changes as the type size or device orientation changes, causing the text to reflow. Because of this, there is no way to include the line numbers found in Science and Health without interfering with the readability of the text (the ePub does include citation lines as they appear in print editions of the Quarterly, however). The exact position of marginal heads from Science and Health also can change when text reflows, although they always appear at the beginning of a paragraph rather than further down, as is generally the case in Science and Health.

Subscribe to the ePub Edition of the Bible Lesson for just US$12.95 every four weeks, charged to your credit card. The ePub Edition is part of the eBibleLesson bundle, so you’ll also have access to the PDF, HTML, MP3, m4a (for iPods), and In-Context editions of the Bible Lesson at no additional cost, giving you even more ways to engage with the spiritual ideas in each Bible Lesson. As long as you subscribe, you’ll have access to five lessons: the current week’s, the previous week’s, and the three coming weeks’.