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Bible Lessons from the Christian Science Quarterly offer ideas and inspiration that heal the sick, comfort the troubled, and lead to a deeper understanding of God and His goodness. Each year the Quarterly includes a Thanksgiving Bible Lesson, which is read at Thanksgiving services in Canada, the United States, and around the world. This special Bible Lesson provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the good in our lives and share our abundant blessings with our friends, families, communities, and the world.

This year’s Thanksgiving Lesson offers a spiritual feast of gratitude, joy, and healing. You’ll want to read and study it for yourself and consider inviting friends and neighbors to a Thanksgiving service by mailing or hand-delivering a lesson booklet to them. It may be the most important gift you give this year.


Where Can I Find the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson? Right here!

Download, print, or listen to this year's Thanksgiving Bible Lesson as our gift to you. You may also order beautifully designed Thanksgiving lesson booklets, CDs, or printed copies of the myBibleLesson Thanksgiving issue online, or purchase them at a local Christian Science Reading Room.

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The Thanksgiving Lesson is also included in the regular print, digital, and audio editions of the Christian Science Quarterly.

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